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Dennis Hopper

I'm Sick, I'm Broke

3/23/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Hopper is extremely ill from his battle with cancer -- he weighs a little over 100 pounds and is nearly broke, according to new court documents obtained by TMZ.

The docs, filed by celebrity attorney Joe Mannis in Hopper's mega-divorce case, paints a grim picture of Hopper's life. One of his doctors submitted a declaration, stating, "It is doubtful that Mr. Hopper will ever recover sufficiently to be subject to a deposition."

Hopper says in the legal docs he is willing to pay estranged wife Victoria $5,000 a month in spousal support, and that's all he can afford. Hopper's CPA says Dennis' liquid assets total $300,280 ... plus another $10,900 in Hopper's corporations.

The CPA says in recent years, "Hopper has basically lived on income derived from new acting services." Because of his cancer, Hopper can't work, and in 2009 he earned $57,000 in residuals. Mannis says that's what Hopper will pull in this year as well.

Victoria has alleged Dennis is loaded because of art he has created and sold. Dennis counters in legal docs that in the last 9 years he's sold art to the tune of $1,895,000, but his expenses to create and store the art totaled $1,850,000 -- so he's saying the net profit for 9 years is a measly $45,000.

According to the docs, Dennis has been living off a $450,000 line of credit, but there is "no further borrowing possible."


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How sad.....can't the heartless money-grubbin wench just wait for the insurance? Battle somebody else later. Bet she's fighting so hard,hoping it kills him before the divorce is finalized. I'd love to own a piece of his artwork.

1644 days ago


Dennis Hopper broke?

I don't believe a word of it...

1644 days ago


Q: Do you know why men die at a younger age than women?

A: Because they want to.

1644 days ago


So very sad...the man has so much talent and even more character.

Yesterday I watched "Flashback" at which starred Hopper and Kiefer Sutherland...loved every minute of it. Do yourselves a favor and go watch it.

1644 days ago


He owns a lot of property in Venice CA, worth millions. I think one of the buildings in his complex is the "art gallery" which is probably the 1.85 million to make his art. Dennis isn't going to be on welfare.

1644 days ago


I had a close friend that passed from cancer.... she was in pain, and it hurt her to be held, so her husband touch her hand and caressed her hair EVERY NIGHT until she went to sleep. He had a neighbor teach him how to knit because he wanted to knit her a hat for her head by himself - once she had no hair. When she was in the hospital he sneeked one of her dogs in hidden in his jacket. When she was in hospice he took down all of the curtains and blinds in the house so she could see outside whatever room she was in.

Just saying that not everybody cheats on their spouse, not everybody takes advantage of someone that is weak, and some people will stick by you no matter what.

I still believe. Monsy IS NOT everything.

1644 days ago


Wasn't he married to her for like ten years? I don't think she's a gold digger at all. It's his greedy kids behind this.

1644 days ago


He is sick but he is far from broke, his lazy ass leeches of kids have it all squirreled away for themselves.

1644 days ago


All the years she was married to him, she couldn't train in any profession? Now that he's old and dying, he has no wife to love and care for him because he married a bimbo.

So unless you can support a bimbo in life and death, don't marry one. No other wealthy man is going to marry her now.

1644 days ago


Why don't all these Hollywood people save their money? Did their parents teach them nothing when growing up?

1644 days ago


I feel that Dennis Hopper is hiding his assets but that is just what lawyers tell their men clients!

I think it is great that Dennis Hopper is still alive and kicking and that he did not come under the "Rebel W/O a Cause" curse, as did James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, etc.

1644 days ago


Another great example why you shouldn't get married guys! Especially if you're rich and famous!

Money-grubbing hos will try to steal from you when you're on your death bed!

1644 days ago


It's a pity that he'll probably be dead before the divorce is finalised and the ex to be will get it all!! Wills don't seem to count for much in this country anymore and no matter how you want your assets (if you have any) distributed there's always a lawyer who can get around it!! Dennis and all other celebs learn now, give the kids and relatives what you want them to have now while you're alive and make sure they know that's all they're ever getting, THEN BLOW THE REST ON ENJOYING YOURSELF - damn it all you earned the money not your spouse ex-spouse or kids!!!

1644 days ago


Just in time for ObamaCare...yeh, all that Hope and Change is gonna make everthin' awright now. Hopper will live and WE THE PEOPLE are going to pay for it to happen!

1644 days ago


I wondered how Dennis was going. havent heard much for a while. Its amazing how some people have it all then loose it all too.

1644 days ago
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