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Corey Haim Connection to Massive Drug Ring

3/12/2010 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim Connection to Massive Drug RingCorey Haim's death is now under investigation -- and has been linked to an "illegal and massive prescription drug ring."

State Attorney General Jerry Brown
says his office is conducting a probe of Haim's death because an unauthorized prescription in his name was found during a probe of fraudulent drug-prescription pads in San Diego.

Brown said the prescription drug ring under investigation operates by ordering prescription drug pads from authorized vendors using stolen doctor identities -- i.e., identity fraud.

The pads are sold on the street to prescription drug addicts or dealers.

The A.G. notes that many of the doctors whose names are printed on the forms are unaware that his or her identity has been stolen.


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Higher truths    

81. #8: Jerry Brown is Edmund 'G' Brown. Idiot. His middle name is Gerald. Aka JERRY. Flipping moron.

Posted at 6:13PM on Mar 13th 2010 by googles

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Moon beam is running for Guvnor again and bragged about the ANS case. Is that all he's got? He is too chicken to go after all the power people in LA that donate to his cause.

I get treated like a felon when I go into for my scrips.
enough government intrusion.

Glad I don't live in cali.

1661 days ago

Higher truths    

You are right about MOONBEAM. Cali is bankrupt so something about that as well. he wont go after organized crime. I hope you CAli's vote for someone else. Talk about a clueless career politician.

62. Wow, where the F was Jerry Brown when all the other Hollywood people were offing themselves with illegal dope?
Oh snark--Brown wasn't a candidate fo govener then. So now, he picks up this unknown actour's suicide and makes a capital case out of it. Give me a friggin break.
Hey Brown, investigate misfeasance, malfeasance and incompetence in your own office. You are an attorney, right? You are aware of the doctrine of competence? Why don't you start enforcing it close to home? Get Bugliosi to help you. He can tie it all back to the White Album.

Posted at 10:39PM on Mar 12th 2010 by Reality Check

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1661 days ago

Fed Up with Octo Mom    

When I read the news that he was dead I was so sad. I used to watch so many of his teeny 80 movies when I was a kid. Love the Lost Boys. I actually liked him and Corey Feldman. I knew that Haim had past drug problems. Being an addict cannot be fun and you do alot of dumb stuff (buying fraudulent prescriptions) just to get your fix. It's like giving up smoking, you keep thinking you can quit, you will but not today, you go through withdrawls and you can start up again and try to quit again several times, or substitute that drug with something else. You are always going to be an addict. You do damage your body as you use drugs (like heart problems...etc) It changes your personality. It torchers families and ruins lives and careers. It is ashame he couldn't get help sooner. But I'm sure where ever he is he is better and no longer suffering. Maybe this can be a lesson to others out there suffering from addictions. And because of his fate others won't suffer the same.

1661 days ago


What in the hell is wrong with you people? Not saying all of you, but all the negative comments. A man fu***ng died. He had a problem and instead of keeping your mouths shut, you choose to disrespect the people who actually did enjoy and grow up loving this guy. If you have really need to trash someone that bad, then you really need to get a new life.

1660 days ago


no matter what he did or didnt do in his life there is NO reason for ANYone to be as cruel or mean as some of you have been. look at your selves and think about what secret you may have or short coming. Is that really a reason to degrade someone who died? {No matter HOW they died}
you best hope that karma doesn't kick you in the teeth when its your time cuz some of you will sure as hell suffer a great deal. Instead of all the degrading things try thinking of his family. you cant MAKE ANYONE change much less when it comes to an addiction but i find it funny how so many people talk crap about this man and how he is "worthless" or that he's a "loser" yet you spent the time to comment. perhaps this is YOUR way of getting 15 min of fame OFF OF HIS name. Sad really. As for the comment about how creamation is $100??? WHERE?!?!? i haven't known ANY cremation to be less than $800 but none the less it is sad that this young man fell so hard and mostly cuz he had the money to buy his life style. People dont CHOSE to be drug addicts. They start off either trying to get numb, fit in or have "fun" then it gets out of hand.
as i said before tho, hope that karma doesn't find you if you are one who degrades someone cuz they died or how they lived. if it does your death may be made a joke as well.

1660 days ago


it amazes me how cold and cruel some of you really are. you degrade and talk crap about him as if you KNEW him PERSONALY. none of us know what he went thru inside himself or why. in fact he really made no change in our real lives other than a few hours at a time in MOVIES yet some of you talk about him as if you were RIGHT THERE! you go on and on about him then say how worthless he was or how he was a waste of time yet YOU SPEND YOUR TIME WHERE? DEGRADING WHO? oh.. i guess he was worth at least THAT much to you. that or your life is so sad itself that you want to make light of someone elses pain or short comings in order to make your own seem "not that bad"
as for the "almost nothing goes on in showbiz without first going through organized crime bosses" PLEASE SAY YOU ARE KIDDING! why is it so many people have to find some kind of excuse or create MORE chaos out of what was already a chaotic life? HOW MANY OF US who have commented ARE STARS? no matter how big or small? how many of you can say what its REALLY like to grow up that way? how many of you knew this man personaly and could say "this is what REALLY happened" and KNOW thats the truth?
NONE OF US!!! instead so many of you turn your anger and empty life to things like THIS.
i cant imagine what its like to know i would be ADORED or DISPISED as an actor. no matter WHAT they do SOME1 will find fault so instead of acting as if you KNOW so much, try to remember a HUMAN LIFE was taken and it will effect OTHER PEOPLE.
Just like YOU have family and friends, so did he. Tho some of the people that CALLED themselves FRIENDS, im sure weren't. then again, thats life.
amazing thing, karmah.. she can be your best friend or your worst enemy.. good luck with that.
my thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends..

1660 days ago


Pain is pain, whether it is emotional or physical. I'm so sorry he had to deal with it the way he did.

1658 days ago
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