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Could Lose Her House

3/19/2010 2:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids may become homeless ... because she's fallen behind on mortgage payments to the tune of more than $450,000 ... this according to the person who holds the note on the property.


Octomom bought the La Habra, CA house in March, 2009. The seller, Amer Haddadin, transferred title to Octo's dad. In return, Octo and her dad were required to make monthly payments of $4,139 for one year. On March 10, 2010, a balloon payment of $450,000 was due.

A rep for Amer tells TMZ Octo hasn't paid the $450,000. And, he says, she didn't make the last $4,139 payment. He also says, she's been late on three other recent monthly payments. Amer says he "tried to handle this in a gentlemanly way" but unfortunately it's come to this.

Amer's rep says he intends to initiate foreclosure proceedings against Octomom.

We could not reach Octo for comment.


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Slutty Whores Rock    

She gets $7,000 a month from welfare plus food stamps, where did all the money go?
This woman is mentally ill, next she will start putting kids on Ebay.
No reality show, nobody cares, can suicide be far away?

1492 days ago

Chris Lover    

You have got to be kidding me!!! Man, who could have seen this coming?

1492 days ago


Beyonce said it best that a Diva is a female version of a hustler and Nadya is a hustler. This woman is not dumb. Whatever she wants she gets and she loves to rub it in the public's face that she can get whatever she wants despite having 14 kids.
She has hustled the system and people all around this country to pay for her lifestyle. She knows that people will always donate because of her kids. Everyone wants what's best for her kids despite her and she knows this. This woman is not broke but she is not rich like she thought she would be and so the money that she has she is spending it on her wanna be celebrity lifestyle and sitting on the rest. The money is getting low and she knows it will get lower faster if she pays her monthly house note. She knows how to hustle people out of their money by pulling on their heartstrings for her kids. Someone will step up and pay off her house for her because that is what she wants so she want have to spend her own money. She will once again laugh all the way to the bank at her latest hustle. As they say don't hate the player hate the game and that is the dam system that is allowing this and the dumb ass people who are supporting her.

1492 days ago

blanket jackson    

i hope that house burns down with the whole family inside.

1492 days ago


Damn, amazing that there are still silly people that speak up to defend her.
Brittany, Jake.
Damn there are some dumb people out there.
What does it take for you people to see the elephant in the room?
Brittany and Jake look around. What elephant? We see the couch and the tv. We don't see an elephant.

1492 days ago


Wow i am so thankful that this octo bitch has used up all of her 15 minutes of fame. Im so tired of hearing about this oversized uterus.....

1492 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

"Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids may become homeless"

BS. Octomom may become homeless but those children never will.
More "Sensationalism" from TMZ wanting us to envision 14 little kids out in the night in the pouring rain. BUT--the story just happened to "leak" while there is still time to save those poor children if we just get out our checkbooks, huh? I am concerned for the well-being of those children and think if she loses this house that would one step toward getting those kids away from her and into homes capable of caring for them.

1492 days ago


The entire "fertility" industry should be banned. There are too many people in the world already for anybody to be having litters of babies. And if some people can't conceive, maybe there's a good reason like that they shouldn't.

1492 days ago


Don't vorry. She can come to our howz and be owuh Maid. Zsa Zsa
vill watch da kinder. Yavol, that's da ticket !

1492 days ago


Serves her right! She can afford to go clubbing and stirs clear away from her mommy duties? She is a loser who probably thought everything in life would be for free.

1492 days ago

Blue Lake    

Good news. Once she's homeless the kids will be put in foster homes where they can be adopted (if she hasn't ruined them already). She should be forced to use Norplant and never allowed near another child. What a loser.

1492 days ago

rex kramer    

Mad props to post #3. Having 14 kids while on social assistance doesn't make you a celebrity, it makes you a punchline.

1492 days ago


Long overdue. Kick her to the curb and put the kids in a knapsack tied to her back. She spent so much money on herself - she deserves to be kicked out.

1492 days ago


Has anyone else noticed, in pictures of her with the 8 babies, 7 of them have dark hair and eyes and one has blondish/reddish hair? I noticed this a few weeks ago. How on earth did she end up with a blond haired child? Weird.

1492 days ago

Harry Kunt    


1492 days ago
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