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Joslyn James: Tiger's BFF Arranged Meetings

3/19/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joslyn James is getting ready to unleash another load of Tiger Woods' dirty laundry on her salacious website. This time it's about Tiger's good friend allegedly helping to set up rendezvous for her and Tiger. Sound familiar?

Tiger Woods, Bryon Bell, Joslyn James

We're told Joslyn will release emails -- on -- that she received from Bryon Bell in 2007. One e-mail details an alleged meeting in Charlotte from April 27-May 2. Woods had a PGA event that began May 3 in Charlotte -- he won.

The second alleged trip was in July 2007 to Washington D.C. For that trip Joslyn was in town during the actual PGA event -- Tiger finished tied for sixth.

As we first reported, Bryon -- a childhood friend and President of Tiger Woods Design -- also helped arrange a November tryst for Tiger and Rachel Uchitel in Australia.


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Pat M.,

Right on Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Continue with the rightous words.

1680 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

LOL. This woman would meet YOUR husband in some hotel room if the price was right and she wouldn't give a damn about him being married to YOU. That's what she does--has sex with men for money. Ive been hit on by married women so many times it's pathetic. If you don't think some married women have affairs and make arrangements like this just like some married men do you're an idiot. What I see here is a whore trying to get a big score from Tiger with some "hush money", he's not paying it, so she's dragging him thru the mud. She has nothing to lose. It cracks me up that some of you fools are shocked that some celebrities have whores. If I were a married celebrity and had a mistress I would be very concerned about her jumping on the "Whores of the Celebrities" money wagon. More "shocking affairs" are going to surface. Telling all, for a price, seems to be the fad now.

1680 days ago


Why did Ms. James reveal the texts? Revengeand money. All the money Ms. James is earning now and in the future will be dirty.
I feel sorry for your family. You have done the family real proud.
I noticed no one is mentioning seeing your texts to Tiger...why is that? No guts, no glory Ms. James. I hope someone sues the ass of you and the Internal Revenue looks into all your earnings in the past and now.

1680 days ago


I'm considering starting a class action suit against the PGA if they allow Tiger Woods to play on the tour at this point. These recently revealed aspects of Tiger Woods behavior, made so public, (and I'm not complaining about their being released) they leave the PGA events open to being charged with condoning such behavior. Without Tiger dealing with these issues, and without those he's hurt finding some final resolution, there is a list of complaints against the PGA that can be validated.

1680 days ago


why do men cheat with trash she has nothing on his wife.

1680 days ago


Tiger "Golden Shower" Woods = P A T H E T I C

1680 days ago


Whats next for this whore? Proof about the so called abortion & baby she lost of Tigers.? Matter of time. Your 15 1/2 minutes are up. Go hide in that hole you keep digging deeper & deeper & rot.

1680 days ago


FIRST OF ALL STOP SAY "ALL MEN"! This is Tiger's mess and perverted, sick, behavior. There are lots of "real men" disgusted with Tiger and think he's an immature, low class, idiot. I feel horrible for his wife and kids. Being a "real man" is keeping a fantasy exactly what it is...a fantasy(whatever you're into). Tiger Woods obviously thinks he's GOD and can do anything wants. Yes, you can Tiger...alone.

1680 days ago


What is this? Year of the skanks and ho's?

Let's just start an asylum for all the mistresses of rich & famous where they can go wallow in their "oh he shoulda respected me" misery and Gloria Alred could be the warden psychiatrist.

Now this one is rearing her ugly head because Jesse's tramp is stealing her 15 minutes of skank fame.

I say put 'em in a room together with sharp objects.

1680 days ago


I wonder if Bryon is still employed by Tiger.

Or did Elin get rid of him?

You'd thing she would have thrown out all of Tiger's enablers.

1680 days ago


Why Bryons Father In Law ever allowed the marriage of his daughter to occurr to this creep is beyond me. recall Bryon getting married right as the Tiger story broke, with Tiger to be the best man, and Bryons involvement in being the professional HO appointment setter upper..look at these two, Bryon and Tiger, boyhood friends, nerds who hit the big time and had and still have no idea on how to treat a woman. I'd be quite humiliated if I was Mrs married a HO appointment setter.

come on out on the Tour Tiger---theres a thousands of us waiting to test your mettle with catcalls, sneezes, whoppie cushions, duck calls and boat what if we get escorted out after making noise...watching you fold will be priceless.

You abused women, now its your turn to be abused...and your little HO appt setter too.

1680 days ago

Are You Serious    

This Chick is something else..."whoa is me"..She reveals text messages from Tiger but "oops" she can't post her own to him..why because she was telling him to talk dirty to her and how much she liked it? I'm sure people knew he was with a porn star for a doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out it wasnt for clean loving sex! So not a big surprise. Maybe she shouldnt have been with someone elses husband and she wouldnt be whinning about him continuously. She needs to move on and quit acting like she is a victum..when she was an enabler!

1680 days ago
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