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Ryan O'Neal on Oscar Snub -- 'Poor Farrah'

3/8/2010 8:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan O'Neal is "confused as anyone" by Farrah Fawcett not making the In Memorium cut at The Oscars last night -- and he plans on writing a letter to the Academy protesting the snub.

Ryan O'Neal: Click to watch
Moments ago outside his Malibu home, Ryan told cameras he and Tatum were "shocked" by the Farrah omission -- saying maybe it happened because "she wasn't well known enough."

FYI -- 88% of TMZ voters agree Farrah should have been part of the tribute.


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#38, #12 and other people who can't google before they put their foot in it shows how ignorant they are. Farrah Fawcett was in nearly 20 non-TV films. She won a Golden Globe and an Independent Sprit Award. The tribute is not for Oscar nominees or winners. They didn't mention Jean Simmons who made 60 movies and won countless awards passed away before the Oscars, but they added Heath Ledger who passed away before the Oscars last year.

As to Farrah - read em and weep.

1969 Love Is a Funny Thing as Patricia
1970 Myra Breckinridge as Mary Ann Pringle
1976 Logan's Run Holly As Farrah Fawcett-Majors
1978 Somebody Killed Her Husband Jenny Moore As Farrah Fawcett-Majors
1979 An Almost Perfect Affair as Herself
Sunburn Ellie As Farrah Fawcett-Majors
1980 Saturn 3 as Alex
1981 The Cannonball Run as Pamela Glover
1986 Extremities as Marjorie Nominated – Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama
1989 See You in the Morning as Jo Livingstone
1995 Man of the Houseas Sandy Archer
1997 The Apostle as Jessie Dewey Nominated – Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female
1998 The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars Faucet Voice
2000 The Flunky as Herself
Dr. T & the Women as Kate
2004 The Cookout as Mrs. Crowley
2008 A Wing & a Prayer: Farrah's Fight for Life

1687 days ago


That is the standard excuse, that they had no time for farrah, which is not true. When James Taylor sang: “In my life.” There was about 10 seconds before the images started, and they would have had time to place Farrach’s image. Instead the academy tributes “Simon Channing Williams” – producer, Arthur Canton – Public relations, David Brown – Producer “Gareth Wigan – Executive producer for Star Wars instead of Farrah? Unless everybody was a Hollywood insider, they would not connect with film producers, and public relations people. The Academy owns us all an apology for glorifying these moneymen of Hollywood instead of the true stars the film going audience loves.

1687 days ago


Farrah will always be an angel we love her. shame on the academy

1687 days ago


Ryan call the academy what they are a bunch of jackasses.

1687 days ago

you just don't get it    

This is serious. Better put the Angels on the case and get to the bottom of it.

1687 days ago


I never thought she was that good, but she should have been included in the tribute. She was in a couple of good movies.

In 1986 Fawcett appeared in the movie version of Extremities, which was also well-received by critics, and for which she received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama

1687 days ago


Everybody keeps making a big deal. So what Michael Jackson was mentioned, he should be mentioned in all areas of entertainment. I am very sorry they forgot Farrah but they messed up and need to fess up. They will include her next year. MJ sang the song for Ben which was nominated for an oscar, The Wiz, he had a bit part in Men in Black 2, Thriller, Ghost. Leave him alone it is not his fault and he would probably be upset too that they left her out. If you want to be upset about anything, be upset that Morgan Freeman did not win best actor catagory. I swear that man is THE master at his craft, but he didn't win sh**. Will he ever. That's what you should be upset about!

1687 days ago

Interracial facial    

The same Academy that dissed poor Farrah also picked a war whore flick for best picture just because the cinematic military ad was directed by a woman. In the memorium, Hollywood needs to pay tribute to its own demise. Movieland has been dead for the last decade. And anyone with any sense of taste in quality entertainment knows it.

1687 days ago


However you view Farrah's acting abilities, she was a member of the Academy for 40 years and for those who ony seem to think she ever starred in Charlie's Angels try looking at the list of FILMS she was also in!! It is also particularly disturbing that the Academy did not mention her loss when it was a long and painful death with cancer that killed her and her show until she got too ill highlighted the problems cancer sufferers undergo! While all of the producers etc who were also listed were also Academy members it is shameful that one who was much loved by the people who watch this stuff was not mentioned! Perhaps it will be rectified next year, but if MJ's death could be listed so could Farrah's have been!!
As for the racist comments about the Jews owning Hollywood, you sicken me!!

1687 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

** Sorry, but having one's music mentioned (or a cameo shot) in a movie doesn't make that musical artist a film artist/actor. Michael Jackson's part in The Wiz is the only film that may come close to portraying him in that aspect title. Thriller, Ghosts, and TII don't count in that department.

God...what planet do some people come from?! LOL

Michael Jackson/& fans should consider him fortunate/lucky for the Academy's Memorials to have given him the 10 second spot that it did.

1687 days ago


Stop with the blatant racism justifying Micheal Jackson being included in that memoriam reel. He was not a member of the Academy and should NOT have been included. Just because he's black doesn't mean he needs to be included in every frigging venue. Stop with the ridiculousness.

Farrah was primarily known for Charlie's Angels but her 40 year membership in the Academy is being ignored and people are suddenly acting like she didn't have a film career. Read up on her a bit, you obviously don't know why people are upset. It's a slap in the face twice over!

1687 days ago


Whaa whaa whaa! You and Tatum need to score some blow and chill out. Maybe drop a few 20's and swindle some widows out of their money for cheap Bibles.

1686 days ago

Tom Winsor    

I think that the academy/Oscars were right, Farrah should be recongized be by the Emmys as her career was more about a TV Series and made for TV Movies, not many Cinema Films.

1686 days ago


I can see if they ommitted Michael Jackson because he certainly is
not a movie star either. But they DIDN'T omit Michael Jackson so they certainly should have included Farah because at least she had been a member of the Academy for many many years and
had a few films under her belt too!

1686 days ago

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