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Letterman: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

3/9/2010 10:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman went on his show tonight, gushing with gratitude and thanking members of the team that prosecuted extortionist Robert Halderman.

The " Late Show" host said he'd "never been involved in anything like this" and was "concerned and full of anxiety and nervous and worried."

He then gave props to those who put Halderman behind bars by saying the case was "handled professionally, skillfully and appropriately ... thank you for all your help."

Dave called out Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and former D.A. Robert Morgenthau for helping.


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yeeeaaa!!! Go Dave!

1691 days ago


In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women.

1691 days ago

danger baby    

well, i thank the extortionist for letting us know who letterman really is, an old p-hound who absolutely crossed the line with the young female employees on his staff. there are plenty of victims in this sordid tale, and none of them go by the name 'letterman'. time to retire dave. you're no longer funny.

1691 days ago


Oh now you are a heroe, but you are as disgusting as Tiger, the only difference is that you made a joke of it (your wife must be laughing like crazy too), and people forgave you. That is disgusting.

1691 days ago



1691 days ago


I agree with #6 humm

1691 days ago


Dave is a pig and a cheat....he's gloating cause the guy got charged? granted extortion was stupid, but if I was letterman I would just keep my big mouth shut and thank God it wasnt worst...cant believe daves wife stayed with him....I woulda kicked his sorry butt out to the curb and take him for everything hes worth

1691 days ago


Yo humm!
Dave WAS NOT MARRIED at the time of his "indiscretions"
Dave WAS NOT MARRIED at the time of his "indiscretions"
Dave WAS NOT MARRIED at the time of his "indiscretions"
Dave WAS NOT MARRIED at the time of his "indiscretions"
Dave WAS NOT MARRIED at the time of his "indiscretions"

Get it?

1691 days ago


Glad for U Dave. I hope U try harder to keep UR nose clean for the sake of UR wife and son.

1691 days ago


David Letterman is a swine who will, ultimately, receive the karma due him. He's a ruthless piece of kaka and his wife (who was in a serious relationship with him all those years) is a pathetic loser to have put up with his banging other women in his disgusting office love nest all those years. Why people are honoring this junkyard dog by watching his show is beyond my comprehension as a woman. It would seem many have given him a pass that he truly does not deserve!

1691 days ago


Dave is just trying to take the heat off himself. Are you forgetting what you did Dave? That is the reason why Robert Halderman tried to black male the truth about Dave having an affair with his girlfriend.
Dave how would you like it if Robert Halderman was cheating with your wife?
You make fun of so many people when you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

1691 days ago

in the know    

the person Dave really needs to thank is his wife. thank goodness she has no self-esteem and is willing to accept a man who cheats on her. of course, if it's true that she was someone who Dave used to cheat with, then she deserves all of this. what pigs.

1691 days ago


You're far too kind.

1691 days ago


# 10, you are right, I am such a stupid dummy. HE WAS NOT MARRIED AT THE TIME OF HIS INDISCRETIONS, HE WAS JUST LIVING WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND, since 1986, so let me correct myself, he was not a cheater, because he was living under the same roof with his girlfriend, not his wife. I think I got it now.

1691 days ago

Common Sense    

So Dave, you think you are the big man ? You will be judged as the cheating predator that you truly are. A person that can not be trusted and uses his position for influence over others. Dave you are a low life.

1691 days ago
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