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Jesse James to Cops: Photog is Stalking Me

3/25/2010 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James made a citizen's arrest just a few minutes ago ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us a paparazzo called Long Beach cops moments ago and reported that his car had been vandalized outside of West Coast Choppers by Jesse James.

Cops arrived at West Coast Choppers and Jesse claimed the accusing photog had been stalking him. Jesse and the photog made citizen's arrests on each other.

The cops did not take either person into custody, but they are investigating.


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Good Job Elin!    

59. You all are idiots! He made an awful mistake with one awful woman.

The others are copycats and you all are buying into it and helping the copycats to sell their lies!

I am so ashamed of all of you hypocrites! Have you ever hurt anyone you loved? Can you imagine being judged by the whole world for it?

Posted at 5:36PM on Mar 25th 2010 by mar

No... there are LOTS of people whom to hurt the one they LOVE!
Boo Fricken Hoo for Jesse, he didn't just mess up, he F'ed up. This wasn't a one time thing (and I am not saying that's right) but these were Long team affairs.. and seemingly MANY OF THEM!

Get a clue!

1639 days ago


well jessie, if you had respect for your kids, sandra, or at the very least wouldn't be growing through any of this.

The sad thing is the public liked jessie because he was the average man. We were all pulling for him. Now we know the truth, just another piece of Long Beach trash.

1639 days ago


Yes SandiFan, He does look like Ben Rothelisberger. I did a double take on the story as I thought that TMZ posted the wrong pic. Two look-a-like losers, that's funny!

1639 days ago


Too bad - he has no one to blame but himself.

1639 days ago


LOL he is a BIKER ! what do Sandra expect! that he will keep it in the pants ???

1639 days ago


Just maybe Grandma Madam Attorney Allred will become roadkill by a motorcycle as she interjects herself in another sex saga with the whores of this man. If she had any self-respect or just an ounce of respect for decent women like Sandra Bullock and Elin Woods, she would have excused herself from involvement with the whores when Uglitel first came to her. She bastardizes the word "feminism" with her involvement in these stories all in the name of golden coins. She gets more disgusting every time her name surfaces in the media and the future karma she is creating for herself as female legal representative is amazing.

1639 days ago


First off - the poor little ones involved in this - God we see it so often over and over with any regard of these poor innocent babies - wtf? It seems stars are becoming so self righteous for their needs even if a child is involved. It makes me sick!

I am just "throwing" this out there....but we know people marry sometimes for different reasons.

I love Sandra to death and have been stopped a few times because I am told I look like her...but I am "just" wondering if may be a case of someone not being that into men....and Jesse was allowed to do what he wanted without anyone finding out - the public -

I hate to see it this way but we've all seen it it so many times....Sorry if this offends anyone in advance but sometimes it is what it is - Jesse was just an idiot and went overboard on not knowing how to be discreet.

1639 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Apparently this over the hill bad boy can't keep his pants zipped, well now he's gonna learn. Its about time this 40 YO stopped wearing plaid shirts and other teenage stuff he wanders around in, nothing like a grey headed 40 YO thinking he's 18, oh wait is that why he can't keep his pant zipped

1639 days ago


Wait, I am confused.. isn't that a pic of Big Ben Rapelesberger?

1639 days ago


Hello?...TMZ?...You did it again! This picture is not Jesse James! It's Ben Roethlisberger! Nice reporting and professionalism.

1639 days ago


I just came to light that Sandra and Jesse pre nup indicated that they fortunes were kept 100% separate. Jesse had absolutely nothing to do with Sandra's 109 million [according to Forbes] and Sandra never touched any of Jesse's 26 million. All homes and other properties were kept in single names only. The home that they lived in was in Jesse's name only. Sandra has another bigger home in the hills [plus a few in other states] Even when they divorce, they will get nothing of each other's money. So, as far as Sandra not knowing about the 3/4 million pay-off to some slut, very possible. I never knew my first husbands personal checkbook amounts from his company. He had an accountant to handle that.

1639 days ago


5. TMZ you are slacking........yet a 4th has arrived claiming an affair and Alred is her attorney ! The worms have only beginning to crawl out seeking MONEY ! No way will Sandra take him back now.....

Posted at 4:20PM on Mar 25th 2010 by Tami

I am so grateful these other women are coming out. I was sick and tired of reading about that ugly tatted nazi skank everyday.

1639 days ago


I don't feel bad for you Jesse. You are the cause of all of this. It's almost deserving knowing how much pain Sandra must be in because of you.

1639 days ago


#68 - agree that we especially liked Jesse because he was an average man that made real good money doing something he enjoyed, married up and had a wife that was mad about him. Everyone was pulling for them as a couple. Even the guys that worked for him and KNEW he was screwing around, liked Sandy and were losing respect for him in his personal life. They saw how she adored him and how he won her over by acting differently when she was around. They still want them to get back together.

#74 don't agree, but you certainly allowed your own opinion. Sandy definitely not gay and has always loved sex with many of her men while single.

1639 days ago

Cameron Black    

A citizen's arrest? Is this the same guy that likes to ride with the HAMC? Sean Penn would have just kicked his ***.

1639 days ago
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