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Lil Wayne in Jail

Keep Your Hancock

to Yourself

3/12/2010 9:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne in JailLil Wayne's signature move in jail won't have anything to do with his actual signature -- TMZ has learned he's been instructed not to sign a single autograph during his stint at Rikers Island.

A rep for the Correction Officer's Benevolent Association tells us officials issued the no autograph mandate because "Lil Wayne is not a celebrity in here."

The rep also tells us Wayne isn't getting any special treatment while at Rikers -- but we're told the rapper really hasn't requested anything out of the ordinary.

Weezy is nearly a week into the yearlong jail sentence he received for a gun-related crime -- but he could get out after 8 months if he stays on his best behavior.


No Avatar


he ain't a celebrity in there. he's a bitch

1686 days ago


I hope he turns his life around and accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. God Bless, desperate black man, Satan be gone!

1686 days ago


come on, ... "he's not a celebrity in here" ...bull. he is a celebrity EVERYWHEREEEEEE. what planet are they from??? every guard will ask for his autograph...

yea..." dont sign anything" sure thats gonna work

he could use his autograph to buy toilet paper, weeddddd, and what ever else.

leave this dude alone. ya locked him up, enoughs enough. thats the sentence, one year. whats song writing???

1686 days ago


Lil Wayne will still give signature through tattooing up in Riker Island.. why Riker Island, tho? looks like he had the worst case of felonies.

1686 days ago


he'll be out in less than 8 months...

1686 days ago


I hope he comes out a changed man, for the better---tries to change the lives of some kids with his music, cleans it up.

1686 days ago


It's a good thing there's a no autograph mandate. Can you imagine how much crap he would sign in a year? Everybody and there mama's going to send stuff up there for him to sign.

1686 days ago


I wonder how they can actually enforce this?? That's Weezy F. Baby he's got it made!! His rhymes are gonna go harder and his albums sell like crazy all because he's locked up!! I'm not hating though do your thang Wayne...God bless

1686 days ago


If he is not a celebrity then why would people want him to sign stuff?
He's obviously a celebrity, ( had the number 1 album )because otherwise they wouldn't have issued this rule.
It's called "double speak" and it's a tactic of propaganda when they say something that is opposite from the truth.

It's a sick world we live in. He's a celeb but a human being first and if he wants to pack heat then he should be able to. NY has draconian rules on carrying concealed weapons. That is why it is such a safe place. Sick world.
Babylon is falling and it will fall down upon itself.
Pop will eat itself.
Little Weezy should be freed. Would anyone feel threatened if Weezy was free? Such a sick world we live in.

1686 days ago


He's not a celebrity? Who said that? What ignorant person said that?

What's Weezy's address in prison? Everyone should write him.
Makes me want to go out and buy his records when the evil system tries to crush him.

TMZ should post his address so people can write him.
The guy is obviously a celebrity or they wouldn't have issued their rule.

1686 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

What do they mean "he is not getting special treatment".He is in a special cell because of his million dollars teeth.If they put him in General Population he'll lose every diamond in his teeth and every tooth in the process.Just like every other black with money that goes to jail he gets special food,special bedding and special whatever he wants and is willing to pay for.How stupid you people can be to think he is not getting special treatment.Duh....

1685 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

Sure he is a celebrity to all those sickos that f*ckd up out of their mind follow his music.Well "music",no,cacophony of unrelated sounds.You have to be f*cked up to hear that sh*t.Music is J. Mathis,Elton John,M. Jackson.That is music,real music not what this clown spouts.

1685 days ago


Not to be racist here but it seems like every black person who "makes it" in the rap/hip-hop industry is either in trouble with the law, or is a target of a gang. Why is that world of music the only one who has so many criminals in it ? They make a few bucks but it doesn't give them any class, they still act ghetto.

1685 days ago


First this is probably an order for the Guards, not that moron rapper.

Second, the LASO issued a similar order when OJ was brought into LA County Jail.

1685 days ago


The sad thing is this will only increase his "street cred" and he wont learn anything. now hes a gangsta. what a looser.

1685 days ago
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