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Oscars Dolphin Flasher Causes Mobile Tidal Wave

3/10/2010 2:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who flashed the "Text Dolphin" sign at the Oscars nearly broke the organization he was trying to promote -- after a tidal wave of text messages almost took down the group's mobile server.

It all went down when one of the stars of "The Cove" tried to get some promotion for the TakePart dolphin-saving organization by flashing the sign during the Best Documentary acceptance speech -- it lasted two seconds before they cut away from the sign.

But TMZ has learned those two seconds of exposure triggered so many text messages -- the group's mobile service provider nearly went down.

The group claims they've doubled their membership in the two days following the awards.


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I applaud and support Ric O'Barry and his work. I'm becoming involved in trying to spread his message here in Japan. One thing - attacking "Japan" on this issue is only fueling the defense of the people here who see any criticism as "Japan bashing." The fact is that the vast majority of Japanese people STILL don't know about this particular issue (whaling is a whole different ball game). That's what we're hoping to change.

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1654 days ago


Its awesome knowing that the marketer for that group came to my fedex office store and asked me to type it up and print it for them. Very awesome, i wasnt expecting anyone to really see it because it wasnt up for that long. Its nice to see that it worked.

1654 days ago


If anyone wants me, I'll be in my room.

1654 days ago


Save the mammals, AND the fishes.

1654 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Good for him.

1654 days ago


You FREAKS that think this is important must be the same FREAKS that watch that PATHATIC whale war show LOL LOL.How could anyone have such a warped sense of logic as to think about an ANIMAL when you live in a country with millions of homeless HUMANS and millions of people without jobs not to mention the millions without healthcare.The only way the animal rights FREAK groups are able to continue is with the support of brain dead celebs. Oh HOW I LOVE TO LAUGH AT YOU ANIMAL RIGHTS FREAKS.

1654 days ago


This is ridiculous. Who are we to tell the Japanese what they can and cannot do with Dolphins in their waters? What if the Indians pressured us to stop eating cows? Dolphins are animals. Some people like to eat them. Get over it!

1654 days ago


would have been better if he held up a sign that said "Obama quit with healthcare and save the economy"

1654 days ago


The group claims they've doubled their membership in the two days following the awards.

Yes they went from 4 to 8.

1654 days ago

capt andy    

why you people no like eating dolphins..dolphins feel no pain and they glad to get caught and freid up for my kids to eat,,i am eating dolphin right now and he happy to be my meal..he good boy and very tasty,,whaaa you want me to eat dog and cat go meow meow when we fry them and dog go arf arf,,dolphin feel no pain,,they happy to go by by and make my tummy feel good

1654 days ago

capt andy    

The group claims they've doubled their membership in the two days following the awards.

Yes they went from 4 to 8.

Posted at 7:34AM on Mar 10th 2010 by digital

yeah and 2 of those were killer whales..heh heh

1654 days ago


Ellen Degeneres TWITTER'd yesterday with the number also. I'm sure that had an impact.

1654 days ago


The point is that the dolphins are being slaughtered without regard to how many are killed each year. Just as in hunting for deer or any other animal, there should be a "bag limit" so that the populations are not entirely depleted. There should also be laws governing the manner in which the dolphins are slaughtered, so they are not tortured as they are being slaughtered. I agree that people have to eat, but people's dinner should not equal the rape of the natural world.
The membership number went from 38,000 to over 70,000 by the way...

1654 days ago


Oh yes with the shape this country is in the first thing you should worry about is a fish. WHAT A JOKE JUST MORE ANIMAL RIGHTS FREAKS.

Read more:

The slaughter of the dolphins affects our eco-system. So while this may be happening in another country, it's still a shared earth. Maybe you should watch the movie first, then make judgement. It may not be something you believe in or fight for....but why begrudge someone else when they are doing good? Ric may be saving the dolphins, Angelina Jolie is saving children, and Sean Penn is over in Haiti helping out? What are you doing to better the planet you live on?

1654 days ago
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