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Dr. Drew's Cyber-Spies Busted Alleged Stalker

3/4/2010 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. DrewDr. Drew Pinsky hired a team of cyber-security experts to monitor his alleged stalker -- and they're the ones who blew the whistle on the guy's whereabouts yesterday ... sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, Charles Pearson posted a message on his website yesterday which described his exact whereabouts -- a computer station at the Pierce College library in Woodland Hills, CA.

We're told Dr. Drew's cyber-spies spotted the post and immediately contacted cops at the Pasadena Police Department ... who then alerted sheriff's deputies at the college.

Sources say a number of police officers and school security showed up to the library shortly after and cleared out a bunch of people.

When they finally made their move on Pearson, we're told he was very cooperative.


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Were cyber-spies necessary to read the dude's website post?

1696 days ago


Uhm... dude does not look that cray-cray. Dare I say, even cute?

1696 days ago


Dr. Drew is known as the "silver fox" and now it makes sense. It takes a fox to outsmart a guy who puts his exact whereabouts in a web post. Good thing he had the cyber security experts to crack this case.

1696 days ago


The alleged stalker's complaint is that the doctor implanted an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip into his body. So there is another explanation for the quick arrest too. You don't expect us to believe everything we read online!

1696 days ago


He's not very bright, is he?

1696 days ago


Stalkers can turn on a dime and change from harmless to dangerous!

I feel bad for any celebrity who has to deal with such messed-up-in-the-head people.

Even cyber stalkers can become very dangterous very quickly.
Never underestimate the deviousness of a "crazy" person.

1696 days ago


I can't hide from Dr Drew. My penis gives me away. I think Dr Drew put a tracking device in my balls too. When I turn on the radio my penis stands up and it moves around in a circular motion when I change the stations. I'm still on planet earth if that helps.

1696 days ago


"4. The alleged stalker's complaint is that the doctor implanted an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip into his body. So there is another explanation for the quick arrest too. You don't expect us to believe everything we read online!"

#4 the government does not use RFID chips for these type of implant able bugs. These are special bugs that match brain frequency, with implants at the back of scalp, and where ever the bug was implanted. Controllers at a military base are needed to watch the victim, and recording visual thought, and voice. So the act of remembering could be viewed on the monitors at the control room. It would be easy to not get the right technology right with these types of bugs. 1. Hospitals do have this list for these implant bugs. 2. The government does possess these implant able bugs. – Capabilities: view through the eyes. Listen to conversations around the implant victim. View one’s dreams, and memories with lie detector features. – If your name is on the hospital list, the doctor is ordered to implant the bug, which suspends the constitutional rights of the victim. The rights suspended would be the 4th and 5th – 11th and 14th constitutional rights would be gone.

1696 days ago


Wow, what a crack team of spies! They accessed a public website and read a sentence where someone gave detailed instructions on how to find him, and from that information they found him! They must be proud of their investigative skills.

1696 days ago


I tried wrapping my balls in aluminum foil to stop Dr Drew from detecting my whereabouts but my balls kept getting heated up by the sun. I couldn't take. Too hot.

1696 days ago


Schizphrenic Paranoid patients can become dangerous, depending on what their odd perceptions and voices in their heads tell them.

Once they start stalking, either in person or via the web, phone, mail etc better watch out!!

1696 days ago


Remember a few months ago, when some guy claimed Paris Hilton was sending him orders through brain waves and was violent toward him?

Very similar situation, mentally ill people come up with such stuff. They can also be very devious and become dangerous.
It seems funny to many normal people - but not when you are on the receiving end of someone's crazy mindset.

1696 days ago


Some years ago in Redlands,Ca a mental patient tracked down her therapist at his home and shot him with family present.
It pays to be cautious with mentally ill people - they are NOT as harmless as some people suppose, especially not when they are without supervision and/or go off their medications.

1696 days ago


It is never a good ideal to speak ILL of anyone!.People don`t understand how the brain works so they take a chill pill and than the DEA says you have to shut all those pain places down in florida.I hate to think what will happen after all these junkies go into will be more crimes than ever.The insane are not the problem as they don`t fuction the problem is the sane people who take pills and drink and drive FLORIDA is full of them and back in minn the legal limit is so HIGH no one fails.The insane are not the problem as thier numbers are very very low the drunks and junkies and trill seekers are the main problem with there being so many of them trying to find meaning to thier boring lifes

1696 days ago


Mentally ill people don`t have normal fuctions...that is why they are are being treated and for a mentally ill person to even leave the house is sometimes impossible.Higher fuctioning people will ill will are a MUCH bigger danger as they will leave the house find whoever and do whatever... that is fuctioning people who don`t fuction don`t do they try to and are being treated so they can fuction.A sane person with a gun is a much bigger danger than someone who can`t find the trigger or the target.

1696 days ago
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