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Dr. Drew's

Alleged Stalker Arrested

3/4/2010 5:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A man who allegedly threatened to murder Dr. Drew Pinsky's family was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony stalking ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. Drew tells us Charles Pearson has been sending him threatening messages over the Internet ... including one in which Pearson said he would kill Dr. Drew's children and make his wife eat them.

Dr. Drew also says Pearson believes Dr. Drew has placed a tracking device in his genitals.

We're told Pearson was arrested Wednesday at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA. He's being held on $150,000 bail.

Dr. Drew tells TMZ this is a very serious matter and that he hopes Pearson "gets the treatment he clearly needs."


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Poor Dr Drew. That stalker guy is wacko.

1505 days ago


K seriously. Once you get a story you harp on it over and over.
Same ole same ole....TMZ ......zzzzzzzzzzzz

1505 days ago

Nassau Burglar    

To poster Jon:

Hi Jon Coester. I just wanted to say I had an awesome time making love to your digestive tract in the 90's. I would place myself at about #450 of your lovers. Let me guess. You went from coke to meth to 4 day orgies til you seroconverted and then your dad with the $$$ found out and now you're all straight and every thing you did was everybody else's fault. Good luck with all that. I'll be thinking of the sad little frustrated tent popping in your pants every time I see Josh Duhamel. XO!

1505 days ago


I find it interesting that so many people commented early in the morning.
As of 8:00 PM Mr. Charlie was still not booked at the Pasadena Police Department.
Where did the police have him for 12 hours.

I was wondering since when was it a crime to exercise free speech.
There are many hate groups that get away with it all the time.
Isn't stalking when you follow someone or go to their home or work,
and harass them. Since when is posting an opinion online stalking someone.

Where's the jurisdiction if Charlie was on a computer in Northridge then isn't,
the place where the so-called alleged crime took place in Northridge.
Why is he transported to a private city Pasadena. Is this Dr. Drew getting
special treatment.

I searched the Internet and it seems that TMZ is the one who broke the story,
where is there proof that Charlie actually said those things.
Where's your source material. I looked at Charlie's website and there is nothing
there that remotely refers to the accusations of TMZ.
The only place I see these accusations posted are by TMZ.
Tell us where to find the statements you posted here.

The reason I say this is because I actually met Charlie. And he told me his story. Apparently,
he had an accident and woke up in the hospital. He was disoriented,
and out of touch with reality having a head wound. I understand this doctor
Guy came in for a psych consult. This took place as he was waking up.
Right after the hospital staff had done a lumbar puncture to check
his spinal fluid.

I believe the quote is wrong about an implant in his genitals.
He told me he thought an implant had been put in his back.
It's amazing how someone has sensationalized this. The guy is docile,
humble and relatively pleasant to talk to. He told me that Dr. Drew
has a radio show and that the doctor taunted him on a number of occasions.
" On the air". After the hospital visit.

Charlie was a little confused on why the doctor was in his hospital room,
and then mentioned him a number of times on the radio. He doesn't understand
why this doctor would taunt him. Dr. Drew may have disguise buttons, and the only
way Charlie could push them back was to harmlessly them in words.

It seems the TMZ exclusive insider information that no one else can find on the Internet,
which is the quoted source says; so-called stalker supposedly
posted some stuff on the Internet to vent. I went to the site and saw nothing there
about what it says posted here.

I think the reason he posted anything
was to get closure and resolve why this guy was in his hospital room,
and then made comments over the radio. I talked to this guy for hours
and although he's making some far-fetched conclusions.. It's not without
some basis in fact. He was injured, taken to the hospital
was disoriented and unconscious. And it's not that absurd to associate
the presence of Dr. Drew, who's not even on staff there, present
in his room just as he was finishing a spinal tap. He told me that he listened
to this doctor's show on the radio to try to figure out who he was
and why he was in his hospital room. It seems the radio staff think
any and all people that want to voice their opinion are crazies.
They think the general public are so starstruck that they just want to
get their 15 minutes" Andy Warhol". By the way where's the jurisdiction
of an accusation like this. If something is done on the Internet how do
you choose where to judge him. Let's see the stalker mongers put ideas together
after they've been in an accident and wake up from unconsciousness and
actually have someone like this doctor guy in your room.

I would wonder what he was doing. And if I made an attempt to question
who he was and why he was there. Even just for my own curiosity.
Don't judge this guy on misrepresented facts, hearsay and the spin
of the media to get ratings at another's expense.
Signed, keene I actually met this guy.
This is the second time I've posted this. Is TMZ censoring comments.
If so why? And why the special treatment for Dr. Drew.

1505 days ago


Just when you think it's safe again.

1505 days ago

Blanche Lee    

I love Dr.Drew and glad his show is on TV. It is so-o enlightening and needed. Drew's love and desire to high these poor mixed-up souls is so heartrending and beautiful. Yet there are some people who prefer to see shows with mean, hateful, ego-manic people like Simon, or the MeanGirls who, to me,are the same as pedafiles for the life-time damage they do. Life is very difficult at times and often seeking solutions to pain or pleasure during difficulties, they choose the wrong way or thing. They need help and love. We all are looking for love, which growing up we often don't get. Dr. Drew is sensitive and treats these patients like they are his own children. Did you notice everyone is aware and they all love him and also aware he is not judgiing them? He only wants to help them back to a normal life. Whatever that is, I never used drugs but even I wonder what is a "normal" life? People have surprised me so, I doubt my own judgement now at this age, about people and Life it's self.
I do love the Lord but I can't help wonder where He is sometime with the meanness and horrors going on in this world. I still believe God is LOVE and we all will have to answer and account for what we do. LovetoAll

1425 days ago


I just love Dr. Drew. I really enjoyed the finale about Teen Mom 2. Janelle is the show because she is so awful to her mother. That sounds bad but people love to watch shows where there is constant chaos.

1100 days ago
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