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Urgent Care Targeted by Corey Haim's Mom

3/13/2010 3:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimThe L.A. County Coroner's Office may investigate several urgent care facilities that prescribed meds to Corey Haim ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources say Corey's mom, Judy Haim, told Coroner's investigators that her son had been going to numerous urgent care facilities to score prescriptions.

Judy told investigators she was so frustrated in the last months of his life that she called several of the urgent care facilities herself, inquiring why they would give her son so many pills. She said Corey would often get 60 to 90 pills per visit.

We're told Judy and a friend told investigators they would provide the Coroner's Office with a list of facilities.


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THis is soo true. Urgent Care is the worst. I sprained my ankle over the summer and the Physicians Assistant at urgent care gave me 60 Percocets. I went back 30 days later and she wrote me a script for 90 more! I refused to take it. In the first place, it's an easy way to get an unsuspecting patient hooked!!! Second - she wasn't even a doctor!!! They over prescribe pills like they're candy. It's all too easy to get pills.

1503 days ago

capt andy    

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1503 days ago


Interesting story Changelgirl. Why did he tear up when you left though? He didn't even know you.
Anyway,why does this keep happening with all the technology we have today? Why haven't they had a computer system set up so the pharmacists can see what prescriptions people have gotten in the past? That is all it would take. "Oh Corey just had a prescription filled yesterday so I won't give him this one". WTF? People trying to make money. That's all it is.

1503 days ago

Elvis Twin    

The drugs no doubt being paid for by the state. No way this washed up hack paid himself. What a loooser!!! Uninsurable actor. This is how you wind up being a pill head. no one likes you and you die 40 years old in your mothers basement. that poor lady.

Lesson to you all! stop taking the pills and get a life.

1503 days ago


Nice Elvis' Twin. Just wait till someone you know and love suffers from addiction. You won't be feeling the same way. You may even fall victim to drugs or alcohol. You may already be there and in denial. Don't be so quick to judge. He was at his mothers taking care of her while she goes through chemotherapy for CANCER. You're a jerk.

1503 days ago


Doctors are becoming legalized drug dealers. Yes, people are ultimately responsible for their own health, but drug addiction changes your brain chemistry forever. I have a friend who had a wreck and the doctor prescribed Oxycontin. He got hooked, and now his life is ruined. If you have a "professional" prescribing medication, you assume that's ok. We are an over-prescribed country because pharmaceutical companies lobby congress, donate millions of dollars to medical schools and control their research, and send out pharm reps to reward doctors for prescribing their drugs. They scare us into thinking we are sick all the time and need expensive tests and drugs whose side effects include death. And it's why our country will collapse under health care costs. We've got a problem people, and Corey Haim's mother is doing exactly what she should be doing.

1503 days ago


She is simply questioning why he was given such large amounts even after calling to alert them. It’s a good question…. I'm sure she knows her son holds the bulk of the responsibilities for his actions, but there are many other factors that enabled him.
It is unfortunate because now legit Docs and emergency medical clinics may be on high alert and second guess people with real ailments, but if they are true ailments, they will be treated.
And I agree with the other who posted about urgent clinics- they are an alternative to your regular physician, for urgent situations or after hours.... The norm (and should be regulated) for those types of facilities is to prescribe only a couple days worth with no refills, until you can be seen by your own doctor, who will have your history- which they don't and until their doctor can give the correct-long term treatment for whatever they are suffering from. If you have legit pain a couple days worth of Vicodin should work fine, period. No true pain sufferer with the need to go to an urgent care clinic, which means it just happened and needs immediate attention, should need those amounts. There should be no need for a facility like those to give someone 60-90 pills....The only person who needs that much and can't wait to see their doctor, has a problem and/or a large tolerance- either an addict or a chronic pain sufferer and in the case of the chronic pain sufferer, they should be under a doctor’s care with a treatment plan and have the meds they need for their condition, so that only leaves the addict....
The first times I ever took vicodin, for wisdom teeth or a broken arm, the 1 every 4 hours lowest dose amount was more than enough- knocked me out and worked for hours. It wasn’t until I was taking large amounts and built up a tolerance, that I needed large quantities.
So my point is, someone who visits an urgent care provider should not need that much and if they have an ailment that painful and requires that much, they should be admitted into the hospital to control their pain with stronger more appropriate meds and be monitored. Because a person who is not used to that much will risk overdose or respiratory failure and addiction…. If someone requires or requests the amounts Corey was getting in order to get relief- absolutely means they take large amounts and have built a tolerance or need a different care plan.
If these doctors continue giving those quantities to patients they don’t have a full history on, they are only enabling addicts and deaths are going to continue. And if they are giving those amounts to non-addicts who actually are in pain, don’t normally use those meds and need them only temporarily, they are going to continue to create addicts....

