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Fox Puts Pressure on Stations Over Conan

3/18/2010 4:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'BrienFox execs have been in touch with several affiliates, "applying pressure" to put Conan O'Brien on the air between 11 and midnight ... sources tell TMZ.

It's the clearest sign so far that Conan is going to Fox.

Our sources say Fox execs and Conan's reps have been "seriously talking," though no deal has been made.

Some of the Fox affiliates have been resistant to running a Conan show, because they'd make more money with the current schedule of sitcom reruns such as "The Office."

Several execs at the affiliate stations are saying they have felt the pressure from Fox honchos to take O'Brien's show.

And we've learned execs at several major Fox affiliates are saying a deal is "imminent."

Fox Puts Pressure on Stations Over Conan


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ok, but fox has a bad history of dumping really good shows

1681 days ago


So imagine how quickly they will dump a mediocre one.

Conan is painful to watch if you don't find his quirky body movements and facial expressions funny.

1681 days ago


They are afraid of if his show fails again they will get the same BS that NBC affiliates have gotten.

1681 days ago


Fox is okay but any station would be okay as long as Conan is on it. (Any except NBC, they smell of old pee and cat food.)

1681 days ago


Perhaps for the first time in my life I found something worth commenting on; Conan is the man-it was one of the worst financial decisions since the great depression to fire him and bring back that clown Leno. This deal has the potential to restore integrity to late-night programing with the added benefit of entertaining the masses. If any exec is looking to get a raise (and a helicopter as a bonus) they should seriously think about seeing this deal through. Help me Conan O'Brien, You're my only hope!

1681 days ago


The stations don't have much to worry about. This is FOX after all. Even if the show does well, they'll cancel it after two years for no reason. The stations can then return to Frasier re-runs. Done deal.

1681 days ago


Connan has a charming following at the grassroots level BUT lets get realistic here, he was let go because he didn't have a strong ratings. He was released because he would have lost a great deal of money had NBC continued with him. So, why would any other network pick him up or take that risk again? If they smart, they will push the show past midnight-- when no one is watching.

1681 days ago


I hope my affiliate isn't one of these dumb ones. I want Coco, not some crappy rerun!

1681 days ago


Just looking at his ugly face on your item makes me cringe. I hate that dufus! At least he is gone from the major leagues.

1681 days ago


Why not put ConAss on Saturday morning cartoons? That will appeal to his audience of numb-nuts.

1681 days ago

Fred Farkel    


I see.

The FOX affiliates think they will make more money with Gilligan's Island reruns that Conan???

Well now that's a surprise...

Generation ZERO thinks that Conan rules... yet at the end of the day, no one will buy what Conan is selling.

LMAO - just like out here in the real world. No one gives a d@mn what the Generation ZERO losers think or say.


1681 days ago


Hi Fox Executives, here is an idea, why don't you also put Conan on American Idol in replacing Simon. Ha! Conan and Ellen can have a dance off, every time an idol wanna be is sent home. That will be good rating won't it. They will have a ton of chemistry trying to steal the show. Ha! When Ellen says "banana", Conan can say "bahama", there you go, they will really crack up the 2 graders. Now Are you smarter than the 5 graders?

1681 days ago


Conan's primary audience is college students and similar aged
young people. Eleven PM is too early for these kids and those
who DO watch TV at eleven likely watch The Daily Show and Colbert
who are much funnier than Conan.

Yeah, Conan's diehard fans will watch him, but it's not going to
be a ratings bonanza. A much wider audience is out there for reruns of Seinfeld, Frazier and The Simpsons.

1681 days ago


Forget "Coco". Play back to back episodes of "King of Queens" from 11:00 to 12:00 each night and call it a day!

1681 days ago

doc murry    

Conan is a loser,I get more laughs watching the retarded kid next door.......his ratings sucked and anyone who thinks he is funny is obviously a would get better ratings running cops reruns back to back.Or just run a test pattern

1681 days ago
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