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Kate G -- Dancing with the Stars: Home Addition

3/4/2010 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In order to participate on "Dancing with the Stars," Kate Gosselin requires a lot of work ... to her house.


Workmen were spotted hauling construction supplies into the mother of eight's Pennsylvania home on Thursday, where they will build a dance floor in Kate's basement so nannies she can watch her brood and practice shakin' her groove thang.

The 34-year-old single mom sure knows how to hustle.


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Hope her dance partner doesn't accidently drop her.

1637 days ago

dirty diana    

hope she falls

1637 days ago

OMG. Don't give this not-a-good-mother, never a-good-wife any coverage.

I can't stand this hateful woman and neither can any of her family or Jon's family.

Only good thing about the video footage of her reality show is that those kids will see first hand how nasty she treated their father and know exactly why he divorced her sorry butt.

Kate is EVIL.

1637 days ago


ugh, come on Dancing with the Stars, you really have gone too far putting this self promoting broad on TV

1637 days ago


Yep, so she can ease her children back into America's living rooms and so TLC and her can begin the exploitation of the famous 8 all over again. Hey Kate, take notice of Marie's heartache. She didn't exploit her kids either, PLUS Marie's got talent. You just have that clown car uterus and narcissistic personality.

1637 days ago


I hope they eliminate her quickly. I won't watch the show while this twit is on.

1637 days ago


Good she has to make a living somehow.
She is not hanging out and partying with young girls like Jon.

1637 days ago

Over It Already    

Jeez folks, so I take it you all are inside Kate's home, and now know that she's not a good mother, eh? Give her a break. How would you do with 8 kids and no present father helping out? God Bless her for taking some time to herself - if she didn't, she would be as you all believe she is already, a bad mother. Don't judge this woman unless you've tried earning a living for eight kids and doing what you have to do because your so-called ex-husband can't earn a living to assist. Even Mom's need time to themselves to maintain their sanity and be 'normal'. Go for it Kate. Oh yeah, to the poster calling Kate a 'hateful woman' and 'not a good mother' you have kids? And if so, what the hell are you doing on the computer posting this crap instead of spending time with your children? Think before you 'speak'.

1637 days ago

dirty diana    

please tmz let us know when they get rid of her, then I will tune in, not until.

1637 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ    

I hope this bitch gets eliminated first!!
That way i don't have to deal with her ugly ass on tv anymore.

1637 days ago


Dance floor in the bsmt? I see this as a positive thing: #1 a stripper's pole should be added prep'n for her future career; #2 an indoor roller-skating rink for the children. Aw, this is a wonderful thing.

1637 days ago


I thought this show was called Dancing with the STARS?! LMAO! The producers are touting this one as having the best cast yet?! GTFO! Um...quite the opposite!! Hope KG is the 1st one booted!

1637 days ago


Kate's PR spin team should have been hired by Tiger Woods. She'd showed 'em how it's done. Hope she dip, duck, spin, weave and drop like it is hot like that on the dance floor...nah, I want her to fall on her ass. Will she be wired for sound (in her ear) by her publicist when it is time to face the judges? The Gosselin parents are like bad boils, suckers keep popping back up.

1637 days ago

dirty diana    

hope she's 1st to go bye bye too, i Pray for it. just months ago she was crying how she had no money. pity kate, poor poor kate.

1637 days ago


no wonder her husband dumped her...she thinks she is a celebrity, she is just a b*%$ch. I cannot believe DWTS is bending that far over backwards to accomodate her demands. I hope she gets kicked off in teh first week.

1637 days ago
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