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Corey Haim 911 Call --

He's Not Breathing

3/16/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: TMZ has obtained the heartbreaking 911 call made by Corey Haim's mother the morning he collapsed at her apartment on March 10.

Corey Haim
Judy has a difficult time understanding the 911 dispatcher. It's hard to understand what he's saying.

Judy makes it clear Corey is not breathing. He was pronounced dead an hour and 15 minutes after the 911 call.


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What did Corey Haim's mom do to deserve this? She's not a celebrity. What did she do to have her pain broadcasted? Would you like to hear your mother being played on TMZ?

1495 days ago


Who the f**k is this 911 operator? Some brokened-English, Haitian refugee?

I didn't feel much sympathy for Haim before, but what the f**k kind of civil service is California providing here? It's disturbing listening to this "English as a second language" operator (seemingly munching on Cheetos), flippantly addressing Haim's mother, who is clearly relaying a situation of desperate means.

My Siberian Husky could have been a more compelling 911 operator.

1495 days ago


after hearing that, that totally broke my heart. i honestly dont know who Corey is or what he did but that really got to me while listening to this.

1495 days ago


TMZ you lost a loyal viewer to your site. As a young parent i am totally appalled that you would post this morbid content. This is definitely over the line. Good luck with you site in the future. Maybe i will come back once you clean it up.

1495 days ago


Is this REALLY necessary? I feel bad that he died, but c'mon, let's face it .... he's had more attention since he died than he ever had in his entire career. RIP ... let it go, and let's move on.

1495 days ago


this on the day of his funeral. TMZ has such class

1495 days ago


this 911 dispatcher sounds like an idiot!

1495 days ago


I'm not going to listen to this. I love celebrity gossip and I'm normally a big fan of this site, but posting very private, very emotional 911 calls, especially involving some one's death is crossing the line... BIG TIME. Shame on you TMZ!

1495 days ago

Casey J    

where was the graphic content?

1495 days ago


Once again TMZ you show how much class you have...

1495 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

Damn foreigner as a 911 dispacher, can't even understand the JERK, his fault and they should sue him and whoever hired him.
Pathetic ! ! ! !

1495 days ago


911 operators always sound like they are so annoyed to have to do their jobs...quit being such asses when people are at their most many people die every year because of these careless jerks ???

1495 days ago


This should not be available online.

1495 days ago


While I don't have a problem with all 911 calls being posted online, I urge TMZ not to post 911 phone calls made by members of the family of the deceased. Security guard, doctor, passerby... fine... but I think it's wrong to post the 911 call of a frantic mother discovering her son dead.

1495 days ago


That dispatcher should NOT be on an EMD line. He clearly is incapable of speaking clearly and giving clear/concise directions to people in crisis. He should be reassigned to a job that does not interact with the public verbally in any way. He was more frustrating to her than helpful and the department really needs to take action. I don't think he was sleepy, he seems to have a speech issue. This needs to be dealt with before he kills someone.

1495 days ago
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