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Dr. Conrad Murray Withheld Info About Propofol

3/21/2010 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A paramedic report in the Michael Jackson case reportedly says Dr. Conrad Murray withheld a key fact from the EMTs -- that he had administered Propofol to the singer.

The report, published by News of the World, states what TMZ has previously reported -- that paramedics felt Jackson was dead when they got to the singer's home but Dr. Murray, as the senior medical professional present, demanded that Jackson be taken to the hospital.

According to the report, Jackson had flatlined by the time paramedics arrived at the house, and he had no blood pressure, pulse or breath, and his pupils were dilated.

According to the report, Dr. Murray told paramedics Jackson was exhausted because he couldn't fall asleep and he had given Jackson Lorazepam -- a sedative. Omitting the fact that Dr. Murray gave Jackson Propofol is no doubt something the paramedics should have known about and will almost certainly be used by prosecutors in the trial.


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Dr. Murray is a cardiologist and was not trained as an anesthesiologist to administer propofol illicitly to someone in their home.And Dr. Murray tried to cover up Michael's death and that is criminal.Instead of calling an ambulance,he spent valuable time setting up room temperature,hiding propofol bottles,undressing Michael,and faking doing cpr to Michael's dead body on a bed in front of Prince.
He should be charged for second degree murder in my opinion.

1612 days ago


In a world where thousands of people take perverse delight participating in celebrity “death pools” and the trials and tribulations of famous people can even seem more popular – see Tiger Woods – than their triumphs, we need to supplement traditional conceptions of art with an understanding of its relationship to the “non-art” of everyday life.

Art doesn’t go away just because artists are rudely displaced from their pedestal. On the contrary, its appeal typically increases as a consequence. The massive media frenzy that surrounded Michael Jackson’s death last year may have been unseemly, but the resurgence of interest in his music that accompanied it cannot simply be written off as a case of cultural rubber-necking. Indeed, whether the people who sent his albums back to the top of the charts were long-time fans rediscovering their affection for his art or newcomers drawn in by the spectacle of his death, it is clear that his work benefited enormously from the public mourning that thrust it back into the spotlight.

And I don’t just mean this in a financial sense, although the impact of his passing on the marketplace was stunning. Because it was impossible to think about his art without also pondering the “non-art” of his troubling life story, listeners were able to extract nuances from his music that had previously escaped them. Even the superficially frothy numbers of his youth acquired a gravitas that made them sound simultaneously like celebrations of the present and premonitions of a dark future.

Although I had never been much of a fan of his work, favoring Prince’s sexed-up aesthetic to Jackson’s seeming aversion to physical contact, I still found myself moved to undertake my own rediscovery of his music. When I started roller-skating at a rink with my daughter and her mother, I found myself repeatedly intrigued by both the frequency with which tracks from Off the Wall and Thriller were thrown into the otherwise contemporary mix and by the way they always seemed to boost everyone’s pace.

1612 days ago


To all the ignorant people out there that are saying it was not Dr.Murray's fault that Michael Jackson died,I have this scenario for you:let's say I am crazy,and I ask people on the street to feed me arsenic in my bedroom.Some people tell me NO ARE YOU INSANE.But I found a special someone who agreed because I gave that person $300 in advance.Then the person feeds me the rat poison and I die and the police arrest the person for murder.What is the difference between my scenario and the Dr.Murray/Michael Jackson scenario? There is no frigging difference.Propofol is a very dangerous drug even more dangerous than arsenic.I cannot believe some people would suggest Michael Jackson deserved to die like that.He was insanely addicted to drugs and he needed help for sure.Instead some greedy doctor killed him for money and that doctor should go to jail for second degree murder in my opinion.

1612 days ago


by Marie
I understand your point,but I believe MJ was not a "drug addict" yes he had a problem in the past and got help. But at the time of his death I find it very hard to believe he was an addict. All he wanted was a goodnights rest/sleep yes he went about it the wrong way,but Murray should not have been greedy. Murray should have gotten him some help for his insomnia.

1612 days ago


Where is the judges that allow these doctors to continually practice medicine to the rich and famous. I found that is is appalling that these Murray is out on bail. This creature murdered this man whether is was an accident. He was boarded to know that you don't practice medicine this way. And his family and promoter are just as at fault because -- Michael should have been legal brought in for intervention; especially since these children were in his custody. Murray should still not be allowed to practice medicine while on bail to anyone or anything. He should have been disbarred from the medical association until the end of the trial.

1612 days ago

my baby    

to Sue from Tampa I would be ashamed to be your fan you idiot! who would want to be a fan as a beast like you, has neither fame nor talent you is ridiculous..... respect the Michael jackson!!!! you idiot!!!!! you idiot!!!!!

1612 days ago


Michael Jackson was a propofol addict and propofol is a drug and that is why I said he was a drug addict. Not that he did illegal drugs like cocaine or heroine but propofol was his main drug alongside demerol and oxycontin. But I don't blame Michael for being addicted to these drugs because his life was a nightmare.People were accusing him of crimes he did not commit,the media was bullying him and making fun of his looks,Tom Sneddon and his gang were terrorizing him,people were suing him left and right.Now I am happy for him after his death because all these greedy bastards cannot hurt him anymore ever.

