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Jaafar Jackson -- Gunnin' for His Lil Bro

3/17/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson and her people insist the incident involving Jermaine Jackson's son, Jaafar, and the stun gun was an isolated event -- but TMZ has obtained a home movie that shows Jaafar is no stranger to playing with guns.

Jaafar, Jermaine, Jermajesty Jackson

The scene -- which appears to have been shot several months ago -- begins with Jaafar (left) barging into Jermajesty's room, Airsoft gun drawn, and then ordering his little brother to get on the ground. Jaafar pushes Jermajesty to the ground, pretends to pistol-whip him, handcuffs him and then gives the youngster an incomplete version of his Miranda rights.

Jaafar then tells his brother, "Don't move or I'll bust your head open."

Jaafar then cocks the gun, points it to Jermajesty's head, pulls the trigger and you hear the click. Jermajesty plays dead and Jaafar drags him by the leg out of the room.

TMZ decided not to post the video.

As for the stun gun incident, sources tell TMZ Jaafar pointed the weapon at two of Michael Jackson's kids -- Blanket and Prince -- but the family insists the two kids weren't even in the same room.

Our sources say the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are still reviewing the stun gun incident.


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i agree wit u black power to an extent i am not racist only if ur that way towards me but whites is the downfall of the blacks espeicially stars i just dont get those rich black men would not mess wit a black woman cause were so strong but those white woman will take u down look at oj simpson

1659 days ago


153. I'm black and I don't want my kids hanging out with white kids. They be the ones who grow up to be cerial killers and rapists. So what. Does that make me aracist. No. That's just my opinion. I don't like they way white people have caused too many atrosities and are war mongers. We be better off without white people.

Posted at 12:49PM on Mar 17th 2010 by Black Power

I like how you spelled serial (cerial)...oh and "They be the ones"?? Nice attempt at sounding smart...Not! You are ignorant!And yes, you're a rascist.

1659 days ago


I'm so sick of TMZ criminalizing a 13-year-old kid.

And while they are permanently publishing most blurry photos of Michael, they show this boy's face in nearly crystal-clear quality.

I really wonder how they can bear the responsibility for what this possibly does to that kid.

1659 days ago


Someone please get this kid some councelling because he is clearly f**ed in the head! This kid has sociopath written all over him.

1659 days ago


Seriously??? You are making a big deal out of airsoft gun??? They are just little boys playing soldiers like most other boys! Leave them alone. Who knows what happened with the taser....

1659 days ago


So TMZ, the keeper of the Grail of journalistic ethos, has decided not to post the video. How noble!

I could figure out the real reason is they would exploit their "source" that way.

And that's the real danger for MJ3: Somebody in the house sells most private stuff to the tabloid media. What will be next??

1659 days ago

brigha UK    

The offensive racist comments on here, (from both black and white supremacists) are very disturbing, considering that MJ was quite probably the worlds most successful spokesperson AGAINST discrimination.

Now isn't that ironic?

1659 days ago


"Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation."

Michael Jackson

1659 days ago

a fan    

You CANNOT be an MJ fan if you think about people in terms of black and white. That is against EVERYTHING he stood for.

Kids are bratty no matter their skin color. And Obama has escalated the war in Afghanistan and he is not white so stop ascribing traits to people because of the amount of pigment in their skin.

This country is so racist is makes me sick. And if you don't believe it, you should have campaigned for Obama in the country where I live. I am white and had multiple doors slammed in my face and people yelling at me and treating me like a criminal.

1659 days ago


Jermaine should have his children living with him and he needs to be supporting them. MJ was raising his children he was want' depending on his mother to do it! DCFS and the media need to leave the Jackson family alone!

1659 days ago


Perhaps they are learning and watching from websites hell bent on posting everything that happens as it goes down for $$$, ya know-Harvey? Where did you learn that stuff, I learned to play like that from watching TMZ.
Get the stun guns/guns away from kids, Jacksons. Have real cops come talk to your kids about violence. Shut the media out of your lives.

1659 days ago

Ms S    

Jermaine needs to step up and raise these kids! They appear to be out of control. I watched a video of Jafaar punching his little brother, he knocks him out, and uses profanity.....Some body get Joe Jackson in that house!!!!!lol

1659 days ago


167. I agree, Harvey promotes the hate against racism, obesity, sexism and bigotry. We know who controls the media and why.

1659 days ago


Is there anyone normal in this entire family? What ever normal is?!
The kid is just pissed off that he got such a wierd name, can you blame them?!
Sad!! Another generation of this family that is going to be messed up.

1659 days ago


why is it different with singer or actor? do they live in other world.I donot see any one taking pictures or watching us on this side of the world. there are children in other places doing things who knows what they are doing to who?? maybe they havent eaten;realy the Jackson take care of their move on to real news!!!!!children care services need 2 find people who understand children and that you dont learn out of a book or a degree.

1659 days ago
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