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Getty Divorce - Why I Need $300,000* Per Month ...

3/25/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The billionaire grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty is in the middle of a nasty divorce from his wife -- a wife who claims she needs millions to maintain a lifestyle that makes Paris Hilton look like a homeless person.

The woman pulling the plug is Jacqueline Getty who in 2000, married Gordon Peter Getty Jr. ... an heir to the $2,000,000,000 Getty fortune.

In legal papers just filed in L.A., Jacqueline claims she needs at least $314,727 per month in spousal support so she can continue to live in the style she's been accustomed ... here are some of the highlights:

-- $300,000 to $500,000 per year on clothing
-- $50,000 Halloween parties
-- wildly expensive jewelry including 5 carat diamond earrings
-- $40,000 birthday parties
-- trips to the private Getty compound in Hawaii 3-4 times a year
-- trips on the Getty private jet (Boeing 737)
-- a bed worth $1,000,000

Two more fun facts: First, Jacqueline claims they kept paintings by Jackson Pollock in STORAGE!!!

And our personal favorite ... Jacqueline claims Gordo would often go on trips without suitcases ... and buy a completely new wardrobe whenever he got to his destination ... several times a year!

And that is when you know you're rich.

*UPDATE: While Jacqueline declared that the cost to maintain her marital lifestyle was $314,727 -- she's now asking the court $539,201 per month in spousal support.

As for why she needs the extra $200k per month -- why not?


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1676 days ago


and I bet they had very expensive sex too - like a gold plated vibrator!

1676 days ago


Back you goes, to waits for a woman of less discriminating tastes.

1676 days ago



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1676 days ago


I think for once this woman should actually stop thinking about herself and think of all the real people in the USA who need help. Get a f_in job to support your damn habit

1676 days ago

Mike L    

This woman is on crack. There is absolutely no reason she needs any of that stuff. Give her a couple grand a month and let her live like the rest of us. Or, god forbid, let her get a job! You leave the family, you leave the lifestyle, bitch!

1676 days ago


TMZ--will you please stop referring to these rich folks as "heirs" or "heiresses"? e.g. Paris Hilton, et al. They are "trust fund babies". The estates of their billionaire ancestors were probated long before these folks were even born! They couldn't possibly be "heirs". They get millions in trust funds because of just being born into the family.

1676 days ago


you'd think with all that money she could of got a face lift. she is a beast.

1676 days ago


Get a job b*tch. God only knows why he married your ugly ass because you ain't multimillion dollar p*ssy.

1676 days ago

c no evil    

... are any of you paying attention... the soon to be ex wife of the "owner" of the los angeles dodgers is asking for $950,000 per month(and probably deseres it).... this is chump change here...spare a few pennies for some middle distance relief pitchers so what the dodgers don't exit the playoffs like they have the last two years.. i am just saying...

1676 days ago


Or this troll could get off her ass and get a job. There's a huge difference between spousal support and child support. Since there are no children involved, her demands just make her look like an ass. I imagine the judge will decide how long spousal support will be paid. So what the hell, if she never remarries, should he have to support her forever? What if the the support is set for 10 years? That's bull! Good luck buddy, i hope the judge gives her the finger and tells her to get a job.

1676 days ago

Jerry Martin    

kooky needs new material.

1676 days ago

Blue Swan    

Those two flaccid pudgy twits can tear each other to financial shreds for all I care!

1676 days ago


Wow that is a seriously ugly chick- no wonder she's stayed out of the limelight... What- no money in the budget for plastic surgery?

1676 days ago


If she became "ACCUSTOMED" to a lifestyle she needs to keep then he should ask for a B.J. every other night since he beCAME Accustomed to that.

1676 days ago
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