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Tiger Woods -- Master of Inflated Ticket Prices

3/17/2010 3:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods' return to golf is hitting tournament-goers where it hurts most -- because ticket prices for the Masters have gone through the roof.

Four day Masters Badges -- which ordinarily go for $200 each -- were listed for resale at $1,950 on GoldenTickets.com last Friday ... even before Tiger announced he was going to play.

Yesterday ticket prices skyrocketed to $2,400.

Golf hasn't seen this much buzz since Happy Gilmore.

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Lone Wolf    

Funny how people change their standards. Ben Roethlisberger gets accused multiple times of forcing himself on women and yet people are more outraged by Tiger cheating.

I guess a black guy cheating is worse than a white guy assaulting.

1680 days ago

mrez golucky    


1684 days ago


WHO CARES!!! I am really sick of hearing about TIGER WOODS!!! He had a great career, admiration, respect and well....he threw it all away. I work hard every single day to make ends meet for my family and I don't cheat, steal, or disrespect people so again...ask me if I care.....There are far more important things going on in this world than whether Tiger plays golf again, I mean really who f........ cares!

1684 days ago


Who really cares about Tiger Woods???? I mean he cheated multiple times on his wife, was a snob, disrespectful to fans, other golfers, caddies, and sponsors so why would you respect or even want this man back in golf????? I know there are far more important things going on in todays world than this idiot trying to make a comeback into golf. And also trying to make money for his sponsors who I refuse to use their products because of their association with Tiger Wood!!!! Really can we PLEASE MOVE ON!!!

1684 days ago


Once again, TMZ just drumming crap up. The masters is the hardest ticket to get in sports. No layman gets it for $200. If you do get them, you pay the premium shown whether Tiger is there or not.

1684 days ago


Do we really care???? I don't. This man has misused his talent, popularilty, power, wealth, etc to his OWN MEAN and has been disrepectful to his family, friends, sponsors, and fellow golf professionals. Honestly I can't and won't honor the sponsors who back him and I ask others to do the same. Its about time the general public stands up and says 'just because you're famous doesn't mean you're forgiven'. Famous people get off too easily and well if it were the average US citizen here their career would be over, their life would be over so why should Tiger get special treatment????? Sorry Tiger, you messed up and well I'm just not ready to roll over and forgive you. Stay home and take care of your marriage, your kids and get your life back together then maybe you can begin to earn the respect back from people.

1684 days ago


Mo money for da hoes!

1684 days ago


The Masters is gonna look like a scene straight out of "Caddyshack" this year! Tiger just needs to bring his Official Caddyshack Putter to fit in!

1684 days ago


Has any of you ever been to the Masters? These are the most coveted tickets anyone can get and most of these sites advertising the badges don't even have them. The waiting list is years in advance, and the badges have already gone to the respective buyers. Do just a little research for goodness sake.

1684 days ago


Too many people let athletes and celebrities influence what they buy. I don't buy things because some "star" endorses it or don't buy something because a celeb denounces it.
I buy Nike because I like their fit and feel over other brands, not because Tiger Woods has his big head giving them shoutouts! I buy Candies because they are really cute shoes and I have loved that brand since the 80's--not because Hilary Duff, Fergie, or Britney Spears are their spokes people.
Gee...can't anyone buy things now adays just because you like that product/brand.
I ADORE CHUCK NORRIS--I'm gonna go buy a Bowflex, WevrTF it is he's alwayd working out on in those infomercials!
(Sarcasm). Gag!

1684 days ago


This is a classic example of TMZ and really the entire media reporting something because its sounds good, but isnt factual. The reality is Ive been a corporate pilot flying into the Masters for years and can tell you the tickets are always expensive and most heavy hitters are lucky to just get practice round passes. Im sure Tiger adds to it of course, but the Masters is always an expensive ticket.

1684 days ago


Ticket prices soaring isn't the Augusta course's doing, it's scalpers. Everyone wants to heckle Tiger Woods and see him miss the cut, but while I want to see that, I'm not paying anything to do so. There will be a lot of shagging going on in Augusta in April, there will be lots of happiness and socializing and someone other than Tiger Woods will win the tournament. At that point, we can all say GOOD RIDDANCE to the selfish little prick that was out to take advantage of everyone.

1684 days ago


I can back up Mike, I know people who eventually(!) got in to watch the Masters. It's tough to get tickets, they are expensive, and it's worth it. Take a rain hat, oh, and, maybe a brass band, ha ha, you know what I'm talking about.

1684 days ago


Look - the man is a golfer so what did you expect except that he would be back doing the only thing he does to make a living - sitting around at his age would be pretty darn boring anyway - Not that he needs the money but he needs to be doing something - I golf - do I care if he golfs or not - NO - I lost respect for him and his brand - But here's the rub - if his wife can try to stomach his cheating ways so be it - I couldn't and wouldn't but its not my business or my choice to make - I say good luck to her - she's got two great kids and maybe that's her motive - whatever doesn't affect my life at all and as for him - well my admiration for his game went out the window with all the trash he bedded.

1683 days ago

Larry Poppins    

Here is my theory on Tiger Woods. He sacrificed his image for golf ratings. All the mistresses were staged, the accident was staged, the apology was staged, everything was staged! He knew that if his image was tarnished that everyone would make a big deal about it. He would take a "break" from golf for everyone who owns a television to know about him from hearing about it on the news. He would eventually make his "return" to the biggest event the PGA can offer, the Masters at Augusta. His return to the masters would entail the largest audience to ever watch a televised show, thus bringing golf to the national spotlight. The inflated ticket prices just give more fuel to the fire.

1683 days ago
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