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Corey Haim Connection to Massive Drug Ring

3/12/2010 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim Connection to Massive Drug RingCorey Haim's death is now under investigation -- and has been linked to an "illegal and massive prescription drug ring."

State Attorney General Jerry Brown
says his office is conducting a probe of Haim's death because an unauthorized prescription in his name was found during a probe of fraudulent drug-prescription pads in San Diego.

Brown said the prescription drug ring under investigation operates by ordering prescription drug pads from authorized vendors using stolen doctor identities -- i.e., identity fraud.

The pads are sold on the street to prescription drug addicts or dealers.

The A.G. notes that many of the doctors whose names are printed on the forms are unaware that his or her identity has been stolen.


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TMZ - do you really need to trash the deceased? Can't this kind of stuff be kept behind the scenes? I understand that Corey is dead and this isn't hurting him, but his family and friends shouldn't have to put up with these things when they are mourning. I mean seriously..enough. Making a profit off the grief of others isn't something to be proud of.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Corey's family and friends.

1693 days ago


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1693 days ago


The STATE Attorney General is just figuring this out, in 2010? Seriously? I knew this as a freshman in college. 9 Years ago.

1693 days ago


but his family and friends shouldn't have to put up with these things when they are mourning.

Why on this earth do you think his friends and family are bothering to read tmz? If for no other reason his death shines a light on this little investigation and if they have the pad numbers why not contact the pharmacies and let them know so they do not fill from them.

1693 days ago


Jerry Brown and he's running for Governor again. That's why he's doing the investigation. Self-serving nit.

Now seriously, he has a position and from that he had this ongoing investigation ...I had no love for the guy and his headlining romances as gov but can he do any worse? Look at the condition of the state now and compare. Sure he was a freak of nature at the time but he lived in an apartment instead of the mansion, refused to use the gov. limo, against 'nam, went after big companies hosing the state, was huge in putting minorities and women in his appointments...all hairy off the wall stuff in the 70/80s but kind of the norm now. He is a full bearing liberal though and a bit o nuts to boot but his policies now do not look as insane as they did back then...times have changed.

Anyway this fraud investigation is now out so how are they going to track these down now that the bad guys know they are on to them?

1693 days ago


OMG Jessica, the coroner said he found no illegal prescriptions in his system the autopsy isn't even complete pending a the tox results. He never said Haim didn't die from a drug overdoes! Sheesh.

1693 days ago

su.san smith    

i'm sorry - BUT Jerry Brown is going to make it even harder to get pills legally - doesn't he have better things to do - like RUN FOR GOV of CA???

1693 days ago


* Illegal "drugs" rather, not prescriptions though it sounds now like any prescriptions he took he probably acquired illegally anyway.

1693 days ago


These celebs never fail to impress


1693 days ago


This is really reaching, wouldn't you agree? They found "A" prescription in his name. ie; not pills, a prescription. If they're stealing doctors pads, and identities, whose to say they didn't steal Haims as well? This is a stupid article.

1693 days ago


P.S. Could TMZ possibly find a less flattering photo of Haim? He didn't look like this 3 weeks ago. But, hey lets find a pic where he looks completely emaciated and strung out, cause that will sell!!

1693 days ago


why can't they have a special code on there per. pads like we have on our dollar bills that only a pharascist can read under a lightand yes dr.s should be responsiable for there pad notes this might stop the fraud cases this has been going on all over the world for so long hay they count insterments from an or. this way so why not try it we are loosing too many stars and it needs to stop.

1693 days ago


#22 solid quarter said it all. There comes a time when a person has to take responsibility for their own actions and stop whining about the past. Grow up and get a job doing something, anything, like the rest of the world. Being in a few movies as a kid does not make you that special, and does not give you a free pass on becoming a functioning member of society. Many people overcome childhood struggles far worse. If Feldman is his best friend why didn't he buy Haim a car or pay for his funeral?? Because he is a narcissistic, opportunist, fame wh@re that's why.

1693 days ago


Jerry Brown is awesome! He's RIGHT ON about the ENORMOUS problem in this country with PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. If it weren't for him, Anna Nicole Smith would have NO JUSTICE. Everyone saw how far ahead of the pack he was by the time of Jacko's death, then Britney Murphy, now this. I'm glad Jerry is busting these PUSHERS.

1693 days ago


Now I understand why Lindsay Lohan was so upset about Corey Haim's death and why she said she "felt a connection" to it.

A perscription ring. That explains so much.

1693 days ago
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