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Moakler Wishes Gay Babies on Prejean

3/11/2010 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Moakler Wishes Gay Babies on Prejean
Shanna was leaving Trousdale in West Hollywood last night, when she stated that she hopes Ms. Prejean and her St. Louis Rams fiance Kyle Boller are blessed enough to have gay children.

Wouldn't that be a kick in the crown?


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I love Shanna for putting that food for thought out there for the greater good. It's painful for some. There's a movie out about a mom who's gay child committed suicide. She was against his lifestyle before, but now she is an advocate for gay rights. No offense intended to anyone that had a gay child commit suicide so please don't take this post the wrong way. I'm just trying to support this world that needs to move to a better place.

1654 days ago


There are a lot of posts here supporting Carrie. I'm a fan of Carrie and Shanna. They both have given food for thought to this topic and how we are taught what is right and wrong. I wish the best for both of them. Neither should be hated for their views. I agree with Shanna though, and that we need to support gay rights which includes marriage. I am a fan of Carrie's but I think she needs to know that freedom of choice or free will is the answer. Free will to me means to allow gay people to get married.

1654 days ago


To all those supporting Carrie - she played hardball and people are responding in that same way. I'm glad she did it because it started a move towards awareness and a healthier world. I know where she's coming from and I respect that. If there is a God she may have been used by Him/Her in a way she didn't expect or like very much. If you believe in God, you should never think you are equal to Him/Her. I do think He/She loves her very much and will reward her for standing up for this cause although I don't think she will be rewarded in this lifetime.

1654 days ago



I'm sorry, but could you please explain how she played "hardball?" She simply answered a bs, gotcha question that had no business being asked in the first place, by a bigoted, bullying, gay mafia Nazi member. Moakler and Lewis immediately began attacking her and said she should be fired for her response. A response that Bill Clinton and Obama both share, two people I'm sure you voted for. If playing "hardball" in your mind is not sitting back and taking the slanderous smears of Moakler and Lewis then sure, she played "hardball." Though you are not over-the-top and childish like many on here that share your same opinion, I still must point out you are absolutely wrong and couldn't be further from the truth if you tired.

1654 days ago


Carrie = Classy, brave, courageous, intelligent, going-somewhere young woman

Shanna = Old, hateful, incompetent, hypocritical skank that is not even a has-been, but a never-was!!!

1654 days ago


Shanna is a washed up old hag, Just look at her.. she is only jealous of Carrie she wishes she could only look half as beautiful.. As for Shanna throwing aroung comments about " Gay Children" Are you kidding me And TMZ lets her talk... She is so over her 15 minutes of fame go away Shanna.. STUPID B

1654 days ago


Please. Prejean's marriage isn't gonna last long enough for her to have babies.

1649 days ago


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1619 days ago


Hey TIM, before you start spouting out info, wrong info at that, maybe you ought to do a little RESEARCH!!!

Research has been done and is still on going regarding the issue of "being born gay" and what they've found is very interesting, to say the least!! There IS proof out there which shows that people ARE born gay. Whether you like that or not, it's the facts buddy!!

What YOU and people like Carrie, "Ms. I'm so pure and innocent AND judgemental" need to do is take a lesson from the bibles you're beating!!! Aren't you taught from the good book NOT to judge people?? Aren't you taught to be tolerable of others, even more so when it comes to someone you disagree with or a subject you disagree with them on??? Doesn't the good book tell you many things you shouldn't do but yet, you're still out there doing??? That's my beef with people like you and Carrie. You want us all to believe and act on what the good book says but yet YOU yourselves DON'T!! :O See the double standard Tim??? Thing is, you CAN'T have it both ways!!!! LOL ... Peace

1611 days ago


Nothing to do with gay babies...but Moakler is a "6" at best. I wouldn't date her average ass and I am average:) Why is she famous?

1400 days ago
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