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Tiger Woods' Wife is Jammin'

3/17/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a shot we think Tiger Woods' wife wanted to go far and wide -- or is it just coincidence Elin Nordegren carried a TigerJam bag near her home in Florida?



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Roseann YOU put on your glasses, not all children are pretty.. people are just too nice to say it, well I'm not lol this girl really is ugly I do feel bad for her though

1683 days ago

Pat M    

Maybe her bag should read Psychos Wife and Enabler.
Anyone who sticks with this chronic liar and drug addict gets what they deserve. He makes me sick.

1683 days ago

Roseann Richardson    

Well, Mel, I'm so glad that we're blessed with your presence here today. I don't know what we would do if we didn't have you to tell us what's ugly or not.

1683 days ago


mR. X,
You da Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Too bad we can't freeze TigerJam and sell it to all his loser fans. We'd be RICH....

1683 days ago


Todd you are right. It was a plan since he got caught with his zipper down. He don't have any sex addition problems no more than anyone else. It's just to get sympathy to make people over look his lack of integrity. And to keep his image in tack.

1683 days ago


Why not report on ACTUAL news, like the 5000 women that have gone missing since 1993 in Juarez?

Posted at 3:43PM on Mar 17th 2010 by me

Excuse you, isn't that their problem? Haven't we done enough for the people of mexico and the illegals who have come to this country. The U.S. needs to take care of it's own and let others do the same. It is not our responsibility to take care of 3rd world people whose govt is corrupt!

I'm so laughing at the Elin/Phil Mickelson thing! That's f'n hilarious, Elin may not be all that, but Phil Mickelson, that dude is fugly, a whiner and can't play the game & command the spotlight like Tiger does! Not even with a golf bag over mickelson's head!!

1683 days ago

Jim Davolt    

Really, don't you think its time to let this go, TMZ? Let them have some privacy. If you feel you have to report on Tiger so be it. But why his wife and kids? Let them have some peace.

1683 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

What a waste of money !!!!! I can't believe you are still talking about this non stupid story.
Too bad the media and the PEOPLE were not so mad at George W.Bush for putting the world in this horrible mess we are in.
Yeah stupidity reigns and AMERICA is the joke of the world right now. Truly deserved by the way.
I understand why Brangelina left this country of degenerates to live in Europe.

1683 days ago

Roseann Richardson    

Finally, the voice of reason. Thanks, Jim. They can say what they want about Tiger, but the rest of the family should be off limits. Next they'll be picking on his mother.

1683 days ago


I'd say Elin is hell bent on losing any public sympathy she gained.

Yeah, her business is really none of our business. But when you marry such a public figure, it unfortunately becomes everyone's business. These little 'messages' of hers are idiotic and getting old.

She's become a door mat for Tiger and his $$$. Looks like it doesn't matter how many women Tiger banged.

'Staying together for the sake of the children' is the worst thing any parent can do to their offspring. I'm glad they will have the funds to pay for the therapy Sam and Charlie will need when they get older.

Recovery from one mistress is possible. But recovery from the f**k fest Tiger had from Day 1 in this relationship? Only tons of money will keep a marriage together - and not in a good way.

I wish Sam and Charlie the best of luck.

1683 days ago

robt greco    

elin is getting back with tiger no that she has improved after practice and instruction on her long irons and driver 4 44

1683 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

It's her choice whether to forgive him or not, but have to have a strong stomach to stay married to a guy who's been sleeping around with women who slept around with God knows how many other people. Gross. I hope Elin had the common sense to insist on a complete battery of STD tests for both of them. It is too bad that she is helping to perpetuate the male Woods' tradition of fooling around on their wives, while their wives remain meek and loyal. You have to wonder if they have self-esteem issues.

1683 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

"I understand why Brangelina left this country of degenerates to live in Europe"

Yeah, 'cause Angelina is a saint. You must have been born yesterday.

1683 days ago


I just don't see how she could have any intimacy with him knowing where he has been. That would be awful to me. How can she not be thinking about it?? More power to her if she has taken him back and into her bed. I am not sure if that is love.

1683 days ago


As a golf fan, I'm looking forward to Tiger coming back for the Masters. As for he and Elin... I hope she leaves and takes half of everything the manwhore has.

1683 days ago
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