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The Game to Judge: Don't Call Me a Gangster

3/16/2010 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gangster rapper The Game doesn't want to be referred to as a gangster rapper anymore -- but it's not because he's changing professions ... it's because he's trying to win a court case.

The gangster rapper's legal move is part of a lawsuit that was filed against him in 2008 -- in which he's being sued for allegedly punching a guy during a pickup basketball game and then pulling a gun on him.

In the new documents, the gangster rapper is asking the judge to 86 all references to him being a gangster or gangster rapper during the trial ... because he's afraid it would prejudice the jury against him.

In the docs, the gangster rapper also doesn't want any mention of his lyrics during the trial ... because they contain references to violence and profanity.


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Ha ha you reap what you sow

1681 days ago


what a world we live in. so can i go to court and say dont refer to me as a 9-5 blue collar worker, it hurts my image! what a tool sack!! to bad they will see his LA tat on his face!! DOUCHE BAG!

1681 days ago


Thats like the pot callin the kettle black..he aint no will smith rapper fo sho...parents(judges) just dont

1681 days ago


so rapping about the hood and being gangsta is good enough to make him money.but when its time for court he is no gangsta i get it i really do.NOT

1681 days ago


If he said don't refer to him as a gangster rapper anymore why are you guys (TMZ) still doing it? LOL

He shouldn't have fought. It never solves anything. And he's a grown man he should learn how to behave. Should focus more on doing positive things than fighting people that's just juvenile. Go to Jay-Z or 50Cent for coaching Mr.Game.

1681 days ago


I just love how every chance you got you said gangster rapper, cracks me up, I love it.

1681 days ago

Elvis Twin    

If it Quacks like a duck.. Oh! he was rapping, well it sounded like a duck to me...

1681 days ago


Too late now! The bed's already been made.

1681 days ago

kev the realist    

What a tool Bag. Hey Moron, who pulled a gun and assaulted someone. Yo idiot, your wstupid enough to tat your face and play a thug, well guess what .... you are a thug and you derserve what you get. Talk about another double standard, Why dont you ask the judge to let you show up in court via video so you can edit your tatted face and maybe do a MJ and appear to be white.

Gte lost you loser. Heres hopinbg you get the maximum, you deserve nothing less.

Think next time

1681 days ago


Why pretend who you are and what you're about? If you pulled a gun on the guy, you deserve to be in jail. Trying to pretend you are a different person to avoid jail, ain't ganster. Man up,tough guy do the time, learn from it. Pay the guy.

1681 days ago


He pulled a gun at a basketball game??? HE IS A GANGSTER!!!!!

1680 days ago


#1 you said it best ! This thug may have made a few dollars by having that image but all of sudden because it might land him in prison (where he belongs) he wants to become a choir boy ! It seems like all these rappers and hiphop's are nothing more than thugs with a couple of bucks. I'm sick of hearing that kind of music that promotes violence, guns, bashing women, and drugs. If thats the lifestyle they want to promote and live by why are people buying this garbage ? I'd like to see one rapper/hiphop artist who hasn't had a brush with the law or who has this ganster image but is clean cut after the show. They all belong in prison ! Just proves these people want to act all tough and bad and give all black people a bad name. If I were a black person I'd be embarrassed by how they represent the community.

1680 days ago


the game turning into the lame

1680 days ago


Balls and Kooky are a couple of pansy homos.

1680 days ago


"The Game" lol

"The Game" rofl

"The Game" roflmao

It just keep getting more hilarious. What an idiot.

1680 days ago
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