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Octomom -- Pay By Tuesday or Else

3/19/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Octomom Nadya Suleman has until the end of business on Tuesday to either pay more than $450,000 for her house ... or she'll be on the receiving end of a foreclosure lawsuit.

Octomom -- Pay By Tuesday or Else

As we first reported, Octo didn't make a balloon payment of $450,000 on March 10. She's also behind $4,139 on monthly payments.

The person who sold the house to Octo and holds the note, Amer Haddadin, tells TMZ he will give her until Tuesday to pay the two amounts, plus interest and attorney's fees, or his lawyer will file to foreclose on the house.

Amer says he owes the bank the same amount that Octo owes him, and he's about to go under.

As for why Octo isn't paying ... it's a mystery to Amer -- he says it's been radio silence.



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La Toya Jackson    

I say kick her to the curb.... What a big fat looser!!! .... Man I thought I had a bad mother until is saw "OctoLooser" ... She is the worst mother in the world and those poor kids should be some where else ...

1587 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I just can't understand why the state dosn't step in to save those babys... What about the childern?

1587 days ago


I think she thought that by now she would be rich and famous. But what she obviously did not count on is that people can't stand her and are disgusted by her.
Is she still collecting any kind of food stamps or welfare? It wouldn't surprise me!
Did she pay the million dollar hospital bill or did the taxpayers of California pay?

1587 days ago

northern gypsy    

this woman is one of the lowest forms of life...
exploiting her reproductive system for personal gains...
makes my stomach turn...

1587 days ago


tell octomom #2(kate) to help pay for that house after all she did steal her spot light.

1587 days ago

Lenn K.    

Here a thought, let the state take the kids and you can be on your merry way. Problem solved, by the way, get fixed.

1587 days ago


A ballon payment is quite common in real estate deals. It gave her a year to find other financing while having a place to live. She failed to do that and will lose the house because of it. If her payments were current the seller/mortgage holder might give her an extension. But she was late several times on the payments. She got herself into this, let her figure a way out.

1587 days ago


I recall seeing an interview where this pig said that she gets food stamps and welfare/medicaid. How the hell did this idiot think she was going to be able to make a $450K balloon payment to him? This is what he gets for being greedy. I'm sure he though she was going to get a reality show. Wonder if some bleeding heart will bail her out? Hope so for the sake of her kids.

1587 days ago


Octo obviously thought she was going to make plenty of money off her kids and would have the cash for the balloon payment. Unfortunately for her, the public wasn't buying it.

Hopefully the county will step in now and take all those kids so that they have a chance at at normal life and future.

1587 days ago

tony The Dong    

Come on People Send Money Money Money You people Should Be Ashamed of yourselves and she should have more kids that is the american way Go Obama call him he will make us pay long live the king

1587 days ago


WOW...these comments....I will be the first to admit that this lady makes me a human being...she disgusts me. She knows she is crazy and yet she keeps bringing helpless little people into her screwed up situation. SMH...Still, there are children involved in this....14 children. You can not just say, "Kick her out!", or "She is getting what she deserves!" What about the kids??? You think this is a picnic for them? They have to live in this nonsense.

Yeah, she thought by now she would have so much money that she could afford to just buy her a new place altogether. But obviously that did not happen. Now what? She finds someone else to come to her aid and resolve this problem for her. Why not? It has been working....and I don't care how many of you on here want her to learn a lesson from this...she is not..prolly never will...I just hope this make it out of her care well adjusted and happy....

1587 days ago


As Nadya and her attorney have stated she needs a bigger house in a gated community. That is a joke. She needs to get a job and quit saying that there is no job that can pay her enough to take care of her kids. We are all working to take care of our families and sometimes we feel it is not enough but we keep on working and saving to make it enough.
I have read people comments that are saying that there are affordable houses with more rooms that she can choose from in that community. When her Father first bought this house I thought it was a bad idea because they had to spend a lot of money to get this house fixed up to code and there were not enough rooms for all those kids. I can't wait to see if some rich fool is going to buy her a mansion in a gated community. I hate to say it but a mansion is what she needs in order to comfortably house her and her 14 kids but she needs to work for it just like everyone else but she will pull on the heartstrings of people and get that mansion in the gated community like she wants.

1587 days ago


A balloon payment of nearly half million dollars? Your kidding me! That is a little more than the legal limit allowable, no?
This company knew she would default on a payment this big. It was a money grab. These guys need to be in jail.

1587 days ago


11. Typical American single mother - expects the government to send her a paycheck every month, while she lays on her back making babies and getting more money from the government. Go get a job you ugly freak.

Posted at 1:00PM on Mar 19th 2010 by James

EXCUSE ME? TYPICAL? After my divorce I was left with 2 young children and little else. I not only got a job, I GOT TWO JOBS, and I finished my education so I could get an EVEN BETTER JOB! There were a lot of nights where the kids had to eat macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, but at least they ate! Always had clothes! Never went on food stamps or any public assistance - I BUSTED MY A$$ for 12 years to provide for them. Now I have my own business and don't have to work, and my kids have grown up to be successful, healthy, and happy with beautiful families of their own and EXCELLENT WORK ETHICS.

I know a lot of single moms who never took assistance and, though they barely made it, did it on their own. Before you categorize all single moms into a group do your homework a$$hole.

1587 days ago


octomom out on her ass .... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA .... too bad for the kids

Children pay for their parents' sins

1587 days ago
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