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Lil Wayne

in Protective Custody

3/8/2010 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne just got a judge to agree to place him in protective custody while he serves one year in jail for a gun conviction.

The judge asked Wayne before sentencing if he wanted to make a statement but Lil just shook his head no.

After he was sentenced, Lil Wayne was cuffed, turned to his fans in the courtroom and bowed his head.

Lil Wayne also asked for special medical attention while in the pokey because of his dental problems.

Lil Wayne's mentor, Birdman, was in court to bid him farewell.

This is the fourth time Wayne was supposed to be sentenced. The first time was postponed because of dental surgery and the second and third times were because of a fire in the courthouse.


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He's a piece of garbage. Someone should send him to "Cash For Gold" so he could be melted down and turned into something useful-CASH. He is nothing more than a Little Punk. I hope he rots in jail, but unfortunaly, he will come out and probably be bigger than ever, because he has earned "his stripes" being in jail. He is not worth the time and effort that is expended on him. Goodbye!

1689 days ago


Where are his braids? They will sell on ebay

1689 days ago


why on earth protect this PIG???? and fix his DENTALS???

1689 days ago


that is sum bull s**t i thought he was a g

1689 days ago


now i know why its lil instead of big wayne. maybe someone named big will knock out those stupid teeth.

1689 days ago


I hope Lil D]Wayne Michael Carter, Jr. continues his education while he is locked up.

After earning his GED, Wayne enrolled at the University of Houston in January 2005 with plans to major in political science.[81] To earn his degree, he had been taking online courses.[4] An article in Urb magazine in March 2007 asserted that Wayne had been earning high grades at Houston.[82] By the end of the year Wayne discontinued his education there. wiki...not bad for dropping out intentionally at 14.

Learn something, Lil Wayne.

1689 days ago

Boo Hoo    

His mentor calls himself Birdman?

Nuff said

1689 days ago


What a complete and utter p*ssy. He wants protective custody because he knows that without it he will get his butt kicked. This shows you how tough these hip hop stars are I guess. My little 12 year old niece could beat the crap out of this runt f&ck.

1689 days ago


I assume this is because of that lolipop song. I agree it was terrible, but I guess the law doesn't bend for crap entertainment.

Now if we could get 'lady' gaga booked for that damned poker face song....

1689 days ago

don't believe it    

Number 9 posted complaining about the photo being unflattering . Are you kidding me ? If the wanted a flattering photo it would have to be of somebody else LOL...That dude is butt ugly ...

1689 days ago


Protective Custody?!?!!? Oh - you're all mouth when it comes to making those rap records and spouting off about being so tough.

If you can't do the time then don't do the crime!

Man up!!

1689 days ago


OF COURSE HE IS IN PROTECTIVE CUSTODY! He's a PU$$Y!!!! Anyone who caries a gun is a big Pu$$Y! Not so tough now without your weapons. Stupid uneducated man.

Your should take some of that "bling" out your mouth and put in around your man hole, bitch boy!

1689 days ago


Re: Missy #32

you crack me up, your right, this dude is fugly. It's like trying to get a good picture of jermaine Dupri, not going to happen. Both of these dudes where punished by the man upstairs.

1689 days ago


This is one of the funniest things I have ever read. Lets get this right The "gangsta, thug, lil'murderer hit man" with tear drop tattoos on his face for every "hit" he made, gets sentence to prison and turns out to be not gangsta enough to avoid being turned into some real gangers bit*h! This is funny, Lil Wayne afraid and asking the judge to put him in segragation so he don't become Moma' Wayne. Another little pooh but punk, afraid he is going to get punked! This coward should be put mainline and show the workd what a real "gangsta he be". If you talk the talk, walk the walk Lil Queen

1689 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Hmmm, "I'm a Beast" huh? Well, it's 5 letters and starts with B but it isn't "Beast". Another phony thug. Probably crying for his mommy right now. If I were him I'd take my lumps every day before I'd let my fans and the world know what a coward I was. If he doesn't know how to fight he could have taken lessons. CS MF.

1689 days ago
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