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Sandra Bullock's IMDb Profile Says 'Separated'

3/23/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

IMDb -- the Internet movie database -- now has Sandra Bullock's marital status listed as "separated" but Sandra's rep says they never authorized the change.

An IMDb employee tells TMZ, in order to change the marital status on someone's profile, the change must be approved internally by IMDb.

We do not know who submitted the change.

Bullock's rep says, "This was never authorized by anyone related to her."

BTW, on Jesse James' IMDb page, his marital status is unchanged.


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When one has discovered to one's chagrin that one has stepped into dog poop, it is usually best to scrape it off one's shoe and move on -- not to reconcile with it. It will usually still be what it has shown itself to be and therefore extremely difficult to disinfect.

If reports are true, this is allegedly not a simple slip-up, but a months-long campaign of deception to both the wife and the girlfriend.

1653 days ago


I think Sandra was going through a mid-life crisis when she married this guy. She was wanting to walk on the wild side and it has made a fool out of her.

Both she and Elin need to kick their sorry husbands to the curb. These two women are much more fortunate than most women whose husbands cheat. They are rich and can go on with their lives with little to no hassle. It isn't like they have no other place to go. They both can buy houses tomorrow with just a phone call and a bank transfer.

1653 days ago


To Jody #36: Maybe you're right: a desire to walk on the wild side. Most women like to think they can tame a bad boy that so many other women want and make him her own. I don't know if that's what was going on here or not. However, good point: both she and Elin could kick them both to the curb and move on without worrying about how they are going to survive financially.

I feel more sorry for women who find themselves in an abusive situation of which they were unaware until they were already trapped in a marriage and no way to survive financially on their own.

But both Sandy and Elin seem like nice women who definitely did not deserve husbands like they got. I don't know if I could go back to either of these men regardless of how sorry they were or how much they apologized. Just knowing that both of them were capable of such selfish deceit, to the other women as well, would be hard to overlook. I think it goes to the core of their character that they could treat other human beings in such a heartless matter.

Some people say Elin is a gold digger, but I heard that she at first turned Tiger down when he asked her out. She was probably able to meet many eligible men in her capacity as a nanny for another famous pro golfer, and with her looks had other options.

1653 days ago

Madam Obvious    

23. ....Neither are young and foolish and both undoubtedly know that to cut and run leaves you absolutely NOTHING in life.

I beg to differ, that is absolutely untrue. I chose to cut and run from from a drug using, faithless turd and it was the best thing I ever did in my life. Completely turned my life around for the better. I have never been happier, and the day I lifet him was truly the happiest day of my adult life.

1653 days ago


IMDb has a lot of misinformation. Anyone can add and IMDb editors don't always check for accuracy. If Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are not legally separated, then IMDb should change it back until a legal separation is filed.

They get credits wrong, dates. It's almost all submitted by fans. I don't get how people think IMDb is reliable.

1653 days ago


For celebrities separation and joining another person is common
James at

1653 days ago


I'm just glad she's moving ahead with Neil Fifer (finally)!

1653 days ago


Maybe, before she destoyed a childs life by sleeping with the
unborn childs father, she would have thought about "Karma".
She is no "sweetheart". I would never sleep with a married
man, but to sleep with a married man with a wife at home
7 MONTHS pregnant!!! That is what I call a s___t.
What comes around goes around..... you hurt someone, its gonna
come right back at you. Don't destoy peoples marraiges, and
lives. Sandra, maybe your famous, but why would you sleep with
a pregnant womans husband??? Karma, sorry. I do wish you the best

1653 days ago


According to a post by someone who works with JJ, he cheats all the time. No wonder he works 12 hrs a day.

It's the 14th post......


If I could speak to Ms. Bullock, I'd say, "This bombshell is not alone. Mr. James is known at work to be sleeping with other women too. At least a couple others, he can't even breath when he is in the same room with certain women.

"How he keeps the models quiet, I do not know. Although, everyone is afraid that he'll fire them. Not a nice man. Remember, don't judge him by how he treats you, but how he treats others, eventually, Ms. Bullock, he will treat you the same - as he did."


I find it interesting that the poster mentions how JJ can't breath around certain women, because JJ said in an interview after Sandra won the Oscar "She takes my breath away. Sometimes I look at her and I do, I just lose my breath."

1653 days ago


Ladies, THIS is what happens when u get desperate and marry the first thing to ask you, there is NO way Sandra did not know this 'man' is a loser, the ex-wivesgirlfriends would have been a dead give away to me!!! a man who dates/marries tattooed pornstars is to be avoided at ALL costs. I see a desperate 40 something woman who wanted a family no matter what, well, you go what u wanted Sandra. The writing is ALWAYS on the wall.

1653 days ago


Wait? was she cheating with this jesse character while he was married? well now...

1653 days ago


I love Sandra and J.J. is an idiot. But I sent her Facebook page a friend request, it says verified celebrity account... Now I can not find that page anywhere. If it is her.. I think she blocked me and I don't know why. If she doesn't wanna add any new friends right now, I understand but she didn't have to block me, that's mean =(

1653 days ago


Hey #42, how about getting your facts straight before saying Jesse James cheated on his wife with Sandra Bullock so she gets what she deserves! He was legally separated from his 2nd wife starting in May 2003 (which means you can date and it is NOT adultery) and filed for divorce in October 2003.

Don't make Sandra Bullock out to be a homewrecker. She isn't, and she is the injured party here.

1652 days ago


1652 days ago


sandra bullock divorced jesse james

1652 days ago
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