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Oscars Dolphin Flasher Causes Mobile Tidal Wave

3/10/2010 2:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who flashed the "Text Dolphin" sign at the Oscars nearly broke the organization he was trying to promote -- after a tidal wave of text messages almost took down the group's mobile server.

It all went down when one of the stars of "The Cove" tried to get some promotion for the TakePart dolphin-saving organization by flashing the sign during the Best Documentary acceptance speech -- it lasted two seconds before they cut away from the sign.

But TMZ has learned those two seconds of exposure triggered so many text messages -- the group's mobile service provider nearly went down.

The group claims they've doubled their membership in the two days following the awards.


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I have always wanted to try dolphin sushi... I hear some places have whale sushi. I would try it.

1652 days ago

Maddy G.    

See the film. Dolphin meat contains highly toxic levels of mercury and the fisherman were packaging it as whale meat and feeding it to children in school lunches. The filmmakers got that stopped. What makes the film special is that it's not just an animal rights story - it's about how we're polluting and abusing our ecosystem. Not just the Japanese - all of us. Also, these animals are dying for our amusement - to be sold into marine parks. Not cool.

Rock on, Ric!

1652 days ago


Fantastic job Ric!!!!! You have done a wonderful job!

1652 days ago


It is not only the unaccountable slaughtering of the dolphins but also the massive slaughtering of the sharks. They along with other nations continue to kill approx 100 million sharks a year. Without all these animals to keep the oceans in balance the eco system dies and if the eco system dies then we would no longer be able to fish the oceans for food.

1652 days ago


Well Done TMZ for posting this particular image - it will give people who want to support this great cause the opportunity to do so. They say that memebership doubled after 2 seconds of screening at the awards... Well think about all the people that hit your site on a daily basis and the impact that you will make!!!


Nat, Sydney Australia

1652 days ago


People really need to start checking their facts before posting nasty ill informed comments....

1. Dolphins are mammals - not fish

2. Killing a dolphin for food is not like killing a cow for food. The beef we eat has been bred on a farm for the purpose of sustenance. The Dolphins are being taken from the wild; they are NOT being bred for the purpose of sustenance.

3. Dolphins do feel pain; you know this by the sound that they make when they are being speared

4. If Japan were being honest and actually doing this for research, then they would do so humanely... banging metal poles underwater to disorient and confuse them is not humane... Loud underwater noises are harmful to dolphins, increasing stress, damaging hearing and causing decompression sickness by forcing them to surface too quickly to escape the noise.

POINT OF MY POST??? Very Simple - Check facts before opening mouth!

Nat, Sydney Australia

1652 days ago


Nat, you say:
2. Killing a dolphin for food is not like killing a cow for food. The beef we eat has been bred on a farm for the purpose of sustenance. The Dolphins are being taken from the wild; they are NOT being bred for the purpose of sustenance.

I agree its terrible what is being done to dolphins but it is terribly worse for a cow. These dolphins live their lives free, able to practice normal dolphin behaviors and do what dolphins do until the horrible end they meet in this cove. Compare that to the meat from cows or pigs trapped in factory farms and the actions in the Cove look like a Disney movie

1652 days ago

Gale Bolduc    

Humankind has not woven the web of life.We are but one thred within it.Whatever we do to the web,We do to ourselves,ALL THINGS ARE BOUND TOGETHER,All things connect.Chief Seattle'

1652 days ago


I can't believe how idiotic some of the people posting comments are.
To anyone defending the many humans in "need" of health care, etc. should look at why they're there in the first place. THEY PUT THEMSELVES IN THAT SITUATION.

Dolphins, however, have done nothing to deserve this merciless slaughter. Contrary to ignorant belief, dolphins do feel pain.


You people with your superiority complexes that think animals are on this planet to benefit us show just "great" your nation is.

Dolphins are the only other animal to have sex for pleasure, apart from humans. Just because they don't speak OUR LANGUAGE, or walk on land does not make them food. They are very intelligent.

What if some Japanese person with a spear walked into your home and started spearing your children? I bet you wouldn't feel quite the same way about them then.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi

1652 days ago

Dorothy Rodgers    

Just a fish? It is well known that they are one of if not the most intelligent animal on earth. They have saved people time and time again against attacks from sharks. They have social families and networks. Their sonar is so developed that man can only hope to imitate it. The Japenese fishermen claimed that it was a way of life and they need the dolphin meat for food. And then in the next sentence they tell you the real truth that they consider them 'varmints'. Some of these varmints make them $180,000 to swim with the dolphin businesses. The rest are slaughtered. Watch the film....and then run your mouth knowing nothing on the subject.

1652 days ago


I cant belief there are people out there supporting the ridicules and viciousness of the Japanese! did any of u took the time out to watch the video and see these acts... not only have these lunatics slaughter the dolphins secretively, but the purposely mis-labelled the meat, miss leading people to think its another fish, hence eating a un-healthy product. to make matters worst, the damn govt. knew everything and play it part in covering it up: miss leading its own people who believed in them to look out for their safety and interest. and you call urself human? pretending u care about the homeless and those not on healtcare... will u also care 4 the japanese who dont know what they consuming and soo need healthcare for something their govt. and you allow to happen... killing a dolphin is far worst than killing a cow you moron

ROCK ON RIC... thnx 4 spreading the words

hope God see you son's of bitches tru this whole ordeal, dat goes for those supporting them too

1652 days ago


Toss a small rock into a pond, and watch the ripples as they work their way toward shore. Don't make me explain this one folks.

1652 days ago


Background info on Ric O'Barry (holding the sign): First recognized in the 1960s for capturing and training the five dolphins that were used in the well-known TV series Flipper. Soon after Cathy, one of the Flipper dolphins, died in O'Barry’s arms he made a radical transition from training dolphins in captivity to assertively combating the captivity industry. O'Barry is currently featured in The Cove, a film that uses covert techniques to expose the yearly dolphin drive hunting that goes on in Taiji, Japan.

1652 days ago

Estra Berosini    

People who can't tell the difference between a dolphin and a fish are the reason our planet is so messed up. I'm the kind of "animal activist" who includes humans as an animal.....although not generally as dignified as most other species. Don't worry folks, when I started working with Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, people couldn't even spell conservation. It's only in the last five years that we won that opinion poll. When the best and brightest are systematically discredited and disqualified, whom does that leave to solve the problems. And because they didn't listen to Ric and the rest of us back in the 1970s, our problems are thirty years harder to fix. It's like estrellaberosini dot com said this.

1652 days ago


Anyone who values animals over Humans is seriously disturbed.Please do not try and start with your ass backward logic as you people always do.You animal rights IDIOTS are not smart you are the opposite A BUNCH OF MISGUIDED FOOLS.For every 1 of you there will be 10 more people like me who think you are fools.

1652 days ago
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