1503 days ago


Right on Debbie!! It is that and illegal immigrants messing up our health care costs.

1503 days ago


sorry to hear about the death.

Doctors at different facilities have no way of knowing if their patient is telling the truth or not. They have no way of knowing if their patient is getting prescriptions from other doctors as well as from himself.(Some doctors know and don't care)

The Government, by and large, doesn't want to stop it.
They love it. It thins out the population.
The Insurance companies and Drug Companies and Government all go hand in hand to make big money.

That is why Government regularly tries to shut down or outlaw Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements which some people know how to use instead of Pharmaceutical Drugs or helps thems to cut way down on the Parmaceutical Drugs, and are much safer.

1503 days ago


TMZ, please do the right thing and make another post about Corey's mother asking for donations from people to fly Corey's body back home to his native city Toronto, Canada. She is fighting breast cancer and can't afford to do this one final very important act for her deceased son. He deserves some peace - and he will only get it in his home town, in a country that loves him dearly. His whole family wants this.

Thank you.

1503 days ago


The Letterman-Petris-Short Act of 1967

What could have been done in Corey's case

We have the tools we need to help our loved ones. There are laws which allow us to take action and protect our loved ones from injury at the hands of drugs and alcohol. The Letterman-Petris-Short Act outlines the alternatives families have to involuntarily committ their loved ones to various forms of psychiatric holds for life-saving evaluation and treatment while they are in protective custody. The Letterman-Petris-Short Act was designed "to protec mentally disordered persons and developmentally disabled persons from criminal acts." Families who want to help their loved ones, must be made aware that these tools are available to involuntarily commit a loved one to save his or her life.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court lists all elements of the Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) in the Letterman-Petris-Short Act, including:

WIC 5150 hold - 72 hour evaluation

WIC 5250 hold - 14 day evaluation

WIC 5270.15 hold - 30 day evaluation

For a full list, itemizing all the legislative content of the Letterman-Petris-Short Act, please click on the following link:

More on addiction and recovery at:

Corey could have benefitted from being away from Hollywood and everything that reminded him of his addiction and that includes his mother. What Corey needed was peace so he could heal, away from the influences of Hollywood and his friends who did not know how to help themselves much less Corey.

As badly as Corey was addicted, he needed years of recovery in a sober living, not days. But committing him to an involuntary hold would have made a significant impact on his condition. Instead his addiction was exploited on TV which caused him to fight and ultimately made him worse.

1503 days ago


Good job Jessica. It looks like TMZ listened to you because they just put a post up about it. haha!!

1503 days ago


It doesn't matter if they know what the patient is getting from other doctors! Urgent care clinics shouldn't be able to prescribe that much, only small amounts. If they need more they should require they get their history or see their regular doctor. If they don't have one, get one and only a doctor with their history or establishing one should be able to give large amounts and refills. It won't entirely extinguish the problem but it will slow it down. An addict will grow tired or be found out if they can only get 10-20 pills a pop at these doc in the boxes. They will have no time or money to get the amount they need- they would have to see more than 5 a day. It's because they get an RX for 60 with refills at one stop that they doc shop....

1503 days ago


One thing I don't understand is they had a Dr in to see Corey the day before his death. So why didn't this so-called-dr realize something was wrong? If the pill bottles were just sitting there, why didn't they pay more attention and ask about them? Find out what he could while he was there? This sounds like it could have been a preventable death if more had been done. But, with the amount of drugs Corey had done over the years, and having had a stroke once from it, it was prob. only a matter of time. So sad.

1503 days ago


Haim was said to be DEPRESSED. since when is Vicodin and Valium given for depression?? Ah, NEVER!!! he was just another addict, willing to lay back and space out on anything he could get...his MOM should have kicked his 38 yr. old ASS off the couch and told he better do something productive... im sick of hearing all the BS excuses for these ex- stars...

1503 days ago
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