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Jermaine Jackson on Jaafar: It Wasn't a Stun Gun

3/16/2010 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson admits his son was in the wrong for ordering something online -- but according to him, it wasn't a stun gun.

Jermaine & Jaafar Jackson: Click to watch
Though extremely vague on what 13-year-old son Jaafar -- who was with him -- actually purchased, Jermaine says he "never touched Blanket" with "that thing."

Jermaine claims he had "no idea" anything was going on.

As TMZ first reported, the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services seized a stun gun during their first visit to the home after the incident. Family members tell us Jaafar fired the gun into a piece of paper but contradicted employees who say he pointed the gun at Blanket and Prince.


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Hi! why do you intercept Jermaine with his kids? The're nicely walking and Jermaine wanted to have fun with kids like whoever , it's a dad like others! So, leave him alone and leave his children alone and all this family please!! Chelsea from UK

1623 days ago


I am no fan of Jermaine Jackson. I don't think he would recognize the truth if it walked up to him and said, "Hello,my name is The Truth". Having said that, I can NOT BELIEVE the cameraman approached Jermaine in front of Jaafar. Where is the respect for these children? It is a sad, sad, world we are live in today.

1622 days ago


Mr. Jackson would do quite well as most of Today's Parents be aware of what your child and most children are capable of doing anything and everything under the Sun! But if he (Mr. Jackson)had a handle on his child he would have known that a dangerous thing had been ordered Online! someone's account got the Bill! Who's? and better yet it's a sad day when you leave the Upbringing of your teen age child on your Elderly Parent! Michael's children they are the exception but Mr. Jermaine Jackson stop trying to be cute and stand up and pull your head of the clouds your child needs your undivided attention Sir!

1583 days ago


Good thing to see-Mrs.Jackson has raised 9 of her own children..why should she have to deal with any other children other than Michael's right now at age 79??? Randy and Jermaine: Get off your as$es and raise your own children and find some place for your children and their mothers to live...this was ridiculous! If you two don't want to raise any children then don't have any more!

1583 days ago


Kids will be kids.

End of.

1579 days ago

pat vega     

I wish the deptment of children @ family service, would pay otomom a vist. like they did the jackson"s. well getting back to michael being gay. yes I do believe he was. Joe should ask debbie or presley if they had sex with him. they both proble had to sign some kind of legal paper about that. presley is the only one that is not getting any money from anything. so maybe she would tell the truth. debbie proble would not tell the truth because she would loose every thing that she is getting. but so what if he was gay or not . he was still the best entertainer every oh one more thing. yes I do believe kline is the father of the first 2 kids.look at prices eye, they look just like kline"s

1577 days ago

Claire C McMillan    

I think that everyone needs to realize that some of the family members continue to write, direct, perform, etc. That is what they do for a livelihood. Thus, we need to support them in their creative efforts by buying their music. Please be sensitive to the whole family as many of them do read the comments in this forum. Thank you. Claire

1572 days ago


Tmz let the king of pop rest in peace. Ya'll need to get a life and leave his family to their peace as well. Micheal Jackson was, is, and will always be the greatest. All ya,ll have done here is try to make a buck and that's very sad.

1524 days ago


at first i thought that mj brothers felt srry that they bro die now the onley thing jemain doing is living off his mama and taking avantage of mj money and his kids jermain or what ever get a life and ley kathern have the kida she got custody of (a.k.a prince,paris,blanket) live there life with there granny and u and ur kids just get f$$$*** lost okay

1518 days ago


I do believe that the other Jackson's have been jealous of Michael and his kids because of the fame and fortune they've obtained.

1512 days ago
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