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NOFX Singer to Fans:

I Peed in Your Tequila

3/26/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lead singer from the band NOFX is under fire for giving out free shots of Patron during a recent show -- shots that appeared to have been watered down ... with the punk rocker's urine.

The guy accused of pissing everybody off -- Fat Mike -- put on a solo performance as his alter-ego "Cokie the Clown" at last week's South by Southwest festival in Austin ... covered by punk news website

Mike began the show by passing out the shots to fans and even downed a couple himself. But after a bizarre half hour in which Mike described his friend hanging himself, smothering his dying mother to death and milking a fan, Mike decided to show the crowd a very, very disturbing video.

The video appears to begin just moments before Mike took the stage and shows the singer urinating into a bottle of tequila ... and then serving it to the audience. The video did not appear edited.

So far, cops are not investigating the situation, but when we called the Austin Health Department to ask if they had taken any action, they told us they were unaware of the incident ... but would be looking into it.

Fat Mike told TMZ, "I confirmed that urine was not classified as a biohazard waste and not subject to the risks of legal ramifications of blood, semen, or feces."


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#1 In texas assualt is simply defined as making someone feel fear
#2 he could very easily also be charged with tampering with a consumer product (which covers "giving away product") section c of the law provides that "A person commits an offense if he knowingly or intentionally threatens to tamper with a consumer product with the intent to cause fear"
Welcome to Texas MIKE, big state with lots of prison space for you, lmao!

1681 days ago



1681 days ago

maria tortilla    

29. lol, the people leaving comments here are bitches.
he has the balls to pull something like this, something none of you have, so you choose to get all butthurt about it.

Posted at 4:35PM on Mar 26th 2010 by anuspudding

Uh, actually, its not that we dont have the "balls"... we are civilized human beings. End of story.

1681 days ago


I love Fat Mike like a brother. I wouldn't have cared if this happened to me, this is just a punk rock thing to do, isn't urine potable anyway? I would have shrugged it off with the last song and jumped right into the pit again, lol. Then again, I am a twin and got used to my brother pissing in my mouth when I was a kid, rofl.

1681 days ago


Everyone got so offended, there are artists doing way worse on stage.
I'm glad he did that.
Also for the guy that said about the article in, they distorted the whole show quite a bit in that article. I would recommend to check out the video of the show.

1681 days ago


This is why you don't drink from anyone you don't know..sick ppl out there and he is really sick to do this..

1681 days ago

Jessa Parrott    

Fat Mike told TMZ, "I confirmed that urine was not classified as a biohazard waste and not subject to the risks of legal ramifications of blood, semen, or feces."


I'm laughing my f'ing a$$ off here cause my little brother,Ronnie, absolutely loves this guy. I called him immediately to tell him about it so he could use his droid to watch it for himself.
This guy is just messed up but that's ok cause his music f'ing rocks. This is his personality....I'm sure most people don't like it but,hey,what can you do? Nothing,that's what. This guy and his alter ego sure do know how to put on a kick a$$ show. He never disappoints. His loyal fans know this is just his way. He's all f'd up on drugs of all kinds and he just doesn't care. Whatever. It's his life but I can't wait to see him perform again...although I won't be drinking any of any shots being passed around.
At least he was smart enough to know(or to research) that urine isn't considered a bio-hazard,therefore,he can't get into any kind of trouble. Fat Mike,you rock and all your fans love you no matter what!!! Ronnie is your number one fan!!!

1681 days ago

Jessa Parrott    

Actually when I called my brother,Ronnie, he said he was 15 minutes from our house so he'll just watch the video here on my computer when he walks through the front door. He laughed his a$$ off when I read the article to him. Now,that's how a true fan reacts(yes,I get some of you getting mad)but I,on the other hand, don't get mad. I guess I just understand he's a great artist who,yes,is a bit out of control...but nothing like Britney Spears was,that woman had to have Daddy step in and fix her life at 27 years old...w/babies(which he is still in charge of,her entire life,BTW)
They don't have any of that. He is the member of a kick a$$ band that is just a different "type" of group that we are used Nirvana,for example. My point is is that they are talented and if you are a fan,you overlook things that tend to make the a way like Nirvana where Curt C. fought sec.guards/bouncers sone at night at an indoor concert venue...just watch some of their smaller concerts at indoor venues on youtube or somewhere...I"ve seen all the good ones like from the late 80s and early 90s(since Curt died in 96 or 97,I think) "domestic" and the "imported ones" Nirvana has some kick ass live concerts that were videotaped...I get em all from Ronnie.
Anyway,you love NOFX or you hate them. I guess it's a toss up. We do :)

1681 days ago


i know people that would pay to drink piss. what a lucky bunch. and fat mike? that guys still alive?

1681 days ago


In the picture for the video, he kinda looks like Simon Monjack dressed as a clown.

1681 days ago


14. They should be happy he wasn't passing out fudge.
Posted at 2:43PM on Mar 26th 2010 by DUI of pee


Well-played, sir.

1681 days ago



a*hole planned his escape well - he made the tape so long so he could have enough time to get out of the bldg !!!

1681 days ago

pissd off fan    

jessa he ded in 94 u asshoel go diee

1681 days ago


If this turns out to be true, I'm sure that he will be sued out the ass....and rightly so! I've never heard of him before, but I'm sure (or I would hope) that he will lose a lot of fans from this!?I would be pissed!

1681 days ago

PuNk SnOt DeAd    

THis is hilarius. Right on Mike keep PISSING off everyone that you can. These christian A holes who saying you should get sued are stupid. its joke a (punk)joke and funny as hell I might add. Those people took the shots willingly. HE didnt force them too. A law suit wouldnt stand in court. NOFX for life

1681 days ago
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