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Tiger Woods: 'I've Done Some Pretty Bad Things'

3/21/2010 9:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fastest five minutes in sports just ended (Tiger Woods' interview with ESPN) and while he did duck some personal stuff, he did a pretty good job of answering the tough questions.

Tiger Woods

At least he actually answered questions this time.

UPDATE: Here are some highlights of Tiger on the Golf Channel. A lot of the same stuff, but a few different parts.

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ESPN should have used Erin Andrews or Steve Phillips to do the interview. This was pure unadulterated scripted rehearsed garbage, courtesy of George Bushes former Press guy Ari Fleischer, who they now say has since stepped down...yeah sure Tiger. You're happiest day was when the story broke Jesse James did a skank you didnt who is a Nazi. btw, love your sex text messages, wow you are weird, creepy, cruel and abusive...

I pray you are cat called, whistled at, whoopie cushioned on every hole of the Masters. You love silence and your privacy, may both be forever ruined because of your own doing.

1641 days ago


Jeez, this STILL? Really is this news? No one but his wife and family should even care! Men are idiots their brains are between their legs its no big surprise and certainly NOT news. This is what happens when U put them on a pedistal, he is HUMAN like every other fool who messes around on their wives REGARDLESS if she looks like a model or is and OSCAR winner or whatever the case maybe!

1641 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Today may be Sunday, but still Michael Jackson burns in agony deep within the bowels of Hell for sodomizing all those little boys.

1641 days ago


I think the time has come for eveyone to mind their own business. I keep hearing how he hurt all these women, but I have yet to read how these women have played a role in their own pain and suffering. Lets remember that it takes two to tango, and while there is no justification in what either party did these women are not so innocent in what they did either. They knew that he was married and they chose to play the game anyway. Why did they get involved in a relationship with him knowing that he was married? We have all made mistakes, however; we are not famous enough for any one to care. What is in your closet and can you stand before God and say I am sin free? I doubt it. I am not trying to defend him in what he did but I am saying that the time has come to move on. All of us have done something that we are not proud of and would be ashamed if anyone put it on national tv. How can you sit in judgement of someone else when your own slate is not clean. Who made you judge and jury. Some of us have stolen things that did not belong to us, lied, cheated, hurt and harmed those that we claimed we loved and we have been forgiven for what we have done, why should it be any different for him. Do you really think that God loves him any less because he was put in the spot light? I doubt it! When are we going to learn that addiction is addiction whether it is the bottle, cocaine, joint, pills, or sex. Just because your choice was not his does not make you any better, it only means that you chose to commit your dirty deed in a different way. How would most of you feel if your dirty deeds were found out. Most of us have skeletons in our closets that we would not want revealed, but if they were revealed would we be able to handle the attention if it were brought in national headlines? When are we going to learn that there is redemption for all of us and not just a few select. Remember when your point your finger at some one else there are three fingers pointing back at you.

1641 days ago


Well, at least he hasn't been banging any heavily tattooed white supremacist Nazi go-go dancers.

1641 days ago

mrs. jones    

His utter lack of emotion is disturbing-his behavior towards women is abusive. He's clearly a misogynist. If he treated members of a particular racial group this way, it would be unacceptable but degrading women appears to be okay. I feel sorry for his young daughter.

1641 days ago

Lori King    

WHY say anything if you feel every question asked is a private matter?

1641 days ago


Yeah, Tiger lied about have enablers. Especially his friend who set up airline flights and hotel rooms for Tiger’s women. Some of his handlers were either blind or kind of dumb. The sexting messages with the porno star show that Tiger was trying hard to hide this craziness from many close to him. He knew the result would be a life/image changer. … My final thoughts: The Tiger Aura is gone for good. I suspect he will play plenty of good golf in the future. But he has lost an edge that no amount of money, effort or time can get back.

1641 days ago


Smack, dab and on the money. Sisters of the Gloss called this shot. There's more to this Tiger's tale. Read our post: http://www.sistersofthegloss.blogspot.com

1641 days ago


Top Ten "Bad Things Done By Tiger Woods":
10)Rachel knows about Elin knowing about Rachel
9)Rachel knows about Jamie Grubbs knowing about Rachel
8)Rachel knows about Jamie Jungers knowing about Rachel
7)Rachel knows about Loredana Jolie knowing about Rachel
6)Rachel knows about Theresa Rogers knowing about Rachel
5)Rachel knows about Mindy Lawton knowing about Rachel
4)Rachel knows about Holly Sampson knowing about Rachel
3)Rachel knows about Michelle Braun knowing about Rachel
2)Rachel knows about Kalika Moquin knowing about Rachel
1)Rachel knows about Joslyn James knowing about Rachel

1641 days ago


The only thing I'm interested in is what the cost was for his rehab team.

It's not inexpensive to rehab an image that has lost millions in ad dollars.

1641 days ago


He is a walking STD. YUCK!

1641 days ago

The Seer    

The more dude runs his mouth, the deeper he digs himself in.

It is SO glaringly obvious NOTHING this man says or does is genuine. He is so trite and so contrived that he actually makes a mockery of his wife, family, financial backers and friends. Oh, and let's not forget his fans, because every time he runs that mouth it's very apparent that he thinks they are all STUPID and will buy his line of BS. He's so smug: he insults his fans' intelligence, too.

"I've done some really bad things"? Now THAT is the understatement of the century!

Tiger, please. Do the world a huge favor. STFU!

1641 days ago


Tiger does not owe. any of us an apology. the only one he should worry about is his wife, Chiildren and family. This is a personal matter. Not public matter .. The media made it that..

1641 days ago


Tiger's religion went from Buddha to Booty.

1641 days ago
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