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Roethlisberger Accuser Drops Out, Goes Home

3/9/2010 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger Sexual Assault Ben Roethlisberger's alleged sexual assault victim is at home with her parents after dropping out of school, TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us the 20-year-old woman dropped out of Georgia College & State University over the weekend.

We're told her folks picked her up in Milledgeville and brought her to the family home outside Atlanta.

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The young lady went home with her parents like most daughters would. I am sure that TMZ does not know her official status at school because that is confidential. They are however harassing her classmates and trying to dig up dirt on her. SHAME on them. As to her being in that bar it is legal in GA to be in a bar at age 18 but you can't be served liquor. It was a college bar in a college town the more appropriate question is what is a 28 year old man doing hanging around college girls. What until you know the full story before dragging this girls character through the mud.

1655 days ago


If I was assaulted in a bathroom in a bar, everyone in the place would know as I followed the guy out screaming. Just sayin'

1655 days ago


Or she was assaulted like she said. It's a he said/said & you don't know who she is & you probably don't know who he is except you've seen him QB a football game. Reports are he was in a roped off VIP section in a bar & he refused to allow any men in (except his entourage) but selected women to be there. Dumb move as he's got a pending sexual assault case against him.

1655 days ago


Pfft, as if someone that gets drunk enough in bars/clubs to look like...


Could ever get so drunk that he assaulted someone. Preposterous!


1655 days ago


Ben must be the dumbest guy on the planet. He obviously didn't learn a thing from his last run-in. Hey dumbass, find a girlfriend.

1655 days ago


She won't need a college education after Ben's payout. It's caviar and beautiful sunsets after Ben forks over a few million bucks. She'll probably get her own reality show.

1655 days ago


Kodrro (or whatever your stupid name is), everyone looks ridiculous when they're wasted. EVERYONE. You are no different. Pics get taken when you're eyes are half closed or you're talking or you're just drunk and that's what you get. Everyone drinks, that doesn't make them a rapist.

1655 days ago


She was first raped in a bathroom, now she's being raped in the tabloids. But it's okay, because he's a sports hero!

1655 days ago


I think his point was that you can't just blow this off as someone trying to cash in. It's quite common for drunk people to get out of hand, even if it's not intentional. As I'm sure everyone already knows.

1655 days ago


Why is he hanging in hickville with kids? I am in GA and you have to be 21 to enter bars. What bathrooms in bars are not always crowded with girls?

1655 days ago


she don't need school no more ,she just hit the Roethlisberger lotto !

1654 days ago


what in the hell? Who cares that she dropped out of college a lot of people do college is really hard and not for everyone, how is this any of our damn business or relevant at all???

1654 days ago


He can legitimately have almost anything or anyone that he wants so why does he continue to make low quality choices? Why the bar hopping and drinking (probably drugs too) and skanky girls and partying like a college kid? Could it be that he's a fat, greasy, corn fed, slob who has no respect for his own body let alone anyone else?

1654 days ago


What the heck is going on with this site tonight?? This story keeps disappearing and then it reappears. Even when it's there, the messages disappear and then come back!

1654 days ago


The Bars may lose their license to serve alcohol over this.
The fines are huge.
There is obviously something here that she's told the cops for which they've gone to searching the club for evidence.
That can only be one thing,....his DNA.
Even still does that mean he's guilty of anything....?

He's drinking and She's drinking too and the night was late and they got to fooling around and maybe she went down on him and then got upset,....maybe he love slapped her on the face or the azz.
Some ladies drinking act funny, especially where sex is involved.
Those conflicting mental battles between morality and sexual passion. One second she's into it and then SNAP, guilty consciense take over.
She got freaked out once the media showed up with cameras and media trucks to camp out for the year, quit school and runs home to hide.
One things for sure, she's getting charged with underaged drinking and needs a lawyer.
Lawyers like deep pocket cases and Big Ben is about as deep pockets as you can get.

1654 days ago
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