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Roethlisberger Attorney: Ben Is 'Innocent'

3/8/2010 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger Ben Roethlisberger's attorney is coming out swinging saying no sexual assault occurred between Ben and his alleged accuser.

Ed Garland released a statement Monday, saying there was "no criminal activity" and Roethlisberger is "completely innocent of any crime."

Roethlisberger has not been charged with anything yet and is due to meet with investigators this week for a second interview.

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For all you silly people who gave money to Haiti...
Haiti is the 10th most corrupt country in the world. Do you honestly think that all the money you provide is going to the people? Why do you think they only say donate money not goods. The money is watered down by the time it helps the poor and injured. Why is the infrastructure so crappy?

1688 days ago


Ok Mr Lawyer that Ben hired within the last two days (seriously, he just hired this guy), we believe you. I mean, clearly you were there and aren't just doing the typical "This guy paid me to tell everyone he's innocent, so, he's innocent!" routine.

1687 days ago


Of course his lawyer is going to say he's innocent - that's not even worth reporting. As for Mr. Jerry, (#1) perhaps we should take up a collection to get him some psychiatric help.

1687 days ago


what are you talking about haiti for idiot, this is an article about big ben.
I know he didnt do anything to this money grubbing whore. They maybe had sex, but unfortunately even if he didnt do anything wrong, his image is ruined. Also its looking like that other whore in nevada has merit. People critisize him for "putting himself in bad positions" late at night at a bar. He is 28 and not married, he isnt allowed to celebrate with friends without being accused of a rapist?
it makes me sick to see what is happening to our country, with all these bogus frivalous lawsuits. People like Ben and others in the spotlight arent allowed to live regular lives off the field because of this crap happening.....give me a break!

1687 days ago


Lake TAHOEEEE is the perfect setup...myhubbie is a star and we won in court. I am sorry you got stuck again but you should have learned...GOOD LUCK... I really hope this in not ture..

1687 days ago


Thats what they all say! ;oP

1687 days ago

bens #1 fan    

give me a bredak here... what won't a woman do for money these days. Ben didn't do it... He's got tons of women who would give it up for free. I think something should be done to her for lying...

1687 days ago


There's so much smoke around Ben you'd think he was on fire!

1687 days ago


As long as the accuser knows that

1687 days ago

Joe the plumber    

Ben really doesn't need to rape someone to get a piece. The video will show what went down prior to going into the bathroom. I imagine that she probably had too much to drink and was star struck. She expected a hook up just kissing but when he tried to take it further she got scared and said no. I don't know any details but this is my prediction. She will get paid off and this will go nowhere. The rape term has not been used nor has sex or sodomy. Athletes and actors often are under the assumption that people will sleep with them just because they are famous. When they say no they are surprised. If he was going to take advantage of this or any other girl he would take them home first. Not doing it in a public bathroom. I could be wrong. I am not trying to blame the girl. Ben is a great football player. Not too sure about him as a person. The ironic thing is that he was involved with some charity work with another chapter of Zeta Theta Alpha.

1687 days ago


1687 days ago


Hes a sexual predator

1687 days ago


There should be a law that if the accused is found guilty THEN THE LAWYER REPRESENTING HIM SHOULD ALSO BE PUNISHED!! This will cut down all the "not guilty" pleas!

1687 days ago


The accuser should also be punished if the claims turn out to be false. Maybe there won't be as many tax dollars being spent on people trying to get attention. My take on this is that she wanted to be with Ben and Ben is the one who turned her down. Nothing like a scorned woman, right????? Because she's only 20 years old doesn't mean she is stupid. And because Ben is an athlete and star QB doesn't mean he's automatically guilty.

1687 days ago


How many women have to be raped by this idiot before they lock this animal up!! Lofk this meth-head up (look at his face-this guys a methhead if I ever seen one). Lock this dumb redneck up!!

1687 days ago
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