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Tiger Woods

One Big Happy Family

3/13/2010 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' family life is getting back to normal -- TMZ has learned the golfer has made it a whole week living under the same roof as his wife Elin Noredgren and their two kids.

Sources close to the family tell us Tiger's been staying with the family at their Isleworth estate for the past 8 nights -- and during that time, we're told Elin has been seen around town with a rejuvenated demeanor. 

As for Tiger, he was practicing like a man possessed before the weather got bad -- but with the rain coming down for the past few days, he's been stuck indoors.

As we previously reported, Woods is expected to make his return to golf on March 22nd at the Tavistock Cup -- but word on the street is Elin is not expected to attend.

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Who gives a rat's ball? Leave the clown alone, most are not interested!! I'm hoping Elin has sense enough to wear a body condom, and the days of giving him a lick job would long be over, that's for sure!!!! Put on a full armor, Elin!!

1684 days ago


Tiger will be back! Better than ever! So will the sponsors; and the hookers....

1684 days ago


Hi-tail it to Sweden.

1684 days ago


Hope Elin keeps some golf clubs handy in case he decides to stray again.
Whack him a few times on the side of the head.

But if he does....Better for her to just send him packing.

1684 days ago

the old gal    

Huh....well he got off this time (no pun intended) but I sure hope he gets just this one chance to make things right and behave like he knows he should, don't think if there is a next time Elin will be so forgiving. Anyway I hope not......she certainly deserves better, and so do the children.

1684 days ago


TW is boring. A great golfer but strip him down, he is boring.
We bought "it",shame on us. Why do we still try to cling to the sham thrown upon us?

1684 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

Leave them alone !!!! This is a private matter. I hope and pray they stay together because the media has made a paranoia of this stupid story.
They can do whatever they want to do. Who are we to judge them ????
My guess is that Tiger will be back better than ever and break Jack 's record and then retire to devote the rest of his life to his family.
As for the sponsors who dropped him well they will regret it at the end.
By the way TMZ where's the Kobe special ?????????

1684 days ago


Gee....that was a short absence.
Didn't he say it'd take TIME to get himself straightened out and he didnt know if/when he'd come back to golf?
Guess everyone best head to SEX rehab, they seem to be able to work miracles there!

1684 days ago



tiger never aknowledged that he was a sex addict, all he said was that he needed help with his behavior, that's it, he was never a sex addict, as he said he just got of control when his ego took over.

1684 days ago


I think he was honest in his explanation. He is a spoiled celebrity and he acted like a spoiled brat thinking he could do whatever he wanted.

I think Elin is putting her children before herself. Divorce effects kids for the rest of their lives. Kudos to her for at least putting the effort in to try to make it work.

They might still get divorced. This is going to take her years to process and work through. Whatever happens, it's between them. It's none of our business.

1684 days ago


How can it go back to normal when it wasn't normal in the first place? As I understand it he always cheated. She trusted him, and he cheated on her.

I wish Elin the best, but I doubt he is able to change his ways, since he still can't see anything wrong with them (he was just annoyed he got caught). Her name is Elin Woods, btw.

1684 days ago


There is no such thing as a sex addict, he did what he did because he wanted to and then played the sex addict card to cover up his ass. He is smart, and anyone who believes that crap about being a sex addict is sicker than he is. A man or woman who cheats, then says he has an illness deserves a medal especially when the public believes such nonscense. He has no love for his wife, he just needs her on his arm to look good as a stable loving man. Really it is sad, he has the world in his hands, and its still not enough.

1684 days ago


Update your news TMZ Tiger will not be playing this month. Bet u a million!

1684 days ago


I guess Elin has not learned her lesson: DON'T LET YOUR HUSBAND GO ALONE! He won't change, he'll just be more careful. She needs to be near him so he doesn't stray. That family will never be a "Happy Family" ever again. Once a cheater, always a cheater. She has a price, and he bought her again.

1684 days ago


The Woods will never be "one happy family" thanks to Tiger. Elin might have stayed because she is loving the money, but a woman with integrity never would settle for money, yet she can't even be safe near that pig. Things will never be same, and I can't believe she is not going with him. That is what she should do.

1684 days ago
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