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The Oscars Produce BS Farrah Fawcett Excuse

3/9/2010 8:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Fawcett and Michael JacksonThe people behind the Academy Awards claim they left Farrah Fawcett out of the Oscars In Memoriam montage this year because she was better known as a TV star -- which begs the question, how the hell did Michael Jackson make the cut?!?!

Bruce Davis
-- the executive director of the film academy -- told the Associated Press both Fawcett and Gene Berry were more famous for their "remarkable television work" and would therefore be more appropriately honored at the Emmys.

So by that logic, Michael Jackson would probably be more appropriately honored at the Grammys right? Oh wait, he was!! Kinda contradicts your point, huh Bruce?

For the record -- Davis had no excuse for blowing off Bea Arthur and Captain Lou Albano, who starred in the theatrical masterpiece "Body Slam" back in 1986.


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I'm more pissed off that they left out Bea Arthur...but yes, those jackholes should have honoured Ms. Fawcett.

1656 days ago


WHO CARES.... RYAN O'Neal is an idiot and his son is a druggy.

SCREW THEM. He is nothing but a whiney baby.

1656 days ago

J C    

What a disgrace .Shame on the Academy.
Farrah was in many movies and We all loved Her.

1656 days ago


The wiz, Captain Eo, Ghost and THIS IS IT. Not cinematic masterpieces for certain, but he did do some.

The academy should not have left out Farrah or Bea - it's a disgrace and it's not like it would have ruined their precious time-schedule to use a minute or two on these ladies.

Not cool

1656 days ago


That's a bull excuse and they know it. First it was "No room" and now "oh she was only on television." She acted. She was an actress. And if O'Neal can be believed she was a part of the Academy. They opened this can of worms and no pathetic excuse they can make will patch their mess back up.

1656 days ago


What about Arnold Stang??

1656 days ago


Hollywood is dead. Movies have sucked now for the last decade. In the good old days, they included everyone and left no one out who passed on. Welcome to the new ageism. The wrong people are running the dream factory now. It was better when elders were the suits and not kids.

1656 days ago


The Academy hired a TV Star (NPH) to open the show with a luke warm performance. He's not a movie star. wtf was he doing there? I'm calling BS!!! Farah was not only a TV starlet, she was also an actor in movies

1656 days ago


this IS NOT a BS excuse......michael jackson won film awards for his "short film music video" Thriller.....and was also featured in movies...people need to do research before commenting

1656 days ago


Now he's changing his story. Figures. This guy is an A-hole. He screwed up.
It doesn't matter if Farrah did TV, she was also had 16 feature films. Look at that clip and tell me if you know half of those people. She was current and an ICON.

all of the polls i've seen at least 85% of the people think the academy screwed up.
That's saying alot

I guess in the who really cares, no one will remember anything about the oscars in a month and Farrah's work will be around forever.

I think Farrah and her family would be very happy with all the great comments and support that has come out of this.

1656 days ago


Well, I guess this really seals the deal for me. As a MJ fan, I really hate the way that TMZ trashes MJ at every chance. The man is dead, and you all still feel the need to hound him...even now in death. The disrespect is just too much, and it's blatantly obvious that agencies like TMZ are what made MJs life so difficult.

It's funny because I'm not what would be considered a MJ nut, but I was a fan. It's just amazing to see that despite his untimely death, and despite the family that is mourning his death - including his 3 orphaned children who are fully capable of reading the garbage on these websites - TMZ lacks any compassion or decency, or respect in regards to MJs passing.

It's just too much. I won't be coming back to TMZ.

1656 days ago


They omitted Dominick Dunn too, he also produced movies during his long career.

1656 days ago


Did you morons forget Michael Jackson was in two movies and made numerous mini movies? You guys will come up with any excuse to say negative things about him. The Oscars screwed up involving Farrah. Leave Michael Jackson out of it!

1656 days ago


well tmz , michael had "this is it" which is one of the top 10 movies of 2009.

1656 days ago


Farrah was in a couple movies: The Apostle, Cannonball Run, Dr.T & The Women...

1656 days ago
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