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Tiger Woods Interviews to Air Tonight

3/21/2010 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ESPN will air a one-on-one interview with Tiger Woods tonight.

Tiger Woods

The interview will air at 7:30 PM ET.

UPDATE: Looks like there might be TWO Tiger Woods interviews airing tonight at the same time -- one on ESPN and one on The Golf Channel.

UPDATE 2: Both ESPN and The Golf Channel have promoted the interview. ESPN said the interview was conducted this morning and their reporter was allowed to ask whatever questions he wanted. Woods answered some, declined others, but was cordial throughout.

Read some highlights of the interview after the jump ...

On why he got married:

Woods: "Why? 'Cause I loved her. I loved Elin with everything I have. And that's something that makes me feel even worse. That I did this to someone I loved that much."

On the depth of his infidelity:

Woods: "Well, just one is enough. Um, and obviously that wasn't the case, and I've made my mistakes. And as I've said, I've hurt so many people, and so many people I have to make an amends to, and that's living a life of amends."

On all that has happened over the past year:

Woods: "A lot has transpired in my life. A lot of ugly things have happened. Things that have.....I've done some pretty bad things in my life. And uh, all came to a head. But now, after treatment, going for inpatient treatment for 45 days and more outpatient treatment, um, I'm getting back to my old roots."

On what happened the day of the car accident:

Woods: "Well you know it's all in the police report. Beyond that everything's between Elin and myself and that's private."

On why he didn't seek treatment before all the news broke:

Woods: "Well I didn't know I was that bad....stripping away denial, rationalization. You strip that away and you find the truth."

On the low points -- the moments of having to tell his wife and mother:

Woods: "They both have been brutal. They've both been very tough. Because I hurt them the most. Those are the two people in my life who I'm closest to and to say the things that I've done, truthfully to them, is...honestly was...very painful."

On what his measure of success will be at the Masters:

Woods: "Well, playing is one thing. I'm excited to get back and play, I'm excited to get to see the guys again. I really miss a lot of my friends out there. I miss competing. But still, I still have a lot more treatment to do, and just because I'm playing, doesn't mean I'm gonna stop going to treatment."

On the expected/hopeful reception from fans:

Woods: "I don't know. I don't know. I'm a little nervous about that to be honest with you...It would be nice to hear a couple claps here and there...but also hope they clap for birdies too (laughs)." For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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So you'll boycott Nike? What about all the other brands in the world that endorse worse than Tiger? Grow up. I'm gonna continue to buy thir stuff. The majority of these athletes do worse than him. I'm not judging Tiger.He doesn't live in my house. It's none of my business.

1678 days ago


Tiger Woods can win all the golf tournaments. It won't change the fact that he's is no part of our lives meaning, purchasing power.

He can collect the golf funds, but he will no longer get the consumers to bankroll this pervert, Tiger Woods.

1678 days ago


Who do you think brings in the money for golf? He will continue to get endorsements. No one cared about golf until he showed up. He is the reason why golfers get paid today.

1678 days ago


To those who follow Pervert Tiger Woods and all the OTHER perverts, we are not on the same page.

Case closed.

1678 days ago


JESUS CHRIST!!! I could car less I won't be watching it I'm watching Congress debate and vote on health care.Isn't it curious that he picked this night to be interviewed on the same night everybody is talking about health care.Just goes to show how out of touch Mr.Woods is see he doesn't worry about health care he sounds like an ATTENTION WHORE

1678 days ago

Pat M    

63.....I think your wrong. There will be some who will be glad he's back but the overwhelming majority are done with him. He lies about everything and it's going to be his downfall. He's got his spinmaster Ari pulling the strings....this is the best PR money can buy. The real whores Ari, Nike and most of all Tiger.

1678 days ago


There is plenty of money in MistressLand and PaparazziLand that can be put to clever use in MediaInternetLand, to keep the truth of STDProwlerWifeAbuserChildAbandonerLand characters available and to keep their activities on the table in PublicOpinionLand, to counter the vile, pro-degenerate CorporateSlimeLand propaganda.

Meanwhile a wee little creep stands on a green somewhere with a putter, saying repeatedly, "my precious, my precious" with drool hanging off his chin.

1678 days ago


most interesting is the comments about the low point, which he said was telling him mother face to face what happened.

It's amazing that this is the biggest scandal in history. Compare and contrast this with all other scandals (Gary Hart, Clinton, John Edwards, JFK, Letterman, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggert, Spitzer, Ensign, Vitter, McGreevey, Gavin Newsom, Mark Foley, Magic Johnson, Kobe, OJ, etc). None have come close to this one in terms of public interest.

20 consecutive front page stories in the New York Posts (beating out 9/11). Unprecedented media coverage including the most watched televised apology.

1678 days ago


Tiger is forever a loser in my books. How many tramps did he have? I lost count at 12? His wife is brain-dead to even consider a reconcilation.

1678 days ago


Response to "vic", who said:
"68. Who do you think brings in the money for golf? He will continue to get endorsements. No one cared about golf until he showed up. He is the reason why golfers get paid today. Posted at 8:01PM on Mar 21st 2010 by vic"

Idiot. You have no knowledge about pro golf or the sport of golf. None. Tiger Woods has had very little impact on the sport, because it was very well advanced, with decades of great stories, wide and rapidly growing fan appeal and many diverse heroes around the world, all well established before the swearing, club-throwing serial family abuser, whore-loving and STD-baiter degenerate Tiger Woods came along. Yes, Tiger brings something unique. Golf can thank its lucky stars that Tiger is unique, because golf doesn't need anything like Tiger Woods hanging around, nor does any society known to any planet.

1678 days ago


Like it or not: Tiger brings in money and ratings. Go look it up before you talk trash. I wasn't talking up ethics. We all know his ethics are out the window. I'm talking about the interest in golf when he showed up. People damn sure weren't watching golf before him. Why are golfs ratingss down right now? Tell me that.

1678 days ago


58. I bought PUMA a few months ago. Our family and extended family will never walk another step in Nike.

Good bye Tiger, you had a run, you milked your false image.

You keep trying to control the media that is disrepectful.

Yeah, we didn't think it could get any lower either, but old Tiger keeps sinking to the gutter.

Posted at 7:36PM on Mar 21st 2010 by iboughtpumaalready

I boycott products for a cause (environment, human rights violations, animal cruelty, etc.). If I'm going to Boycott Nike it wouldnt be because of Tiger, it would be because of workplace abuses, and low wages throughout Asia.

You better hope ALL the people with Puma, and all the other products you use dont have any skeletons in their closet

1678 days ago


They said the same thing about Michael Jordan and the NBA. The NBA to this day have yet to recover the ratings they had during the Jordan Years. JOrdan still makes more money than anyone active NBA,NFL,NHL, NASCAR (with the exception of Kobe - they're tied)

Tiger Woods has been huge for golf. It went from the back pages of the sports section to the front page. Incalculable to gauge his impact on the money brought into the PGA and it's players.

The easiest litmus is asking anyone who was the number 1 golfer on tour before Tiger turned Pro.

To those who boycott, do you boycott on principle? If so, does the boycott extend to CBS and Corporate sponsors of the Letterman show and 2 and Half Men? IF NOT, WHY NOT?

1678 days ago

Tyrone Jefferson    

Hey Frenchy: The whole world ain't too fond o' you either.

1678 days ago


1678 days ago
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