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Drew's Alleged Stalker Threatened Ex-GF's Life

3/4/2010 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The ex-girlfriend of Dr. Drew Pinsky's alleged stalker obtained a restraining order against the guy in 2007 -- and in the docs, she claims he threatened her life by saying, "I have guns and I'm not afraid to use them."

Drew's Alleged Stalker Threatened Ex-GF's Life

In the documents, filed in L.A County Superior Court, Sandra Obagi says she dated and lived with Charles Pearson for over five years.

Obagi claims Charles went off the deep end around the time they broke up in 2005, and started making harassing phone calls to her, her family and her coworkers. In the docs, Obagi says Charles' mother told her that her son's "mental state is quickly deteriorating."

Obagi also claims Charles "made obscene & outrageous threats and claims directed at my family, and wants my family to 'get me in order' or he will 'take care of everyone.'"

TMZ spoke with Obagi, who said Charles started hearing and seeing things during the last six months of their relationship -- and that he believed Dr. Drew and the FBI were tracking him.

In the docs, it says Charles is supposed to stay 300 yards away from Obagi and her family until 2012.


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someone needs to do more to get this guy some help and quick. If he is hearing and seeing things seems unlikely a restraining order is going to stop him.

1691 days ago


Someone should set him up with Tila Tequila........

1691 days ago


Seems like a nice enough guy... Wonder why they broke up.

Maybe he was just agitated by the chafing from the implant in his nuts.

I hate it when that happens..... DAMN YOU DR DREW PINSKY

1691 days ago


good one Gladhe8her!!!!!!!!!

1691 days ago


SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy has BALLS. Looks pretty weak to be making all those threats. He needs to SACK up for all these crimes. He's NUTTIER than a CHEF KOOKY fruit cake.

1691 days ago


If you're a straight dude and really wanting to go to all the effort and trouble of stalking someone, why in the heck would you pick Dr. Drew?!!?!?! Why not some hot chick??

Just sayin....

1691 days ago


His ex said he "thought" Dr. Drew was tracking him. Can it be paranoia if he's really being tracked? Sounds to me like he was right.

1691 days ago


Is this just a publicity stunt on the part of Dr. what's-his-name to lengthen his 15 minutes of fame? Or a plan to keep hom out of the public and off all of his tv appearances commenting on everything from soup to nuts... oops! Nine will get you ten Dr. what's-his-name will be on some show giving his take on what makes up the psychological profile of a stalker!!!... Wanna take bets?... blv

1691 days ago

thats right    

it's actually really sad. sounds like he was a normal guy for 4 and a half years of their relationship and then turned into a schitzo. you never know who it'll go for or when it'll get them, (usually late teens to early twenties), and it's just really sad.

1691 days ago


Yes, I knew them when they were together. I used to work with him. Very nice guy, loved animals, and funny. He got mentally sick right before 30 years old and quit working. She left him after

1691 days ago


This man is obviously a dangerous paranoid schizophrenic. The late 20s is often the age when that disease becomes apparent....and unmanageable. I hope he stays locked up, somewhere, forever.

1691 days ago

Megan Plumridge    

I am from Sydney Australia. Love the show. I was just watching Tmz live usually with Harvey and Mike . Why is the press making such a big deal about the stun gun. I know it is wrong but those Jackson Kids (Michaels) really, they have been through enough with there only active parent dying. Surely there is more the Child protection could do with there time. Those kids are well taken care of, what with Nannies and teachers, security guards, and a Family who I feel really loves them. Give them a break.
I know its because they had a famous father but they need a break . So child protection give them a break. Thanks .

1691 days ago

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