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Conan's Tour

No Bread

for the Redhead

3/11/2010 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien isn't making a single cent off his upcoming 30 city comedy tour -- sources tell TMZ that Coco is doing the whole thing so he can employ his former "Tonight Show" staff.

We're told roughly 40 people have been hired to work on the production -- many of whom are "Tonight Show" alums.

The move is no sweat off Conan's back -- dude scored a $32.5 million severance deal from NBC before they kicked him to the curb.

And more good news for the crew -- tickets to "The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour" are selling out so fast, more shows have already been added.


No Avatar


$100 nosebleed seats, $500 front-row seats, and a $700 package. Good god does this moron have enough money. He’s not Cher or Madonna, I can’t believe that people are crying for this crybaby Jay once gave free concerts to hard hit economic areas would that idiot do that NO!

1624 days ago


To all you jerks buying into Conan's EGO BOOST Tour...I got a sh*tty toilet to sell you, the Brooklyn Bridge is already SOLD!

1624 days ago


Misi.."A folk hero and you have little doubt the show will be good." Now that is funny, you should write for Conan...

1624 days ago


Conan a folk hero? That's one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time.

He'd be a folk hero if he gave away every single penny of the millions he made off of walking away from the TS to his staff and poor people everywhere.

A folk hero as a result of NBC's messing up the TS?!? I don't think so.

Thanks for my laugh for the day.

I guess Conan is kind of funny.

1624 days ago


Instead of being sucked into the CONAN EGO BOOST TOUR 2010...

I'd rather p*ss up a rope, yank nose hairs, or just for the community, donate the time I would have WASTED at a CONAN EGO BOOST TOUR 2010 to a food bank.

1624 days ago


Conan Fan all the way. Awesome that hes doing it for his staff, would love to go see him but tickets are a bit over priced.

1624 days ago

ignorant, just like you    

Nobody in Hollywood does anything for free. Not even awards are won without the acadamy making money. There is no way that Conan is doing this for free, hate to break the news. Take it from somebody who works in accounting for the studios that pays these whiners millions of dollars everyday. Conan is making money off this tour. No bs.

1624 days ago


I always use they are honest and reputable and always treat us like we are their best customer.

1624 days ago

Christina G.    

Whatchu talkn bout? CoCo is hilarious, especially to those with IQ's on the higher end of the human spectrum. Eh, hem.

I'm with CoCo!

1624 days ago


fools and their money will soon be parted

1624 days ago


Good lord. Reading over the comments to this story, I didn't realize so many Conan-haters/Leno-lovers/people-over-the-age-of-65 visited

I have a hard time criticizing someone who:

a.) Simply wants to continue doing what he loves (i.e. make people laugh)

b.) Is using all proceeds from this tour to employ his staff.

1624 days ago

Just sayin'    

Little known fact about all the people who think Conan should just "go away": They find Jay Leno funny, and they want Sarah Palin to be president in 2012.

1624 days ago


He should rename his tour:
What a loser. He needs to stop crying about losing The Tonight Show. He didn't have a problem taking the show away from Leno but he has a problem with Leno taking it back from him!

1624 days ago


POST 29, Ryan. You're a loser. I'm a Leno fan and I'm not even close to 65. You don't need to wear dentures and wear Depends to appreciate good comedy and a class act.

1624 days ago


I don't give a fu--...who wouldn't want to work for a guy like that. So what if it's part P.R? That hurts no one. He's a STUD!

1624 days ago
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