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David Beckham -- Same Pimp, Different Limp

3/15/2010 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham was spotted hopping off a plane today in Finland where he underwent surgery on the Achillies tendon he ruptured this weekend during a soccer match in Italy.


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No-talent, Eurotrash douchebag...

1650 days ago


Looks like Brett Favre.

1650 days ago


Terrible game! First the gash on his face that should have been stictched by a plastic surgeon and then the most painful tendon injury ever! I feel bad for him. He's so obviously in so much pain with a terrible road ahead. Where is Victoria??? She needs to fly to be with him ASAP. As for the stupid a s s posters here, KARMA is a MOTHA. Your lack of compassion is only second to your low IQ. You all make me ill.

1650 days ago


My reply is in response to Redcoat68. We Americans dont hate him, he just came here and failed...plain and simple. So what if he has money, or is English, or plays soccer...he was paid millions to come and play and he failed. I know a few AMAZING school teachers who lost their jobs due to budget cuts....it's just hard to see them struggle when this guy is paid so much and these teachers are working towards a better future for our kids. It is all bassackward! Just remember redcoat...us horrible American douchbags were instrumental in you not speaking German...and please remember.....he and his brood came to the US...and won't leave!!!! I live in LA and they are caught up in all the hype like all other celebrities, so quit actiing like he is something special....he came...he failed....and hopefully he will return to England. Do love the fact that they seem like good parents and are always holding their kids instead of some nanny...I give them that.

1650 days ago

Once white trash always WT    

Wah wah wah. The biggest flop ever. Famous for 1 goal.... Go away and take your skank with you back to the land of pale skin, rotten teeth and toffee nosed snobbery soon to be an islamioc state. Ha. Soccer is for short lightweight men running around in shorts who barely get touched and cry till the stretcher comes. Yes it's the most popular beacause ANYONE can run and kick a ball and there is no expensive equipment. 0-0 games snooooooore. Bye bye fruity becks your oooooooooooooooooooooover!

1650 days ago


sounds like scheme for me cuz he is old out of shape this way he doesnt have to play the world cup and not be emberraced and this is what ronaldo should have done in 2006 between brazil vc france . . he is a fashion model a euro trash of designers and very deeply hot .

1650 days ago


Hey, posts 5 and 7, I soooooo agree with you. He is injured more than he plays. Get rid of him and someone tell his stupid wife to lose the "pose" and the"pucker". Both should go back to where he came from.

1649 days ago


Ive always thought David Beckham was hot but he looks horrible. I really feel bad for him. I am just hoping that it was a bad shot on a really bad day. I really do not see why people hate on David and Posh so much. He was recruited to come here so why should he turn it down? I personally think that Victoria would look better if she would gain 10-15 more pounds, but who am I to judge? She seems pleasant enough when you see her on tv such as American Idol and some other interviews I have seen her do. This couple may have a lot of money but they do contribute not only their money but their time to charities. Also, when you see so many divorces in Hollywood, its nice to see a couple that has stayed together so long. Like another poster said, you always see them together with their kids instead of having a bunch of nannies with them..

1649 days ago


Okay...so where is the so call wife (Victoria) the only things she's good at is posing for the paps. WOMEN it's time to take care of your man!!! As for David take care of yourself get well...somethings just have to come to an end sometimes...but that's up to you...GOOD LUCK.

1649 days ago


ustedes estupidos americanos no saben nada de FUTBOL noooo soccer
asi que mejor no hablen mas estupideses de beckham que es uno de los mejores jugadores de futbol pese a todo. y ojala que despues que se mejore no vuelva mas a su muuy mala liga y que vuelva a italia al milan uno de los mejores equipos del mundo

1649 days ago


Best headline EVER!!

1649 days ago


does he ever smile ?

1648 days ago


does this fool ever smile, no one wants to look at him frown like a girl

1648 days ago
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