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War Brewing over MJ's 'Thriller' Musical

3/23/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson is coming to Broadway, whether his estate likes it or not ... at least that's what the most famous Broadway family says.

Nederlander Presentations has filed a creditor's claim, but it's not asking for money. Nederlander wants the probate judge to tell the executors they have no choice but to honor a contract Michael Jackson inked in 2008 for a musical stage play featuring music from "Thriller" and "Off the Wall."

The production hit a major road bump last year, when John Landis sued Michael Jackson, claiming MJ couldn't make a deal for the musical without his sign off. Landis directed "Thriller." That suit is pending.

Howard Weitzman, legal guru for the MJ estate, tells TMZ, "I've seen their creditor's claim. I don't agree with their request."


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Maybe so, im just sayin. If I do, I'll tell MJ you said hello.

1644 days ago

wish mj was here    

michael i miss you so much.please come back.its been months now.your smile heart singing dancing helping others in need we miss it all some people say your still alive and in hiding.i dont know what to believe but if you are out there please come back.the fans are waiting for you .you will make my day.for all the mj haters you make me sick you must be in love with him or you wouldnt be giving him all your attention you would just move haters are bashing michael its not his fault that tmz is still doing stories on him .tell tmz off michael isnt here .my understanding michael wanted tmz and media to leave him alone but they havent and their not going to.MICHAEL I LOVE YOU MORE MOST AND MOSTEST.HURRY BACK ANGEL.THE FANS ARE WAITING FOR YOUR RETURN.

1644 days ago


I have a better idea, mjlover4ever. Why don't you put a pistol to your head and join him.

1644 days ago


GRIM REAPER #31- THAT STATEMENT IS JUST SO HORRIBLE, ON SO MANY LEVELS!!! WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU TELLING SOMEONE THAT??? i must tell you , that you need some serious prayer!!! wrong wrong on so many levels...sue from tampa

1644 days ago


4. Has Anybody Seen My Goldfish?

Posted at 12:41AM on Mar 23rd 2010 by OhWell

You and that trollop Goldfish have broken my heart :'(

1644 days ago


Why don't you Jacko Wackos practice some of Wacko Jackos "love" and pray for me?

1644 days ago


34. Why don't you Jacko Wackos practice some of Wacko Jackos "love" and pray for me?

Posted at 9:49AM on Mar 23rd 2010 by The Grim Reaper

Because if in fact you are the grim reaper your fate is sealed and no amount of prayer will help you. ;>

1644 days ago


Has anyone seen my childhood?
Has anyone seen my socks?
Has anyone seen my car keys?
Has anyone seen the TV Guide?
Has anyone seen the remote control?

1644 days ago

dont beLIEve the hype...    

i remember this was announced 2 years ago in NYC. Michael was stretching his executive producer prowness. Michael is doing what he always wanted to do. creating plays, movies and other avenues of entertainment. he said this is what he wants to do. Michaels connections go BEYOND our ideas of who he is. it wouldnt surprise me if MJ's kids become actors...

i know many feel that believing he is alive is foolish, borderline crazy if that, but there are so many holes in this whole drama as it unfolds. the body guards stated weeks ago, they never left his side, so how would they allow a jerk dr to destroy Michael the way tmz has told the world. Kai said they were all downstairs praying for Michael while all the drama was going on upstairs, when did prince really go up there? did he go up there, and if so, he does not look traumatized in seeing his father dead on the bed/floor/where ever the hell they claim this supposed to had happened when the dr called for prince. tmz takes pride in telling the world they broke the story of Michaels death, and we follow them as if everything they say is gospel. there are too many inconsistancies here folks.

1644 days ago


MJ's kids become actors? My money is on them becoming freaks in a traveling carnival's sideshow exhibit.

1644 days ago


No one stood up & taught him how to live.
IMO he wasn't smart about making medical decisions & judging people's motives. He wasn't just suddenly destroyed.
He fired the compassionate bodyguards
& wanted to live for concerts, no matter what kind of leeches worked for him. Monsters came to maim his face & shut off his life. He didn't want to think about the future. Everything was spontaneous entertainment & fake happiness with religious fantasies about kids & celebrities.
He contradicted himself. He hurt the kids when he had no worry about killing his reputation, good looks & health. That's because he left reality.

1644 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

Ah, the man passed away, I would think anything that was negotiated in 2008 might be null and void...HELLO!

OMG, this is getting just simply NUTS!

Everyone wants a piece of Mr. Jackson, why...because he's the biggest selling entertainer of all time, then, now, always.

1644 days ago

wish mj was here    

#31 why dont you drop the f--- dead bitoch. the world would be a better place without you in think your so bad your not .your just jealous over michael admit it cant stand the fact hes a much better person then you are and ever will be.your the 1 with a sick problem so it would be better if you put a gun to your head.

1644 days ago


#28 Susan...actually I would probably sit idle over it if I had JL's money. My points were a) how much money and power does someone need, and b) I could give a rats a$$ about MJ.

Maybe it has to do with our values. If I had anywhere near the money JL (or any of these celebrities) have, I would have retired to a nice villa somewhere and spent my remaining years fishing, writing novels, enjoying the simple things in life while being 100% stress free. Instead, these greedy egomaniacs hang around like a cancer growth suing each other (even dead people) so they can be worth 260 million instead of a lousy 250 million...or whatever their worth is.

It is the same with people like Sly Stallone and Mel Gibson...who'd probably sue the hell out of a mom & pop diner for naming a burger after them, for not being paid for the permission to use their name.

So whether we're talking about MJ or JL...the question remains...when will they have enough money and power to satisfy their egos?

And to the nut cases who still think the freak is alive and in hiding...are we going to have to listen to your nonsense for another 50 years when he would be 100+ and obviously dead even if his death was a hoax? The guy is wormfood. Rejoice in the talent he had and all he accomplished...but stop your insanity before you waste more of your life in this idiocy.

1644 days ago


I love hearing from MJ fans. They are so full of love.

1644 days ago
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