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You Gotta Hand It

to Conan O'Brien Fans ...

3/13/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Team Coco strikes again.

Jay Leno

A Conan O'Brien fan posed for a photo with Jay Leno last night with the letters "Coco FTW" written on his hand -- which means "for the win."

Leno got the "Tonight Show" back and Conan got $32.5 million from NBC -- they're both winners.


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Typical TEAM COCO..Burry your head in your ass...LA LA LA LA LA!!! I can't hear you!!!!! YOU GUYS NEVER WATCH CONAN TO BEGIN WITH, IF YOU DID HE WOULD HAVE BEEN NUMBER 1!! DUH! HE FELL 40-50% BEHIND LETTERMAN...LENO HANDED HIM A NUMBER 1 SHOW AND YOU GUYS MESSED IT UP...TEAM COCO IS TO BLAME AND ONLY TEAM COCO!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU WATCH WHEN IT COULD HAVE SAVED HIS JOB???? FRAUDS FRAUDS FRUADS FRUADS FRUADS FRAUDS!!!! OH I WATCHED ON LINE...BS...OH I WATCHED ON YOU TUBE....C R A P!!! YOU ARE TO BLAME!!!! RATINGS means M O N E Y and that means life! Today there are hundreds of channels (unlike 92) and you don't have time for a fake ass team coco save you!!!!!! F R A U D S and L O S E R S !!!

1654 days ago


Still getting your revenge for the JMZ bit that LENO did! This is nothing more then TMZ getting back at LENO for what they thought wasn't funny and was a dig at them. Well, have you gotten your payback yet? Such BS!!!

1654 days ago


Ok, to clarify this whole thing, "ftw" did mean "f*** the world", a meaning that has seen less and less use over the years. Nowadays it means "for the win", which expresses that the speaker supports or likes what is in context to "ftw".

So, all of you who still think it means the first things, how about you "stfu". At least that word should be clear to everybody.

1654 days ago


i love you coco! i cant wait to see your comedey on tv again! wether its you in person or just your writing!!

1654 days ago

Geraldine O. Tan    

Conan's already pretty rich to begin with, so getting paid that huge amount, but having to give up his dream, that still hurts.
I don't think you can put a price on a dream. :P
I've loved watching Conan since the first time I stumbled upon him on "Late Night" in the late 90's. Conan's the man! So brilliant, yet so kind and forthright--that was his flaw, though, you can't be a nice guy in showbiz, and stay at the top. Sad commentary on our world, today, and showbiz, in general.

1654 days ago

Geraldine O. Tan    

@mike, i'm not in the u.s. anymore, so unfortunately, my watching conan, wouldn't have counted in the numbers. there are are loyal fans around the world. too bad our watching doesn't count, too. apparently conan's the more popular one, the world over.

1654 days ago

Geraldine O. Tan    

jay is number one because he steals from the best--INCLUDING conan! :P
i admire jay's ecologist mentality though, because at least he (TRIES TO) recycle what he steals. :P no point in letting even bad jokes he steals, from even non-comedians, go to waste.
hats off to you, jay!

1654 days ago

Geraldine O. Tan    

@mike, though you're team leno, you did make a good point, i.e. the ones who say they're for conan, NOW, but didn't watch him.
i blame them, too. if/when conan ever gets back on the air, you 'conan fans' had better watch him!!! it's on your heads, conan fans who failed him.
mike makes a good point--you do not support a tv talk show host (MERELY) by going online and watching him on youtube. true, you love him, but it didn't show the network this.
true, we're all supporting him, now, but i hate it when leno fans are right--so many conan fans are too late the hero!
if/when conan gets back on the air, you'd better watch him. and conan fans who have nielsen boxes--what on earth are you doing??? why is leno back on top, if you're out there supporting him??? :P
i'm not in the u.s. now, but i stayed up all night, several times, just tweeting and facebooking my derriere off, supporting conan, when jay hadn't taken back the tonight show yet.
conan fans in the U.S., you are THERE!
you're the ones who can do something!
will you friggin' do something???

1654 days ago

Ronald McDonald    


HAHA ... Coco already Won, Jay just doesn't know it yet.

1654 days ago


That Mike guy really likes to CAPITALIZE random words to make his POINT.

How annoying. Rather than try reading his "points", I just skip it because he's totally trolling.

Go Team COCO!

1654 days ago


Ok allow me to explain a bit. On the Internets FTW has always meant (for the win) for quite a few years now. For many real life people and main media types it means (F*#k the world). This guy is from the Internets. So its going to be *FOR THE WIN!* Hope this helps you.

Yes we call it Internets.. go win some coupons for it.

1654 days ago

shrt shrt mn    

Why is no one talking about his freakishly small hands?

1654 days ago


That is the worst Photoshop job I have ever seen.

1654 days ago


To all the idiots here.. FTW mean For The Win.. it has always meant that on the internet. Keep on failing everyone.

1654 days ago


The assertion that Conan was "fired" because of his ratings are wrong; Leno's pre-local news show was cancelled because affiliates complained that it ruined their local newscasts and ad revenues; Leno was kept on because his contact with NBC was 100 million + and they didn't want to pay him off. Like an expensive whore, it was cheaper to keep him happy than pay the cosequences. Conan's contact was a relatively inexpensive proposition in comparison.

1654 days ago
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