1611 days ago

danger baby    

Joe - You are only one-eighth right. Yes, MJ had a problem with prescription medications. He was not rich, to the contrary, he was ridden with massive debt and I am sure that weighed on him, day in and day out. He was arguably spoiled. He was probably pampered. He was not cosmetically deformed. I thought he looked amazing with the 'work' he had had done -- loved it. Out of touch? No, to the contrary, very keyed in to the world and to entertainment. He read everything in sight, and made a real effort to understand the problems of the world and the condition of mankind. He tried to make a difference. He was thoughtful. I recall one attorney describing MJ's estate plan for his children, and the attorney said he was stuck by how thoughtful MJ was. It was remarkable. HE was remarkable. He never stopped. He never stopped learning, he never stopped making music, in spite of detractors who did everything in their power to bring him down.

No way can you compare MJ to no-talent Nicole, or to Haim. He was in a league all by himself. He was a superstar, and a really terrific human being. If only we had taken the time to appreciate him while he was alive. The world still loves him, and grieves his loss, after all this time.

You, dear sir, are woefully misinformed.


9. Michael Jackson was a drug addict with or without Dr. Murray's help, so i dont see what the big deal is. MJ would have died anyway under another Dr's perscription. Someone would have enabled him, he was a rich, spoiled, pampered, cosmentically deformed, out of touch has-been celebrity. Just like Anna Nicole or Corey Hiam.

Posted at 2:31AM on Mar 21st 2010 by Joe

Read more:

1611 days ago


The charge against Murray does not fit the crime he committed. He knew that he would be in trouble - this is why he took precious moments away from saving Michael to try and hide what he had done. I have said all along that the timing was off. Why did it take so long to try and get help for Michael - now we know - he was doing a clean up. To me this is admitting guilt and trying to dispose of the evidence - not to mention lying to the paramedics. We know what he did - I just hope that Michael gets the justice he deserves.
For those of you that say that Michael did this to himself - you are wrong - he may have had a problem with perscription drugs but you can't get them on your own - and Michael would never have left his children in this way. He trusted the wrong people and believed that if a doctor was behind it - it was ok.
Murray was out for his paycheck and nothing would stop him from receiving that money. He was so wrapped up in how much he was going to be paid over the months that he would do whatever it took. Well now I hope he is happy - and I hope his freedom is removed forever. He took an oath as a "Dr". He is not the only "Dr" out there that is willing to do "anything for money" so you haters beware - you may just run into a "Dr" that will take risks with your family member or yourself just for a buck. Not all Dr's are in it for the right reasons!

1611 days ago

danger baby    

Where is TMZ on this story? Radar Online is reporting that Attorney General Jerry Brown filed today in Superior Court in LA to ask that Murray be prohibited from practicing medicine in CA.

1611 days ago

r.s first comment    

Makes sense to omit the fact of giving propofol.He knew well that toxicology would be part of examination.Now propofol is eliminated
fast and he must have thoght the more time he bought the propofol
was no longer there to be detected. Death,if no bullets hit vital organs, is a process, some organs,like in Michaels case, can react after a piont of no return to life like his "heart activity"briefly and artificially induced at UCLA.--So many drugs were found in his system, a specilist in pharmacology who can figure out the effect of drugcombinations will shed some light on mode of death process.

1599 days ago


Yes there are still stupid people out there. Do your home work, Michael was a good person and he help a lot of people I know that Michael is with are Father in heaven. And the one who is saying he is an emborassment no it is not him it is people like you that are an embarassment. Sue of Tampa

1598 days ago

Real Talk    

Michael was a goody two shoes and that is why he is hated. He came from the ghetto and lived a rich white man's life, which is the other reason why he is hated. All the other reasons are lies to cover up the two I stated. No one likes a goody two shoes, they are to perfect so then everyone jobs becomes to take down perfection. They are not happy until they discredit the goody two shoes reputation. This is what Michael lived. He was just to good to be here on this earth. He was taken advantage of in the most horrible ways and just because he was an adult does not give anyone the right to abuse privelege because you can. One day you will answer for that as well. Trust me we all will. So for all the hater, do what you do best, it will come back on you and I hope you keep the same attitude you have as when bashing this good soul. It is easy to say MJ was an addict it was his fault. No. Doctors are held to different standards, that is why they make so much money. You do not see drug dealers covered by insurance and 401K, degrees, thus these two things are not one in the same. Doctors should not be qualified as a drug dealers to say that what Murray did was fine. In that case take you newborn child to Murray and let him over medicate and cause her death and say it is ok, I would have just found another doctor to kill my child, because that is what some of you haters are saying. I think not. Murray is responsible as a license medical professional. Something some of you know nothing about or you would not even put him and a drug dealer in the same category. You are full of bull and everyone knows you are, and your hatred is showing off of non-truths, and faulty reasoning. Quit hiding and just come out and say the truth. Number one or Number two above, they are your real reason for hating on Michael. He was to good for you and you will never accomplish what he did in his lifetime, in your lifetime, and that just boils your hide. Michael heart was broken because of people like you, but it is not broke anymore. Your time is up.

1465 days ago
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