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Roethlisberger Accuser Drops Out, Goes Home

3/9/2010 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger Sexual Assault Ben Roethlisberger's alleged sexual assault victim is at home with her parents after dropping out of school, TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us the 20-year-old woman dropped out of Georgia College & State University over the weekend.

We're told her folks picked her up in Milledgeville and brought her to the family home outside Atlanta.

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Of course she's dropping out of school. No need to go now that she can go for the big pay day....

1688 days ago

Jack Butters    

I AM NOT shocked by these comments attacking this girl because
of the IQ of many posters on TMZ are usually really low anyways. I am a man and I find it really sad people are already attacking this girl when they know nothing, nothing at all. You morons saying why is a 20 year old at a bar blah blah blah , just shut up because most bars allow 18 and over on certain nights, and really does that justify getting sexually assaulted?

It is not like this girl went to his hotel room and spent
the night with him, she was in a god damn bathroom you
idiots. Get a clue about sexual assault and I hope none of
your loved ones get sexual assaulted or rape so you don't
have to live through the hell of seeing the torment sexual
assault victims go through. You never how much courage it takes
to come forward especially considering there are people already
attacking this girl. Some of you people need to get a clue seriously.

1688 days ago


For the sake of women everywhere, I hope TMZ will stop trying to pry into this young woman's private life. From the information you've given over the past several days, it's obvious that this young woman is extremely traumatized by what happened. A young woman doesn't just suddenly drop out of school for no reason. It doesn't matter if she was 20 in a bar. A lot of 20 year olds do that, and there are some bars that allow 18 plus and stamp or wristband people who are over 21. If an assault took place, her being 20 matters far less than the actions of the man who assaulted her. Her being underage doesn't suddenly make his actions any less wrong or validate him in any way, shape or form. I just hope that TMZ butts out so the police can do their jobs and so this woman can face the trauma, heal, and move on with her life.

1688 days ago


Ok everyone seems to want to give Ben the benefit of the doubt, but not the girl. This is just another typical case of sports figure doing what they want and the "victims" are trashed in tabloids.
Time and evidence will tell if he is guilty. That girl needs to be home with her family during this time.

1688 days ago


20 years old can go in bars (college towns, Ben probably knows this too)as the clubs want their cover-charge, they all wear bracelets to let the bartenders/bouncers know who can drink...apparently this bar has many video cameras for cops to check. But, will they have video cams in employee type BR off VIP room? That drop-out was pretty fast with the parents picking her up and she had local students rallying behind her. What a shame, that her education has stalled now.
Perhaps the reporters and Ben's lawyers crawling the area spooked this young woman or she is really that upset, cannot blame her for that. I'm more inclined to believe this young girl, more so than a 28 year old man preying on young girls. You treat them like fans, idiot...not conquests or a blow up doll. He needs his ass kicked and/or locked up. Again, with the previous charges pending, what is Ben's problem?

1688 days ago


As a former sports writer I can tell these guys are easy targets. Ben is single and 28 years old. 20 is young, but a 28-year-old guy interested in a 20-year-old woman for sex is not odd.

Rape is a serious crime and there is usually a history of violence. The other accuser's story is so weak it's not even funny. It's not out of the question that the second accuser went home, googled the guy and got the idea to accuse him to get a good pay day. Most rapist don't chose public places to carry out there deeds. And if you are a rapist, you don't wait until you are 28 and wealthy to start raping people.

As with the Kobe thing, you couldn't find ONE past girlfriend to say a bad thing about the guy. I mean you'd think to sell their story they would be coming out of the woodwork like the Tiger Woods babes. But nobody.

1688 days ago


Missy, I think you haven't done any homework on this latest case, as a former "sports" reporter. haha

1688 days ago


I don't know why these young groupies always looking for a good time with these clebs, but at the same time trying to get some publisity and money for their stupit mistakes.U had a good time get over it.

1688 days ago

steeler fan    

I am a mother of 2 daughters and have done work with some of the sports figures in the Pittsburgh area. Having been in the local area clubs when players would come in to guest bartend, I have seen first hand how these girls behave. They come into the club wearing little more than a bathing suit, get sloppy drunk and all over these guys. I was embarrassed on more than one ocassion. I have left hockey games and have seen them hanging out, in the dead of winter, with 4 inch heels and skirts that could double as a tube top! Not saying this is the case in this situation, but seeing what players deal with its no wonder why people question her and her motives

1688 days ago


I am also a mother of two and have been in establishments around Pittsburgh. I have witnessed how these young girls dress and I have also witnessed some obnoxious behavior from Ben. That being said...just because these girls are dressed what I deem to be inappropriate DOES NOT EVER give any man or woman the right to force his/herself upon these girls!

1688 days ago


Hellooo McFly,, what about the other folks in the restroom ??? where are their statements..

1688 days ago


Shaking head!!

1688 days ago


big ben, not looking good for you big man....

1688 days ago


man can buy $8 million home and wants havesex in bathroom at bar come on man

1688 days ago



1688 days ago
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