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Doc Gooden -- It Was an Ambien High

3/26/2010 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not the best defense for sure ... but former New York Mets great Dwight Gooden wants everyone to know ... when he got busted for DWI, he was not doing coke.

Doc's agent told NorthJersey.com the former player was apparently under the influence of Ambien when he was arrested Tuesday after striking a car -- allegedly.

The agent, Ronald Goldstein, says Doc got the script for Ambien recently, which he admitted "affected [Gooden's] ability to drive."

Ambien does pack a punch.

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Dang, everybody's taking Ambien these days!

1640 days ago

Jason Chambers    

who the fk is this?

1640 days ago


I highly doubt that it was ambien, but if it was ambien, he still should get jail time! Who the heck takes ambien and then goes out and drives, with a kid in the car no less! I take ambien, and I know you can sometimes forget the things you are doing(I sometimes eat and don't remember), but you don't go and get a kid to go with you!

Jason Chambers, you must be really young. Doc Gooden was one of the best pitchers in the history of baseball(just not for very long), and had a history of drug use with other teammates(in and out of the locker room), like Daryl Strawberry.

1640 days ago


Totally agree with you #3. Why would you get behind the wheel and drive with a child. I stopped taking it cause I was forgetting stuff..scary!! I would never ever drive though!!!! yikes

1640 days ago


Ya right! And i'm not drunk right now on beer, its brown water.Own up ya moron.

1640 days ago


Hey Mike #3, It's so true about ambien I got a DUI in July, I had taken a ambien and drove, The side affect of ambien is that you don't remember what you are doing you sleep walk, so if it is true he should not be punished. This crazy drug should be off the market, and if you still don't believe it go to you tube and type in ambien

1640 days ago


They'll end up taking it off the market if people don't quit blaming it for everything. It's a terrific drug. I have never had any freaky side effects from it. I don't sleepwalk. I don't forget things. I don't sleepwalk. I don't forget things. (j/k)

But yeah, who is this guy? I must be getting old because I never know half of the people on here.

1640 days ago

The Seer    

He's just recycling his buddy Darryl Strawberry's story when HE got busted for DUI. I call BS.

1640 days ago


He wasn't doing coke. But he was snortin Ambien. He should just STFU.

1640 days ago


#3 & #4, are you sure you didn't drive while on Ambien? #4 says he doesn't remember stuff, so how are you certain. Ambien needs to be taken off the market. I know, it was the worst year of my life.

1640 days ago

Charles RonSon    

Many people that have taken Ambien do all sorts of things they can't remember. Imagine that if someone is prone to sleep walking would it be that much more difficult to "sleep drive?" Sleep driving is a very real occurence. There are reports of people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s who were arrested after being pulled over. Then there is no/very small recollection of what happened. I speak from experience. I took one and laid down in my bed to go to sleep and my next memory is of being in the hospital where the officers took me. I had 0 recollection of what happened. sucks

1640 days ago


Just a friendly word of advice to anyone who uses Ambien.. This drug can get you into a lot of trouble if you don't use it properly. Read through a few stories at ambienoverdose.org to see the crazy things that perfectly normal people do when they use Ambien the wrong way. Be careful!!

1639 days ago

Steven Katz    

I got a copy of the tickets cause its public record. It was for DUI for Ambien(which he had a legal prescription for), not DWI which has been falsly reported. He was tested and the substance came back as ambien. All i want is the facts to be straight, nothing more nothing less. It is sad that his previous history will always be held against him. But for 100% certain, there were no illegal drugs or alcohol involved. I been studying the effects of Ambien and each person has a different reaction to it. Some have no side effects and so have adverse. Everybody's system is different.

1639 days ago


Can't really blame him for that. People think they take ambien to go to sleep, then crazy things happen. Check out www.ambienoverdose.org...

1617 days ago

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