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Elin Nordegren Just Does It

3/26/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' loving wife, Elin Nordegren, was spotted taking the kids to school today ... sporting her now traditional Nike garb.


As we first reported, Tiger shot a new Nike commercial yesterday at the Isleworth Country Club near his home.

They're just one big happy family.


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Of course Tiger and his bimbos showed no class to waht they did to Elin. But I hope Elin changes too. Dress more sexy, be less plain and flirt with her husband. Have more sex too!! Try different things in the bedroom. Unlike others, I am not going to call her a fool for staying with him. I am sure their marriage is on a trial basis right now. She's taking her time ans see if he changes.

1673 days ago


Nike uses a sleaze-bag degenerate Tiger Woods to hype its products.

If you are a sleaze-bag like Tiger and Elin Woods, JUST DO IT, wear it!

EVERYONE ELSE (with brains) just DON'T DO IT!!! lol

Sleazebags, the Nike logo can be YOUR brand. The rest of us will spend our cash elsewhere.

1673 days ago


To the person telling her to dress more sexy, flirt with Tiger, and mix it in the bedroom. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!?! First of all, Tiger is not worth the effort. Secondly, WTF? If the dude is a dog he is going to have a roving eye regardless of what you do.

1673 days ago


She does not want Tiger to lose his NIKE endorsement, that means less money for her divorce settlment. She is not supporting Tiger she is supporting his endorsement. She is playing the public !

1673 days ago


I don't see a Nike logo on someone now that I don't think what that represents; corporate greed and lack of values.

1673 days ago

Pat M    

Yeah, it's an imperfect world ...I can see there are posters here who don't want us to judge these two freaks. In a perfect world we could all hold hands and sing Kumbya around the campfire. But someone rained oops..I mean golden showered on our parade. Now we get to say what we think about fakes, liars, cheaters, psychos, sponsors and fellow posters who still believe.....Cheer up believers it's almost time for the Easter Bunny to come to your houses.

1673 days ago


this site is meant for commenting on celebrities; it is so stupid for peoople to come on this site and tell other people it's none of their business to be giving their opinions on the celebrities; why do you think we are all on this site, idiot!!!Elin must have no self esteem to stay with a man who cheated while they were, she was pregnant, etc. He is a sleazy person and she should leave, she has money and looks; she must really love this guy blindly to stay with him but that's how it is sometimes with women and their men. She will probasbly wind up leaving him at some later date and will wonder why she was dumb enough to stay

1673 days ago

two cents    

Elin deserves everything she gets by allowing her husband to associate with hookers and tramps, exposing her and her children to who knows what else. She's a disgrace and an embarrassment to women everywhere and has absolutely NO class. Too bad she didn't have the dignity of Sandra Bullock who did the right thing and can now hold her head high instead of everyone knowing that Tiger paid the price to get Elin to shut up and take it.

Nice lesson for her children. Wonder what sort of man her daughter will hook up with? Ridiculous. Lousy mother and obviously a whore herself, choosing money over self respect. Nice.

If she thinks tiger won't go back to his old ways, she's only fooling herself.

1673 days ago


Just another skanky Coal-Burner...

1673 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

If I was her I would have walked out of my house in head to toe ADIDAS.
I'll personally never buy another Nike product again for keeping this CREEP as a spokesperson.

1673 days ago


Elin Nordegren is a beautiful, loyal and decent woman and a loving, caring mother. Any man will be honor to have a woman like Elin sharing his life. Tiger knows this and that is why he has pleaded and begged Elin not to leave him. Elin has conducted herself with dignity and courage during this horrid ordeal. I applaud that she is moving on with her life taking care of herself and her children. Keep strong Elin, you are a class act!!!

1673 days ago


Why is everyone giving Elin grief about this. She is the victim here and what is going is between her and Tiger. She has done nothing wrong and until you have walked in her shoes she does not deserve the hatred that is being thrown at her.

1673 days ago


Maybe she likes getting peed on!
Why else would she stay?

1673 days ago

two cents    

Elin? Class act? LMAO! Hardly. She's a whore with a price. She allows her man to sleep with other women and turns a blind eye because of what? Money! That's all. She's no better than the hookers tiger hooks up with. What happens when they're kids are older? When they realize what dad did to mom, and mom said it was ok? Great lesson to teach your kids. You teach by example.

If someone did this to tiger's daughter, how would HE feel? Family of fools.

1673 days ago

two cents    

Pookie, Obviously. She likes it up the poop shoot and the pee showers. Maybe she likes to get slapped around, too, as tiger seems to be into that sort of stuff. I wonder if he pees around the house or on his kids and blames his kids? LOL

Ever wonder what tiger does to his kids? Maybe when they're sleeping? He's a sick ****. Who knows if there's a line he won't cross?

Keep supporting that pig Nike. I'll never buy your stuff again.

1673 days ago
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