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Could Lose Her House

3/19/2010 2:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids may become homeless ... because she's fallen behind on mortgage payments to the tune of more than $450,000 ... this according to the person who holds the note on the property.


Octomom bought the La Habra, CA house in March, 2009. The seller, Amer Haddadin, transferred title to Octo's dad. In return, Octo and her dad were required to make monthly payments of $4,139 for one year. On March 10, 2010, a balloon payment of $450,000 was due.

A rep for Amer tells TMZ Octo hasn't paid the $450,000. And, he says, she didn't make the last $4,139 payment. He also says, she's been late on three other recent monthly payments. Amer says he "tried to handle this in a gentlemanly way" but unfortunately it's come to this.

Amer's rep says he intends to initiate foreclosure proceedings against Octomom.

We could not reach Octo for comment.


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Everyone wants to think about the kids. If anyone has had any experience with DCS or CPS or Fostercare they would know that no matter how good the adoptive parent is or isn't the children will never get over their bond with their biological parent. Taking the children from their mother is not the answer. Maybe she mad bad choices, but they are her choices and her right to make those for her and her family. She is Head of HER houseold. We shouldn't judge her. Sounds like a lot of Christians doing what they do best.. condem the less fortunate or people that don't fit their mold. Lay off she seems to have a solid head on her sholders she is trying to make the right decisions as she sees it. Those of you that demand CPS take her kids have no clue. They need their mother whom they love. The media has made her a star/spectical... they should provide her with a way to make a living because they have tarnished her so badly. I feel to many have made money from her story. let her be... She is a human being and deserves to be treated as such. None of us know what we would do if we were in her shoes. If people want to reform welfare because of what she gets for her children... they have no clue how welfare is just a drop of water in an ocean of overspending the government wastes every day. American's can't grasp the amount of waste that goes on daily. Welfare is a small percentage of the budget.

1679 days ago


Surely welfare will cover this? Aren't there any womens magazines or talk shows willing to throw her a bone?

C'mon Octomom, you are a top class opportunist... what did you do with all the money you received for your exploits? Did you spend it on all your plastic surgeries?

Perhaps the house isn't the only thing she should lose. Maybe she should also lose custody of her children.

1679 days ago


Would you loan her the money--how did she qualify for the mortgage?Not her fault.She can go live in a huge rented place thru section eight housing.Some day all her 14 kids will work and pay our social security and then we will thank Octamom.

1679 days ago


Time for another litter.

1679 days ago


too bad, give the kids to an adobtion agency and put the ugly witch and her doctor in jail or a mental institution! she has stiffed the taxpayers much more than they deserve ! she and her family are apparent leaches , blood-sucking all they can get from the public!

1679 days ago


someone should take legal action against this woman. she is unstable,unloving,uncaring,an unable to give those poor children a stable home. if she truly loved them and waen't thinking of only her feelings, she woukd make arangments to give at least half of them to others who can't have thier own. rhey would be loved and provided for the right way. And I'm not just saying something i wouldn't do myself. Because i once was in a situation where i was homeless and unable to care for my 8 month old son, and i decided that it was more important for him to be raised in a stable home with parants would not only give him the love needed but also attention(one on one time) clothing shelter and all else that i new i couldn't. that son is now forty yrs. old with a family of his own. we've been in contact and he doesn't hate me for my decision

1679 days ago


give Jesse James a call ha likes boinking freaky ladies... oh wait never mind he'd have to pay for his services... well looks like the state is going to have to find 14 families to adopt 14 very innocent children... maybe she'll find time to get a hysterectomy!!!

1679 days ago


Octomobster...the saga continues...How do I once again get the media at my door??? Rent a small moving truck, then when the story "leaks" out, some do-gooder will once again bail me out & I will be taken care of...NO WORRIES! I've had more pressing stuff to do this whole year then worrying about keeping a roof over MY kids head. {isn't that someone else's job?}
Just like her past 10 yrs. of lies, fraud, etc., Octomobster will survive on the back of everyone else. Take care of MY kids? Have a plan? Pay MY bills? What???? Not in Octoland. Work & responsibility is for everyone else. If you're an Octomobster you get your manni/pedies, tats, go clubbing and NEVER pay house payments when you want 10's of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery! I can't wait to hear all the Octonutz coming to her defense. Those 2 gals have probably been up all night hitting reply to defend their idol. It's ok, even the devil has followers. I will so be praying for those kids..

1678 days ago

not- buyingit    

#162 "Roger" or Nadya or whoever, says, " solid head on her shoulders" I guess you are not
looking at the same loon that we are. Just what solid decision has she ever made? Certainly
none to help her kids. Even grand scam wasn't solid after all.

Oh, and "Roger" They need their mother whom they love". The 8 babies don't even know her
yet love her so you must be referring to the older 6 kids who probably are attached to her
except when they aren't calling her names and throwing screwdrivers at her.
Get real!

1678 days ago


Octomom on Government Assistance lives in and rents homes that are always being purchases by one of her parents – her parents keep the rent money and fail to make the mortgage.

While receiving poverty public assistance her father pays the tuition so her older children can attend private schools.

1678 days ago


Set her up with Mel Gibson. After all, she isn't as rank as Oksana and they have they same amount of kids, afterall. In fact, there is some physical aspect about these two women that is similar. Mel might prefer Octomom because she isn't a gold digger. It will be an improvement for Mel. Afterall, at least Octomom is not a man gold digger of proven accomplishment!

1677 days ago


She's about to become OctoBUM. Hehe. At least her kids will be wards of the state, so they'll finally be taken care of. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT!

1676 days ago


I bet all you haters feel completely stupid now, hating on Nadya thinking she was going to lose her home? TMZ spoked to Nadya today while she was at the park with a couple of her kids and she told them its all a big fat LIE and the character that claimed he was going to foreclosed Nadya home is a fraud. Nadya is on camera stating her house is fine, her kids are fiend, she's fine and she pays her mortage every month and has never been late and she is in no jeapordy of losing her home.

You haters out there need to stop believing mainstream media's and tabloid junkies that keep feeding you all this crapola lies about Nadya. She is a good loving mother to her kids and they all are growing so strong and healthy. They look well taking care of. Beautiful adorable children... She's not neglecting or abandoning them, not beating and abusing them. Nadya love her children and they love her right back, so all you clowns out there that is still hoping and wishing CPS take her kids away from her can go jump in a lake and drown. Again, she's prove everybody who doubted her wrong about her. And she doesn't need to star in no trifling porn show for dirty money. TEAM NADYA!

1676 days ago


first... and who cares!

1681 days ago


Wow. What a surprise! NOT

1681 days ago
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