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The First Arrest

of 2010

3/9/2010 10:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0309_dmx_ex2-1DMX was arrested earlier today in Arizona -- and now his lawyer is reaching out to the one man who he believes can save him ... Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The details of the arrest are unclear -- but the rapper's lawyer Gary Jenkins tells us "He's been battling addiction for some time and he's in need of treatment."

Jenkins also tells us, "We're hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him."

DMX -- aka Earl Simmons -- was arrested a bazillion times over the last two years for all sorts of reasons ... including drug charges.

Jenkins added, "He's a talented man ... we're praying for him."

UPDATE 5:04 PM PT: We've also learned more details of DMX's arrest. We're told he allegedly violated the terms of his probation by using illegal drugs.

UPDATE 8:06 PM PT: DMX has been booked on five counts of probation violation and is being held without bond. We're also told he launched a few expletives during his initial court hearing tonight -- we'll have video of it in the morning ... so stay tuned!


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omg people.. we want him overdosed jail etc... punish him but help him live please.. cuz right now we will cry about his kids and how rappers feel like they do w\e they want, but when he dies, whos left? jay-z eminem? dmx is still staying true to his game? and part of his game is drugs, im not saying its aloud, but please dont send him to jail, and please stop wishing for him to overdose...

1545 days ago


They want to damage his reputation because he refused what they want him to be. They may kill him as what they did to tupac and michael jackson.

1545 days ago

Cuz' KillaCrack    

DMX please die, and put us out of our misery of having to hear about your selfish, lame ass every week. You're a has been, so do the world a favor and take yourself out. Too bad you already reproduced...We really didn't need your genes in the pool anymore.

1529 days ago


**** THE Illuminati, why tah **** are the press allowed on inside a court? it was a setup, THE ****ING INDUSTRY WILL KILL DMX YOU WILL SEE and the date will be something with the 25th

1521 days ago

What you talking bout Willis    

It is what it is, This man will not stop using till the rock hits bottom, He needs to be cut off from all source of funds for one, If there is any left, And maybe a nice stiff 3 year bid will do him some justic. This is not an over nite battle , he needs some time to get is mind right. If Dr. Drew cant help him he will wind up hurting someone for that next fix. I can say im pulling for the brotha and I been there ,done that, That 3 year bid keeps me clean for 13 years now. Pulling for ya DMX !!!

1512 days ago


I think he couldn't made the songs that are really much appreciated by myself without all those drugs! If you know some of his lyrics, he can't be a stupid man! Got his heart right, got his mind right. Drugs can make you happy for a while and you can add a little creativity to your person. But you need to move on, you need to give up drugs DMX! I only wish you good things in life! hope you read my comment! :) no homo :))) PEACE

1502 days ago


god bless u dmx.. free dmx!

1498 days ago


DMX 4 EVER!!!!!!!The true living legend of hip hop!!!!!
I saw this video the other day guys check it out!!!!!!!

Lol the crowd went NUTS when he came out my ears almost got deaf lol!!!but that's how all of his performances are top notch!!!

Also there's another one, kind of a sneak peak of his new stuff featuring Swiss Beatz and kind of a ballad song in there too man sounded CRAZYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Enjoy guys!!!!!
Its time for your EMPIRE X!!!!!!!!!

1474 days ago


i don't think he should be on cele rehab he get's enough bad publicity as it is damn some things are private even when you become famous. he does need help, but you have to want the help u can't be fixed if you don't want to be fixed every1 has flaws none of are perfect his time will come when enough is enough i just hope he doesn't wait till it maybe the end of his life having an addiction is something difficult to deal with and you can believe in God and have an addiction i think he can and will pull through

1439 days ago


First off God Bless this Man Anyone who truly listens to his music could clearly see he is touched by God he has a gift to spread the message of Jesus ! Who better for the devil to attack? (Hello) his goal is to Steal Kill and Destroy!!! Listen to "Lord give me a sign" by DMX before you Judge this young Man!!!! "Judge Ye not for Ye shall be Judged!!"
***Yes he needs help so why dont you Pray for him instead of looking at his every mistake! By :Bridget

1393 days ago


this is conspieracies just like 2pac and jackson
dnt believe everything wat yu see
media is a lie


knowledge is power!

1391 days ago


Its a set conspieracy
dnt believe everything wat yu see
media is a lie


1391 days ago


he has a black wife people are so dumb on here he is an addict and in jail and i think he is still better then some of these retads on here.he also is speaing out against the illumanti.tmz was in the court room taping..he was shocked because if this was not a set up how come he was the ONLY person in that court room and nobody could tell him as to how people got here to film this who tipped them off and how come they are allowed to come in the court room and film i mean he gets arrested and in less then 20 minutes ombody has a crew and is filming he was the only one in that court room that fricken arizona like nobody got arrested that day and they can just film thats going against your rights!!

1366 days ago


Everyone has something they battle against. Shut the fck up you ignorant shts. Hypocrites.

1330 days ago


1284 days ago
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