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Urgent Care Targeted by Corey Haim's Mom

3/13/2010 3:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimThe L.A. County Coroner's Office may investigate several urgent care facilities that prescribed meds to Corey Haim ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources say Corey's mom, Judy Haim, told Coroner's investigators that her son had been going to numerous urgent care facilities to score prescriptions.

Judy told investigators she was so frustrated in the last months of his life that she called several of the urgent care facilities herself, inquiring why they would give her son so many pills. She said Corey would often get 60 to 90 pills per visit.

We're told Judy and a friend told investigators they would provide the Coroner's Office with a list of facilities.


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What part of the coroners report are all you folks overlooking??
He was ill (OBVIOUS SINCE HE DiED)and clearly needed medication He did not die of presecribed coke folks. Why do you drag him through the mud now? Does that make YOU feel better about your own addictions and bent behaviour? I am not happy that still TMZ does not have an abuse reporting system even though it is clearly needed. They do censor but only when it's about them.

1621 days ago

biologist at large    

I'm a scientist. Most of my academic training was in neurobiology, with a focus on psychopharm.

I'm also a former addict. 15yrs to ~90%pure Asian heroin. 10yrs to near 100% (via multiple crystallizations & washes) pure (d)methamphetamine. ~5yrs GHB. With multi-year stretches to various benzos & other downers, as well as big piles of coke every now and again that would last a few months.. Heroin & meth (and coke, and anything water soluble) were administered IV. Made my own meth in my lab to guarantee purity & desired isomer. Didn't sell, but did trade small amnts with friend that was heroin importer. Point is, I had access to, and abused MASSIVE amnts of these substances in the most efficient way possible. (true, smoking would be more efficient adminstration, but less efficient due to loss of product to heating past vapor point). I had more dope than the richest of the useless Hollywood entertainers. DEA is fully aware of my crimes. The men in Tyvek space-suits tore my physical world apart.

It all started out innocently, testing compounds on myself, but ended up in the only place it could have.

Obviously addictions to various drugs overlapped each other. Some drugs were to balance the side-effects of other drugs.

Anyway, other than perhaps an underlying depression, I dispute the "disease" model. People who want to be absolved of personal responsibility call drug abuse a disease. I quit meth cold turkey- no need for the 90-365day rehab currently thought necessary to quit. I just stopped. In the middle of a binge (I used daily, but would go on marathon sleepless binges when in the middle of interesting work or interesting sex). Felt a heart flutter, and stopped. Even today I could whip up a batch after a quick trip to wal-mart, and there are days when I want to, but I don't. I simply DON'T. Same with heroin, kinda. Took me a few times to make it stick, went through 5-7 days of feeling like dirt each time, but I lived. Same with the benzo's. Gotta taper them down, downer withdrawal presents the most danger, but tapering and/or moving to longer acting benzos then tapering does the trick. Xanax withdrawal was the most psychologically painful, even with diazepam or clonazepam to help, my whole body was SCREAMING with panic & fear. But I quit.

I'm an extreme case of abuse, and perhaps since I didn't see myself as a victim of a disease, I'm an extreme case of essentially walking away from these drugs without years of 12-stepping it, or otherwise soothing my ego. I won't lie, I can't watch TV shows or movies about drug abuse. I crave like mad when I see scenes of the needle plunging in, and the flash of blood when it hits its target.
So I avoid these situations.

Like I said, there may be an underlying psychopathology of depression or compulsion, but past this- the action of popping a pill, sinking a syringe, lighting a pipe, or taking a drink, IS A CHOICE... and I'm not a "reformed" druggie that only now thinks it's a choice. I knew it was a choice even in the deepest holes of addiction, even as I puked for days coming off heroin, or laid in bed with my nerves on fire from benzo withdrawal- it was my actions, my choices that brought me to those hells- and it was MY CHOICE to walk away.

Addicts & enablers alike, remember this post. When you start calling it a disease, you give away your power. When you lose your power because it's in your head that you have a "disease", quitting is MUCH harder, and relapse is up to 90%+ assured depending on your drug of choice. When, in your head, it's a CHOICE- your chances of self-determination are infinitely increased.

