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Charlie Sheen -- Threat On the Set

3/17/2010 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen had a "normal" day on the set of "Two and a Half Men" Tuesday, according to someone who was there ... but if anyone finds out who leaked the info to TMZ, they'll be fired!

We've learned people on the set got a memo saying they cannot convey any information about what happened on the set or in the production offices ... and if they do they will be terminated.

All in all, we're told, it was "a good day."

Charlie's sober coach was on hand. Sober coaches, however, can only do so much. We've learned Brooke Mueller and Charlie each had sober coaches at the Aspen house on Christmas Day when Brooke blew a .13 and Charlie blew a .04.

Nonetheless, we're told Sheen is doing well, taking rehab seriously, and went back to the facility after work.


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Well, not to add fuel to the fire, but people trying to turn a (supposed) domestic abuse incident into a racial issue are high or stupid or both. Bottom line, the show is funny as ever, Charlie is still at the top of his game, and his wife may or may not be lying about the whole thing. personally I think is ex is a self serving airhead, who still plays up the "I was abused" card to try to get some sympathy publicity since her career is over. That and her story changes everytime she's been interviewed. And his current partner has issues, sounds more like she was the aggressor when you read the fine print. Now that's not saying he didn't yell and act like a jerk, but even the 911 tapes she sounds plastered and angry. I think more of a bitter drunk angry spouse trying to get even with her hubby, and to those that think that doesn't happen maybe snap back into reality for a few.

But that's just my opinion.

1678 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a LOSER just like his old man. 2 1/2 men has run its course. NEXT!!

1683 days ago


Charlie Sheen is getting a little too big for his jaw--
Seriously--comes from a great family....however he is a egomaniac creep.

If all the woman he has hurt verbally and physically would come would send him to jail for a while. If not, in my opinion, this guy is going to kill some woman.
THINK legal system....put him away. Brooke, sweetheart you are as dumb as they get. At least Denise left him while pregnant that takes a lot----I admire her for that and always will.

1683 days ago


im sorry he blew .04 and this wannabe blew .013 even at american maths thats 3 times more than her!!!!! why is everyone on his case.... oh thats right no one has heard of this tart till now!!!!!ridiculous....

1683 days ago


This is just a theory but I think it’s pretty sound. I was setting up Feedburner for a client earlier this morning and I was in the feed flare section where you can add additional services to your flare.

1683 days ago


You got the numbers wrong, neil! she blew a .13 and he a .04.....SHE WAS THE ONE w/ 3x more in HER system than he had....

Doesn't make anything right if the allegations are true, however!

1683 days ago


Here we go again. Another White celebrity gets off with a slap on the wrist and therapy. No protestors, he's all in the family, still a good guy, no pull out of endorsements. But if it was a black celeb with all that mess Sheen is guilty of, it would just be wrong. Got to do some hard time in jail because it would just be different just because. Every black celeb that gets into trouble gets jail time or immensely threatened with jail time for their crimes but their white counterparts, oh he's just a good guy, all he needs is therapy. You hypocrites try to act as if you all moral when somebody black does something like.. Oh that's just wrong, Just cant sit by and not protest the black guy...But not even an honorable mention to the white guy that did the same. You RACIST HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure you'll have a reason why its just different, all the time, sure your hypocitical selves will just find some reason why its just different...BULL!

1683 days ago


These people are such losers they even screw up being screw ups. If you're going to be a drunk at lease be good at it and keep yourself out of trouble. If you're going to get sober, then get sober. This wallowing around in and out of rehab and having to show your behind to your co-workers by dragging around a sober coach is embarrassing. Just get on with it.

1683 days ago


I'm white and do not condone what Sheen has done. I think he should be thrown under the jail. He has shown many times with different woman that he can't play nice. Is it going to take him murdering a wife or girlfriend before they lock him up? Whose fault would it be then, the judges, the lawyers the jury? If we hold accountable the judges that let these roaches run wild and get away with just about everything, maybe they will give the punishment phase a little more thought.

1683 days ago


.04? Really? That is not even drunk. That means he had a glass of wine with his dinner.

1683 days ago



1683 days ago


Good for Charlie!! {{{{{{{{{Charlie}}}}}}}}}

1683 days ago


What is this now, Charlie's diary?

1683 days ago


It's a shame when that dumbass can threaten peoples livings just because him "Sheen" ca'nt keep his home life in order. What a douche! Oh and by the way, that show used to be a favorite in my household but now we prefer to watch something else. If they had any sense they'd give Charlie Harper a quick death then move on with just Allen and Jake.Could be solid gold and they would'nt have to worry about Sheens antics.

1683 days ago


Hey, #5 Neil....your calculations are wrong. Charlie blew a .13...NOT 0.013.

1683 days ago
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