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Women Flocked to Big Ben at Capital City Club

3/6/2010 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger was a huge hit with the ladies before the alleged incident at Capital City nightclub Friday morning -- TMZ has obtained several pics showing a smiling Ben posing inside the club with several female fans.

We're told the photos were taken before the alleged incident occurred -- we are unclear if any of the women featured in the photos are the accuser or any of the girls in the accuser's party.

As TMZ first reported, Roethlisberger is being investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman in the bathroom of the Capital City nightclub.

Ben's reps are denying the allegations.

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Is anyone else distracted by that ugly, cancerous looking mole on his cheek? Gross.

1690 days ago


Those of you who have already tried and convicted Ben and are judging him, too, are a little over the top. What is left of the USA STILL says we are innocent until proven guilty.

Frankly, I think these little girls should stay home instead of crawling all over celebrities. He looks bored in these pictures. I suppose it does get boring after awhile.

Also, I do believe someone paid the girl in Vegas just to play on his mind when quarterbacking and causing the Steelers to lose. Maybe someone who wanted to bet against them? Just sayin' . . . . The world is full of all kinds of people and some whose intentions are not always honorable.

1690 days ago


He loves the chicks and the chicks love his $100 million dollar paycheck. A match made in heaven. Mr. Winning Lottery Ticket has arrived. Yeah!!

1690 days ago


Probably just another false allegation. It's unfair that rape-shield laws protect the accuser while the accused has his name splattered all over the news. Congrats on contributing to this injustice.

1690 days ago


This is NOT the first time this guy has been accused of rape, and in different cities and states. If he were a hispanic, asian or black, these women would have been taken more seriously. This is why white guys can kill joggers in san diego e.t.c., and become more prolific at their crimes. the justice system is NEVER aggressive with them until they have molested hundreds of children and have killed women, unabated. If the police departments around the world start treating white men the way they do minorities, maybe, just maybe, crime could be reduced in this country. Didn't use caps for a reason.

1690 days ago


What a twit. Did he not learn anything after the whole Tiger thing. And stay away from the youngins it's just a payout waiting to happen.


1690 days ago


Nothing suprises me with "professional" athletes. Ben is supposedly a Christian, yet has a shirt with what appears to be either Satan or Obama's likeness on it!

1690 days ago


WHY? Who is he besides a really fugly guy!

1690 days ago


this chick sounds like a groupie ho wannabee, maybe big ben offered to show her his little ben. whatever he's no kobe. just because you sleep with 3 men in 3 days doesn't make one a slut.

1690 days ago


I went to college there in the mid 90's. And Thursday nights was the night to party. Since most students don't have class on Friday. Pretty lawless downtown. But big fun. Let me put it this way, I was at the bar across the street from The Brick with friends. My friend laid out 6 lines of coke on the table in front of god and everyone. Not a word was said. Times might have changed there... but I highly doubt it.

1690 days ago


The woman described he attacker as "6' 5" and 241 pounds". Sounds fishy to me that a 20 year old would be that detailed on guessing one's weight.

1690 days ago

Fred Farkel    

What's this???

Even MORE women who fall all over themselves to get to men and THEN become the first to toss said man under the bus when thiungs get dicey???


Don't ANY of you see what's going on here???


They brag to their b!tch friends and then the next b!tch has to outdo the previous b!tch and THEN they post this cr@p in facebook!!!

1690 days ago


First of all, no authorities in either accusation against Ben have used the word "rape". Sexual assault can be as simple as unwanted touching.
Second, why is no one asking why a 20 year old is in a nightclub? I don't know if the drinking age is different there or if it's an all ages club... but either way she shouldn't be there.
And lastly, if it was just Joe the plumber who allegedly assaulted her would she have just slapped his face and walked away or would she have followed through with all of this without the money in the pockets of the accused?

1690 days ago


He looks like a fat sweaty hick! BLECH!!

1690 days ago

Mary Dyar    

Nice shirt Ben!! Does that go with your "Play for Jesus" shoes? He needs to lay low and grow up!! How does he think this is going to help him in his trial in Las V.!!

1690 days ago
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