1621 days ago

capt andy    

okay Dr Barb what did he die might not have been coke but he sure was overuseing alot of drugs he sure should not have even been taking,hence his mom blaming urgent care.He is err... was an adult and is responsible for what he it legal or illegal he is the one responsible,these druggies go to the doctors so much that when they actually do come down with the umm flu(which seems to be real popular in hollywood) they cant or wont go to the real doctor because they would be outed by any responsible they or their parents or freinds over medicate themselves with over the counter crap...he got what he deserved

1621 days ago

capt andy    

dr soze hits it right on the head....stopping is something you have to do on your own,,its when you finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND YOU STOP...all the rehab and detox and counciling isnt going to make you stop or cure you..those places are in the business of making money off of your problems,,they are not free,these parents that spend 5 grand a month sending their kids to some fancy rehab are wasting there money other than its makes them feel better about obviously failing theirs kids somehow but it accomplishes nothing...if you want to stop you will stop on your own accord..not because of some program,,thats why there is such a high failure rate..if you really want to stop you will stop..go to prison or die..the choice is yours and yours alone...been there dont that

1621 days ago


Blame others because your kid was a loser drug addict. Maybe if she would have been a better mother her idiot kid would still be alive. Don't blame others because you failed your child. Don't blame others because your kid was a loser druggie

1621 days ago

danger baby    

America is the Wild West. We let financiers run wild and clean our pockets; we let pharmacies and doctors hand out pills like candy. We endure a political system that lets industry lobbyists craft and control regulations. Pressure your representatives to rein in these practices? They will be hounded and bought off by a phalanx of industry lobbyists.

JOIN A GROUP TO CHANGE CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS. Change the way the money flows. Call your representative and demand change. If the people who are passing out this stuff like candy had to face actual penalties, if their butts were thrown in jail, they might think twice about what they do.

Haim was part of a 'system' that allowed and encouraged him to do what he did. He didn't operate in a vacuum.

1621 days ago


I agree with Cinemashow !!!! Young star's fame and ton's of money to soon..Their parents go along for the ride they are befiting from all the money, too..They are not going to say anything..I heard Corey say on one of the interview shows at one time he had 12 cars and to much a young age..Said he wished someone had slaped him to get clean and sober...There will be more to fall. i hope not..Urgent Care's are all over cities so it's easy to get med's...

1621 days ago


#4 I agree...Pill addictions in this country are grossly underestimated. It has become an epidemic.

I just hope that the addicts do not mess up the availability of medication to the people who truely need it.

1621 days ago


People seriously need to learn how to read... I don't recall anywhere in this article where Judy Haim blames others for her son's death. Let's remember that her son had JUST died and she is herself likely on the verge of dying, so she is understandably distraught. Can we please show the woman a tad bit more compassion people? She was simply expressing her view that a place like Urgent Care shouldn't be allowed to give out 60 to 90 pills, so what's so wrong with that viewpoint?

People understandably want to use this tragedy as a forum to inject their own experiences and their own beliefs on addiction, but let's also not lose sight of the main character in this story: Corey Haim. Damn talented actor. As Roger Ebert said about his performance in Lucas, "He creates one of the most three-dimensional, complicated, interesting characters of any age in any recent movie...He is that good." R.I.P. Corey, we're gonna miss you.

1621 days ago


In reality if you know your son is going to several different urgent care its your job to turn in him and not call the urgent care and scold them. The urgent cares have no way of knowing how many different facilities he went to or if he abusing prescription unless its own by the same group.He was a drug addict if it wasn't the urgent care he would be scoring drugs somewhere else.

1621 days ago

CVS Whore    

It was the perfect storm. A body abused for a long time, an illness creeping in,the wrong combo of pills,at the wrong time.
This happens a lot more than you think,and usually cause of death is never really pinpointed.

1621 days ago



1621 days ago

biologist at large    

60-90 pills for a months supply of many meds is not unusual at all.
Many benzo's, therapeutically, must be dosed 2x-3x/day. Same with pain meds.
If one needs to point a finger at a system that "failed" Corey, the finger should be pointed at Californias PDMP program, which is supposed to track and flag prescriptions filled for Schedule II-IV throughout the state.
Although I live in a different state, we have a PDMP that tracks and flags SchII-V. I have to produce my state ID/drivers lic. to the pharmacist to pick up any scheduled substance.

So, why did Cali's PDMP not flag Corey?

1621 days ago


Maybe his manager killed him. She's a giant drug addict.

1621 days ago


The mother should stop blaming everyone else for her son's behavior.

An almost 40 yr old man should know better than to obtain drugs under false pretenses.
Not fair blaming the facilities or the doctors.

1621 days ago
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