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Oscars 'Kanye' Lady -- I'm the Victim Here!

3/9/2010 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elinor Burkett -- the redhead who infamously pulled a Kanye West at the Oscars -- claims she's only being painted as the bad guy because she was too damn slow to get to the stage.

Joy Behar and Elinor Burkett: Click to View!

In a moment of red-headed solidarity, Burkett agreed to tell her side of the story to Joy Behar, where she claimed Roger Ross Williams "bigfooted" her to the stage -- instead of waiting for her to join him so they could accept together.

Burkett -- who's name is on the Best Documentary Short award for "Music by Prudence" -- said she felt she had to butt in and hijack Williams' speech because he was only talking about himself ... and not giving proper due to the film's disabled star, Prudence Mabhena.

As for why she didn't just keep quiet, Burkett quipped, "I'm really not very good at keeping my mouth shut."


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I don;t think this was a PR stunt. If it was, Roger would not have rushed the stage. He knew that she was going to be a problem.

1689 days ago


this lady was way too rude, quess its not too hard to figure out why they had problems when working together

1689 days ago


This lady is a nut bag. He wasn't even 10 seconds into his speech before she Kanyed the stage. They DIDN'T call her name so SIT your nasty ass down and keep your lip closed.. How brutally disrespectful. How would she like it if the roles were reversed and he jumped in on her speech? Bet that would be a WHOLE DIFFERENT TALE..

1689 days ago


Oh get over yourself. Your 15 seconds of fame is over.

1689 days ago


#15 "Notapaparazzi". That says it all! She's a nut. I heard the dude's grandma who was with him also tried to block this broad with her cane when their names were called. TMZ any chance you have tape of that?

1689 days ago


I only like Whoopi on The View so therefore, I don't watch it anymore, it is all about the ratings now. Joy, you have're smug and boring. This lady wanted it all about HER. Tell BW to retire.

1689 days ago


never ehard of either one of them so whay is this news? more annabe make themselves famous people, oh well losers

1689 days ago


He was rattling on? I didn't hear maybe three words- Hey Kromen, Ima let you finish right quick but I just have to say that TMZ has the most lamest breaking news of all time.

1689 days ago


Folks, this woman's behavior was clearly despicable and she should not have even had her name called since she was removed from the project and wanted her name off of the credits. At least on all of this we can agree.

I think the only thing we can do now to help remedy this situation is to be aware of the fact that "Music by Prudence" is going to debut on HBO May 12 and spread the word so that Prudence and the rest of the bandmates can get the very deserved visibilitythat was robbed from them by Elinor on Oscar night.

1689 days ago

you just don't get it    

Why do all you posters keep refering to her as a lady?

1689 days ago


I can't imagine a man 30 years ago not waiting on another person at the awards. Somewhere through the years, mothers have been doing a sh*tty job and not raising their boys to be gentlemen. He should've waited for his co-award winner. If ...I was his mother, I'd be terribly ashamed.

1689 days ago


That beast arrived on stage like an escaped animal making unintelligible sounds.

1689 days ago


Only one award winner can speak at the Oscars and Elinor was taken off of the project over a year ago. Elinor had no part in the making of the film after she was removed. She even asked that her name be taken off of the credits. They even had to go to court over this and a settelement was reached. Roger owns the film, and it is obvious that Elinor has a long history of being a problem. So I DO NOT blame him for not wanting her to accompany him on stage.

The focus that night was taken off of Prudence. Please read her story, we should forget about Elinor and focus on Prudence:‘music-by-prudence’-about-disabled-zimbabwean-singer-prudence-mabhena/

1689 days ago


Folks, this man's behavior was clearly despicable and he should not have even ran up there alone like a lunatic since Elinor's name was also called as she too was credited by the Academy. At least on all of this we can agree.

1689 days ago


"Elinor's name was also called as she too was credited by the Academy."

Yeah, the Academy credits people someone who has nothing to do with the final movie. They sorely need to change their policy as Elinor had nothing to do with the final product.

On this point, all sane people can agree.

1689 days ago
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