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Britney Spears -- Unleaded

3/21/2010 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hi, I'd like $20 on pump #2, a pack of Marlboros and ... a picture of Britney Spears.


The blonde bombshell stopped at a local 76 gas station in Los Angeles on Friday to grab an orange soda and, in the process, made one fan's day.


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Jacko WAS wacko    


1679 days ago


11. Everyone's ragging on Britney, but what about the moronic twit taking her picture?? A grown woman looking totally stupid: "DER-HER-HERRRRR, I'M INVADING SOMEONE'S PRIVACY, I'M SPECIAL!"

Posted at 12:51AM on Mar 21st 2010 by JustInTime

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LOL! No kidding! I was wondering how many comments I'd have to scroll down thru before finding someone who mentioned that as well. That's the first thing I noticed was this lady grinning like a total 'idiot' with that crazed 'star f@cker' twinkle in her eye snappin' away with her camera. Probably keeps that camera 'on hand' just in case she spots a celebrity! D@mn, look how CLOSE she gets to her too?! Gives me sort of a 'twinge' of actually feeling sorry for these celebrities having to put up with these nutty @ss people like this lady gettin' all 'up on top of them'. This lady is just creepy; she's like "OH, OH, YIPPEE!! OMG, I GOT A PIC OF BRITNEY" as she tinkles on herself.....WTH?? Is your life THAT empty lady?!

1679 days ago


More and more she is becoming the epitome of white trailer trash.

Amazing how a girl could go from so hot to so not in less than 10 years.

And what is the problem with her nipples? Girl, when you look this bad, you should invest in a bra. What a complete boner shrinker.

1679 days ago


stupid bitch with a camera

1679 days ago


Britney is rich as hell because people pay attention to her. Duh!

1679 days ago


nice lopsided tits brit

1679 days ago


If there ever was a good arguement for an adult Grrr-Animals clothing is Britney Spears!

1679 days ago


why is it only the women who seem to hate on her? Is there a guy out there that can honestly say she isn't still Smokin' Hot after 2 kids and a few mental breakdowns. Hell!, I'd tolerate the crazy to be on her arm! She always has been and still is gorgeous! I guees if you have money inthe bank, you have to be a snob and always wear $1000 shirts, $5000 pants and have $2000/hr make-up artists "do you up" just to go to the grovery store. That way, you same people that complain she doesn't wear couture, can cmplain when she's broke that was irresponsible. I'm sure she's even better looking with nothing on!

1679 days ago


Maybe her implant ruptured, there's something on her shirt.

1679 days ago


okay...'funky boobs' aside, I think she looks pretty good! Pretty hair, nice skin, good muscle tone...what the hell is the problem? Everybody here must just be a 'perfect 10' raggin' on her like that. Maybe she's a big 'heavy' right now but this girl just busted her ass on tour, if she wants to 'let go' a little & eat some good meals then 'go on ahead girl'!! I would imagine these celebrities get pretty damn tired of having to work out, diet & just generally 'conform' to that Hollywood 'standard' all the time. I don't blame them for doin' whatever they chose to in their 'off time'. This is 'real life' folks. The stuff you see on the tour, in the movies, on the stage is all 'smoke & mirrors'. THEY DON'T REALLY LOOK THAT GOOD! None of us do nor should we have to.

1679 days ago



1679 days ago


Okay... I'll be the first to admit that there are some people / pictures / stories that truly deserve negative comment. BUT... I really don't understand the ovewhelming number of hateful people / comments that post on here. Are ya all just bitter over your own lives or what??? I think this is a great picture that illustrates the excitement of someone that was fortunate enough to get up close & personal with a huge star. I'd be thrilled too!!! What we have here is an attractive, happy woman, taking a picture of a celebrity. There's nothing wrong with that!!! Admittedly, Ms. Spears looks a little annoyed, but that proably has more to do with the paparazi than with the fan. And Britney looks great!!! I just wish that maybe she'd taken the time to really make the other woman's day by posing for a picture with her. As it is, a very illustrative picture... a Kodak moment if you will... and a moment that I'm sure the gal taking the picture will talk about for a long time. Good for you hon... what an exciting moment!!! Don't let a bunch of hateful and bitter posters on TMZ drag ya down... you either Britney. I love the pic!!!

1679 days ago


She looks fit and vibrant there. Good for you, Britney. The woman beside her looks like a moron, holding up a camera from 2 feet away. Such is Gas Station Hollywood Squares.

1679 days ago


isn't it sad that she's nearly 30 years old and people are still buying tickets to watch her live lip sync to mediocre songs?

1679 days ago


Brit's suddenly LARGER boobs ARE lopsided! One goes to the outside and the other faces downward. AND there is a wet stain right beneath the downward one, like it looks like she is still breastfeeding someone and is leaking! YUCK! Get a bra AND get your boobs fixed Brit!

1679 days ago
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